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Some time ago, I saw a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln. The quote was, “Not everything you read on the internet is true.” Obviously, whoever created this quote from the 16th President of the United States did not expect anyone to believe it was authentic. 

I recently saw a quote attributed to Ignatius of Loyola, “Act as though everything depended on you. Pray as though everything depended on God.” It sounds like a good maxim. The only problem is that Ignatius never said it. I cannot blame the person who posted it. The same quote is attributed to Ignatius by the Catechism of the Catholic Church. However, the Catechism cites a nineteenth-century study of the Jesuits and a footnote in the study states that the thought is not to be found in the writings of Ignatius. 

I remember reading another source that claimed what Ignatius actually said was, “Pray as though everything depended on you, and act as though everything depended on God.” In other words, seek the empowerment of God to do the work you have been called to do. Then, boldly do that work as though the only factor in success is the power of God.

I like that quote too, but again, Ignatius never said it. It could be a very loose paraphrase of something he did write, but the quote is apocryphal. 

My points in writing all of this are, first, do not trust everything you read just because someone attributes it to a wise person. Even if the quote is authentic to that person, they could be wrong about something. 

Second, and more importantly, separating work and prayer is a mistake. I think Ignatius would agree with that, but I do not have a quote to prove that. Our work for the sake of the gospel should be inspired and guided by prayer. Certainly, we need the power of God to accomplish that work. At the same time, prayer without any intent to work for the sake of the gospel is not the Christian’s vocation. Pray for guidance and empowerment, then, when you have a sense of what God is calling you to do, put it into action and keep praying that God will give you further clarity to know the right thing, and power to accomplish it.  

Fr. RJ+

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Please note, due to the eclipse, book club for April has been moved to April 15 at 3 p.m. The book for April 15 is Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt.  



The Sunday School kids, teachers, and I want to give a huge thank you for all the continued donations of money and supplies that we’ve received! Due to your generosity, we were able to assemble 316 hygiene kits on Sunday, March 4.  Special appreciation also goes to Fr RJ for blessing them, Bill Rand for his photography, and Gary Mull for delivering them to Hope Outreach Ministries.


Total for 2023: 2,322

Total for 2024: 516 (and growing!)


Beth Bletzacker

Sunday School Outreach Coordinator


Do you have cans?  Do your neighbors have cans?

Instead of recycling them or throwing them away, please bring them to the church. It’s super easy:  toss them into a large trash bag and place them in our shed which is located to the right of the undercroft door (across from the picnic pavilion).  Every couple of months, Kirk Bletzacker takes them to a scrap recycling facility for money.  That money then gets placed in the offering plate and is then designated towards Outreach for our Parish.

Thanks for helping with this project!

Cluster Dinner Groups will resume gathering in April. This ministry consists of groups of 8-12 parishioners over the age of 21, men & women, singles & couples who gather for informal fellowship. Typically we meet in parishioners' homes for a potluck meal. We aim to meet once a month from April through November. Sign up on the posted sheet on the kiosk or contact

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With eight days left in LM 2024 - one day of the Saintly 16, four days of the Elate Eight, two days of the Faithful Four, and Golden Halo Wednesday - it’s time to name the saint who you believe is worthy of the coveted Golden Halo.

The first nomination we have is.....


Albert Schweitzer

theologian, philosopher, medical doctor, missionary, author, musician, Nobel Prize winner

In a world of war, disease, and misery, Albert brings a message of kindness and healing to those suffering around him, “Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace." (quoted from the Saintly Sixteen blog March 7, 2024)

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Bob's Music Notes

George Peabody is considered the father of modern philanthropy. He partnered with Junius Spencer Morgan in financial deals. Junius was the father of J. P. Morgan who carried on Peabody's legacy. For some years Peabody lived in Baltimore (as well, later, in London) and he did the city a great favor: he endowed a music conservatory and a library - and I was to benefit from both.

My dad built a home in Baltimore County just outside the city line. My mother, as a girl, had studied piano at Peabody with Frederick Huber who cracked her fingers with a ruler if she made a mistake. My dad studied voice with one Professor Strauss until the good professor assigned him "Jean," a ballad by Burleigh (the famed black singer) with a text by Stanton (poet laureate of Georgia best known for "Mighty Lak a Rose" who also wrote lyrics for Oley Speaks) which, for reasons I can't fathom, provoked my dad so much that he stopped the lessons.

But this fleeting acquaintance with music was much to my benefit, so that, when I seemed to have an interest in this discipline my aunt Elizabeth (ten years my father's junior) told them "This child needs music lessons." But there was no way my parents could afford this expenditure - depression was in the works, so this dear Aunt offered to pay for those lessons, and Peabody granted me a half-scholarship at the Preparatory Department with the no-nonsense teacher Mabel Hammond Thomas.

So, this conjunction of Peabody, parents, and aunt, proved a blessing to me. But my brother Richard, three years younger, was not so favored.

Prayer Concerns

Ten Gall, Vonda Temelkoff, Henry Aegerter, Jim Weaver, Jane Schutrum, & Ron Brookes

Family and Friends:  Doug (friend of Marcia Tirpak); Joanne C. (Florida friend of the Kieslings); Tom (brother-in-law of AnJane McConville); Kit Caspar (Carol Hayn’s brother); Jody Shumway (Co-worker friend of the Rand’s daughter); Father Amjad & Molly Samuel (acquaintance of friends of Father RJ); Dr. Mallamaci (acquaintance of Bobbi Zollinger); Jolanda Mull, Kirk Schuring, Pam Lagodich, & Bill Allen (sister-in-law & friends of the Mulls); Earl Hoot (father of Joe Hoot); Ashley Stockman (friend of Katie & Ryan Kuceyeski); Mitz Cushing, Harold Freedman, & Tim Swihart (aunt of Bobbi & friends of the Gordons); Larry Aclaska & Judy Heisser-Turner (acquaintence & sister of Bert Heisser); Lee, Theresa, and Chuck Boone (friends & cousin of the Hixons); Nori Shawk (friend of Brynn Pelger); Johnny Willoughby (grandson of the Willoughbys); Heather Armington & Mark Osterhage (friends of the Watters); Elaine Campbell (friend of the Turners); Sammy Coates (friend of Leslie Redmon); Bob Rownd (friend of John Werren & Anne Coen); Melanie & Trish (friends of Paulette Frech); Pat Walter & family (friend of Barb Whitehouse); Alycia Geis (Karen Violand’s friend’s daughter); Don & Janet Sheatzley-Morgan (husband & sister of Barb Siegfried); DaNay Jackson (friend of Ron Brookes); Allison Cornell-Hood & Anne Higgins (daughter & friend of Diane Cornell); Finnigan Savage (friend of Pam McCarthy); Jimmy Little (son of Sue Little); Yanette Pysher (Vonda Temelkoff’s cousin); Tony Donahue (friend of the Boyds); Marc Hostetler (brother of Susan Hostetler); David (acquaintance of the Nadels).

For those who have died.

For those in the armed forces.


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