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Our St. Mark’s children and preteens have been working very hard on their project to donate hygiene kits to Hope Outreach Ministries. In 2023, they were able to donate 2322 kits! The kids really want to beat their record moving forward in 2024.


To help them achieve this goal you can:

  1.  Donate antibacterial bar soap
  2.  Donate new washcloths
  3.  Place check or money in the offering plate designated to Sunday School Outreach (we will do the shopping for you!) The account for this is currently almost empty.

On Sunday, February 4 they assembled 247 kits that were then blessed by Father RJ during the 10:00 Service. Special thanks to Gary Mull for delivering the kits!


Thank you for supporting this worthwhile project to help those in need locally.


Beth Bletzacker

Sunday School Outreach Coordinator

Sunday, February 18th:

Holy Eucharist at 8

Intergenerational Service 10 a.m.



Live Stream

Monday, February 19:

Presidents' Day, Office Closed 

Lenten Potluck Dinners:

February 21, 28, March 6, 13 at 6:30 p.m.

Sign up in the lobby.

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6 Bill and Beck Rand

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4 Rick Werren

5 Lesley Kiesling, Caroline Willoughby

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Bob's Music Notes

Students at Baltimore's Peabody Conservatory of Music were required to attend the Friday 4 pm concerts by visiting artists. Odd that they were "required." These affairs were akin to a sumptuous banquet of musical goodies by leading purveyors of music.

First to come to mind, of course, was Virgil Fox, who headed the organ department at Peabody but who was, arguably, the world's greatest organist of his day (and my teacher). At his Friday concert, I was seated not six feet from the E. M. Skinner console with my high school music teacher Genevieve Placide Butler (who was anything but "placide"). She would poke me in the side and say "I hope he plays 'Come Sweet Death'" which, of course, he did. It became his signature piece over the years.

At a subsequent concert appeared the original authentic Trapp Family Singers led by their priest/musician, offering Renaissance motets and folk songs. (No "Climb Every Mountain" or Julie Andrews - these came later to much-deserved acclaim.). Maria Von Trapp was to appear twice in Canton at the Palace Theater (and I had the honor of playing the Kilgen Organ before each of these.)

And then there was John Charles Thomas, baritone, who, at least in my mind, had the most perfectly "placed" voice I've ever heard. He had a national radio program. RCA Victor put out a Red Seal 12-inch 78 rpm disc with O'Hara's "There Is No Death" on one side and "When I Was A Lad" from Pinafore on the other. I wore it out.

But it was two people from Cleveland in that Friday concert series that changed my life.

Prayer Concerns

Barrie Thorp, Ten Gall, Vonda Temelkoff, Henry Aegerter, Jim Weaver, Jane Schutrum, & Ron Brookes

Family and Friends:  Kit Caspar (Carol Hayn’s brother); Jody Shumway (Co-worker friend of the Rand’s daughter); Father Amjad & Molly Samuel (acquaintance of friends of Father RJ); Dr. Mallamaci (acquaintance of Bobbi Zollinger); Jeanette Moore (Louise Moore’s daughter); Jolanda Mull, Dr. Sandy Lopater, Kirk Schuring, Pam Lagodich, & Bill Allen (sister-in-law & friends of the Mulls); Earl Hoot (father of Joe Hoot); Ashley Stockman (friend of Katie & Ryan Kuceyeski); Mitz Cushing, Harold Freedman, & Tim Swihart (aunt of Bobbi & friends of the Gordons); Larry Aclaska & Judy Heisser-Turner (acquaintence & sister of Bert Heisser); Lee, Theresa, and Chuck Boone (friends & cousin of the Hixons); Nori Shawk (friend of Brynn Pelger); Johnny Willoughby (grandson of the Willoughbys); Middle East and Heather Armington, Don Martin, & Mark Osterhage (request & friends of the Watters); Jane King; Elaine Campbell (friend of the Turners); Sammy Coates (friend of Leslie Redmon); Bob Rownd (friend of John Werren & Anne Coen); Melanie & Trish (friends of Paulette Frech); Pat Walter & family (friend of Barb Whitehouse); Alycia Geis (Karen Violand’s friend’s daughter); Don & Janet Sheatzley-Morgan (husband & sister of Barb Siegfried); DaNay Jackson (friend of Ron Brookes); Allison Cornell-Hood & Anne Higgins (daughter & friend of Diane Cornell); Finnigan Savage (friend of Pam McCarthy); Jimmy Little (son of Sue Little); Yanette Pysher (Vonda Temelkoff’s cousin); Tony Donahue (friend of the Boyds); Marc Hostetler (brother of Susan Hostetler); David (acquaintance of the Nadels).

For those who have died.

For those in the armed forces.


St. Mark's has a group of prayer warriors who pray for the specific needs of those on the prayer chain. If you would like to place yourself or a loved one on the prayer chain, please contact Bobbi Gordon at

Prayer requests may be placed on the private Prayer Chain or on the Prayer Concerns list appearing in The Lion's Pause and Sunday bulletin or in both places. Please let Bobbi know your preference. Unless otherwise instructed, names will be listed as we receive them. Please update Bobbi or Katie on the status of your friends or family members as to when they may be removed from the prayer lists.

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