It's That Time of Year! Reenrollment for 2021-2022

The Office of Admissions will begin the annual process of reenrollment the week after Winter Break. Reenrollment materials will be available online through Net Community beginning in late February. The deadline to reenroll will be in late March. Packets will be mailed home to provide additional information and instructions to help with submitting your child’s reenrollment for 2021-2022.
A Busy Week in the Bridge!

Students in the Bridge are continuing their study of matter. On Monday, Grade 5 students conducted a lab to consider what type of cleaner might clean a penny well. Each group conducted five different tests to examine substances such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, soap, Borax, and ketchup. Many were surprised by the results! This experiment prompted lots of questions for additional research. Perhaps some at-home experiments will be sprouted this February break!
Also this week, Mrs. Concepcion and Mrs. Riciardiello want to acknowledge 5th-grader Anya Freeney, who was inspired to update name tags for the classroom desks (the students rotate seating placement often and name tags are used to help students know where to sit each morning). She met with each student and discussed design ideas, asking what inspires them and what they are passionate about in order to create a unique and personalized name tag for each. Thank you, Anya! Take a look at the new name tags, as well as the students in their lab, by clicking the image in the top corner!

And...we can't forget about Winter Festival week! Grade 5 students participated in full force, especially on Decade Day and Twins Day! Take a look at how these creative students showed their school spirit!
Kindness is Contagious!

Students in our Lower School asked the MPH4MPH Club to help them show their love and appreciation for their teachers around Valentine’s Day. From that little seed of kindness, a great big bushel of kindness has grown! Members of the MPH4MPH Club provided paper hearts to the Lower School classrooms on which the students could highlight kindness in our community. Not only did the Lower School students express their appreciation for their teachers, but their teachers asked them to write down some of the acts of kindness the students themselves had done to spread kindness at home and at school. Reading the kind acts of the Lower School students is inspiring! Their kindness is “catching.” How far can we, as the MPH community, spread our core value of Kindness? What kind act has someone done for you? How might you show kindness to someone else? Let’s keep the kindness going!
And Speaking of Kindness...

As part of the MPH Community Outreach Alliance Club, Emily Spear '22 and Neha Chhablani '22 joined Head of Lower School Amy Abdo in visiting Lower School classrooms to record special Valentine’s Day video messages for the residents of the Nottingham Retirement Community. The video is being shared with the residents today, in hopes that these small gestures of saying hello, wishing a happy Valentine's Day, showing drawings, telling jokes, and simply sending well wishes will provide our neighbors with the warmth and kindness they deserve during the winter months. Take a look at the special video below.

MPH Students Give Back...Again!

Last week, members of the MPH Community Outreach Club asked their peers for contributions of nonperishable food items to donate to the Rescue Mission. Four huge bags were collected in advisories and delivered on Sunday to a very appreciative and grateful Rescue Mission staff. Another example of how our students continue to pay it forward during these difficult times! 
Where It All Began

Students in Mrs. Chhablani's Museum Studies class visited the site of the old Manlius Military Academy this week. They visited the Verbeck grave site, Knox Hall, and the building that was once The Phoenix Tavern (notice the resemblance to our Phoenix Student Center!). Prior to the field trip, students were shown a photo of a building with "1895" on the exterior -- although they were unable to locate it, they enjoyed the investigation and consider it a mystery that remains to be solved. Take a look at the photo gallery by clicking on the photo on the left. And, if you're interested in learning more about MPH's rich history, click here!
Warm Wishes to Our
International Students

Ms. Kuo worked with members of the MPH community to create a video to send to our MPH students who are simulcast learning in China this year, with wishes of good health and a prosperous Year of the Ox! Take a look at the video on the left!
Also, students in the beginning Mandarin Chinese class have been learning how to express themselves with a calligraphy brush and spring couplets for the Lunar New Year. The photos below show both work-in-progress and finished results!
Reminder to Upper School Families

SUNY Upstate Hospital's Psychiatry Department is conducting a survey about the effect of the pandemic on teens. We have agreed to distribute this survey to our Upper School parents and ask that you consider allowing your child to participate. Please review the information here for more details and a link to the survey.
Podcast Pro Speaks to Broadcasting Students

Thursday in Broadcasting class, Nick Taylor of the "Nick Taylor Horror Show" podcast and the "Damn Good Brands" podcast visited to talk about his experience in marketing and podcasting. The "Nick Taylor Horrow Show" is a podcast in which Nick interviews filmmakers in the genre to teach and inspire independent filmmakers and give insight into the process of making a movie. Averaging 3,000-5,000 downloads per episode, the podcast has found great success in the filmmaking world. Students prepared and asked questions about securing strong guests, the business of podcasting, necessary equipment and technical knowledge, and preparation for interviews. Nick was kind enough to spend the entire block taking questions, giving insight, and inspiring students to take their personal interests out into the podcasting world.
Let's Get Outside!

Taking advantage of the fresh air and new fallen snow, Middle and Upper Students got outside last Friday during tutorial for some good old-fashioned play. With bright sunshine and mild temperatures, the snow was perfect for fort-building, as evidenced by the creations of these industrious Grade 6 students. We hope to do many Friday “Let’s Get Outside” events in the future.
Meanwhile, Lower Schoolers are having their fair share of fun in the snow, as well! First graders had a blast making snow angels this week!
How to Engage in Dialogue about Race with Our Children
and among Ourselves

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2021
Time: 4:00 – 5 :00 p.m. EDT

Join MPH alumna from the MPH Class of 1998 The Reverend Eboni Marshall Turman, Ph.D., as she discusses how to engage in a dialogue around issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and race with our children (and ourselves!) – and the importance of doing so now!

Zoom info will be sent via email next week

Guest Readers in Kindergarten

Kindergarten has been enjoying parents as special guest readers in their classroom, who visit via Zoom. To add to the excitement, parents give three clues for the class to guess who is joining them! Students are looking forward to many more special visits soon!
Ping-Pong Championships
Students in Grades 9 and 10 participated in a lively ping-pong tournament during Wednesday's club block!

Spreading the Word about MPH!

Do you know someone who may be interested in exploring an MPH Education for their child? The Admissions Office will be holding February Admissions Information Sessions later in the month, and we have a hot-off-the-press February edition of our Discover MPH Admissions e-newsletter (which happens to include the registration link for those info sessions). Please find the e-newsletter here and feel free to forward it along to a friend or family member who may be interested. After all, the endorsement of our extended MPH community members makes for the best kind of encouragement for other folks to take a look!
Contribute to the Spring Social Auction! It's Easy!

The MPH Spring Social Committee has created a way to make contributing to our silent auction easier than ever! Simply go to the Spring Social Sign-Up Genius links below to see what types of items we're looking for this year. There are also unique links for our annual Division Baskets (see descriptions here). These are just suggestions, so if you have something else to contribute, or would like to get involved in another capacity, feel free to contact the Events Office here. And stay up-to-date on all things Spring Social by visiting the Spring Social webpage.
Mr. McCusker Gets into the Winter Festival Spirit!

On Monday, the first day of Spirit Week, Mr. McCusker greeted students fully prepared to partake in Pajama Day, complete with his bathrobe in the crosswalk!
Twins Day!

Mr. Montas's twin is a spitting image of him, Mrs. Chhablani found twins everywhere she looked, and these Pre-K students were happy to be twinning in their Valentine's Day outfits!
Carrie Manolakos '02 performing at the
MPH Gala in 2019

Read Carrie's full bio here.
The MPH All-School Meeting Welcomes Broadway Star

This week, MPH students and faculty welcomed Broadway actress and singer/songwriter Carrie Manolakos '02 to the All-School Meeting. Some of you may remember the awe-inspiring live performance Carrie gave at our 150th Anniversary Gala a couple years ago! An MPHer since 5th grade, Carrie told the students that MPH had been a very supportive environment in which to grow up. A young Carrie told her then-music teacher, “I want to sing on Broadway.” That dream was met with nothing but encouragement. Her music teacher, and every teacher she had, “lifted her up” and helped her chase her dream. "MPH is a place where everyone is supportive of one another, and that’s a rare thing." Carrie gave a summary of her professional career, which now includes her latest venture, Carrie U.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Chef Christine and her team added some extra love into lunches today to celebrate Valentine's Day. Chocolate covered and sprinkled strawberries and holiday-themed cannolis are being enjoyed throughout the school today! Thank you, Chef, and Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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