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The idea of sharing our faith can be intimidating to many Christians.  The topic may conjure many different images.  We may think of the Mormons or the Jehovah’s Witnesses who knock on our doors ready to tell us all about their beliefs.  We may think of the street preacher who stands on a corner with a Bible in hand, encouraging everyone to repent.  Or, we may think of that person who everyone finds exceedingly obnoxious because they insist on talking about their faith with every stranger they encounter.  Sharing our faith can be much simpler than any of these stereotypes.  

For parents and grandparents, sharing our faith with the younger generations is one of our primary responsibilities.  In Deuteronomy 4:9, the people of Israel were told to pass the commandments of the Lord on to their children and grandchildren.  In part, we do this by attending church together.  There are other simple ways to share our faith.  Praying with our children at the beginning or end of the day, or when they are facing a challenge is a way of passing on our faith.  Explaining why we make some of the decisions we make because of what we believe is a way of sharing our faith.  Inviting them to join in outreach activities and modeling generosity is a way of sharing our faith.  

We can also share our faith with our friends in ways that are not confrontational or offensive.  We can simply talk about the way our faith, or our church has shaped our lives for the better.  There are often opportunities to do this in the course of conversations.  It is better if it comes up naturally rather than out of the blue.  In 1 Peter 3:15, we are told to always be ready to share the reason for our hope with gentleness and respect.  

To be prepared, it might help to think about a few questions, so we have answers. Are there times that you have experienced God’s activity in your life?  How does your community of faith help you?  In difficult times, what does prayer do for you?  Does your faith provide you with ways to deal with guilt or failures?  

I am sure there are other questions you can think of to help you be prepared to share what your faith means to you.  However, if you know the answers you will be prepared to share your faith when the time is right. 


SAVE THE DATE - May 18, 2025

St. Mark’s 70th Anniversary

Time flies - hard to believe we are coming up on our 70th year.  A wonderful celebration is being planned, so please mark your calendars now, and stay tuned for future details!

Swift Moore Teaching Awards 2024 | Class of 2024 Honorees | Amherst College

Julie Filliez Werren


GlenOak High School • Canton, Ohio

Read more HERE.

Sunday, June 9:

8 and 10 a.m. (Summer Service at 10)

ECW Luncheon Planning Meeting at 9 a.m.



Live Stream

Monday, June 10:

Knitting, 1 p.m.

Book Club, 3 p.m.

Tuesday, June 11:

Yoga with Beth, 6:40 p.m.

Wednesday, June 12:

Evening Prayer, Zoom

Bulletin Zoom

View the St. Mark's calendar HERE.

Please click here for info on the upcoming ECW luncheon on June 25.


10:00 am service to be held in the Betty Fortney Sanctuary in the Woods

Calling on volunteers to bring your favorite strawberry dish to the picnic on June 9 to kick off the first outdoor service to be held in the Betty Fortney Sanctuary in the Woods.

Strawberry shortcake - Chocolate covered strawberries - Strawberry salads - Strawberry jello - what is your favorite strawberry recipe?  Please sign up in the Narthex!

A Garden

A garden is a lovely place

With trees and plants abloom;

Where lilies grow and roses twine

To waft their sweet perfume.

A garden is a happy place

Where little children play;

Where songbirds sing their hearts out

In joyous roundelay.

A garden is a restful place

Where one may go in peach;

And in the quiet solitude,

Find hope and faith increased.

A garden is a chapel 

With its gates swung open wide

In kindly invitation

To worship there inside.

Oh, God is in a garden

More than any place I know,

To bless the heart and soul of those

Who, seeking Him, will go.

                 Helen M. Ledbetter

Walk outdoors to the Chapel and see the beautifully hand painted bench backs by Livvy Mull. Just in time for the service this Sunday!


Mark your calendars now for Morning Prayer services to be held in the Betty Fortney Sanctuary in the Woods!  Three services have been planned, with food and fellowship following!  

June 9 - Morning Prayer followed by cookout and Strawberry Social

July 14 - “Sermon on the Mount” followed by our traditional picnic/cookout

August 18 - Intergenerational Service and Blessing of the Backpacks

Yoga with Beth

Tuesdays in June 2024 

  • Join us for any, or all of the four sessions on Tuesdays in June: June 4, 11, 18, 25 

  • 7:00 -8:15 PM in the undercroft

  • Cost is $10 per session, or $35 if paying at once for all 4 weeks ● Cash, check, VenMo or PayPal 

  • Doors open at 6:40 to allow time for paperwork and settling into a meditative mind. 

  • Bring your own mat. Yoga blocks and strap are helpful but not necessary. 

Space is limited:

Text 330-705-4359 or email to reserve your spot!

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June Anniversaries

1 Ronald and Joyce Rupp

17 Charlie and MaryAnn Kiesling

20 Beth and Kirk Bletzacker, Paul and Gail Wetherell Sack

June Birthdays

1 Judy Hixon

3 Carol Popovich, Ezekiel (Zeke) Gordon

6 Paul Sack

7 Jamie Heinzman

9 Jeff Turner Tim Turner

17 Evan Jenkins

23 Kieran Argenti

24 Bruce Schutrum

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Bob's Music Notes

Summer 1953. I'm in Fontainebleau studying organ with Marcel Dupre, arguably the most famous organist/composer of his day. He tells me my playing lacks smooth legato and assigns me a Bach fugue in B Minor with scale-like passages. At my second lesson he says something I'll never forget: "Monsieur, you are welcome to my organ bench at St. Suplice this Sunday."

At its inauguration, this great church's organ was the largest in France. Later on, the Notre Dame organ was the largest, but only by two stops. Both were built by Aristide Cavaille-Coll and noted for being the "symphonic organ." When Cesar Franck first played a Cavaille-Coll he said, "Mon nouvel orgue? C'est un orchestre!"

This was a departure from the more austere classical organs that had no intention of imitating an orchestra. Masters like the late E. Power Biggs, for example, built their repertoire on historic music. His recordings of baroque and Renaissance literature were featured on CBS radio. By contrast, Virgil Fox favored a more orchestral approach and didn't hesitate to call the purists "barnacles on the ship of music."

So, on the appointed Sunday, off to Paris I went into the balcony of St. Sulpice, there to marvel at five manuals and 102 stops -- a world-famous organ. Cavaille-Coll installed this beauty in 1862. An early titular there was Lefebure-Wely whose dexterity at the console was legendary. He was an audience-pleaser and liked to use two odd special effects on this organ: a Nightingale stop, and another that mimicked hail on the roof!

He was followed by Widor, he of the famous toccata, 1870-1933. Dupre followed 1934 to 1971.  

And now I was seated on this historic bench beside a legend.

Prayer Concerns

Have compassion on:  Ten Gall, Vonda Temelkoff, Henry Aegerter, Jim Weaver, Jane Schutrum, Ron Brooks, and all those who suffer from any grief or trouble.

Family & Friends:   Johnny Willoughby & Alison (grandson & friend of the Willoughbys) + Jane McBride (mother of Beth Crowl); Kathy Kennedy (former St. Mark’s parishioner) + Sandy & Lauren Stuckey (wife and daughter of Dick Stuckey, former St. Mark’s parishioners)  +  Family of John Fortney (brother of Cindy Brown)  +  Bletzacker/Stutz families (death of Beth’s brother, Jeff)  +  Joel Harris (friend of Derek & Emily Gordon)   +   Doug (friend of Marcia Tirpak)  +  Joanne C. (Florida friend of the Kieslings)  +  Tom (brother-in-law of AnJane McConville)  +  Rick Schlegel & Jody Shumway (Co-worker friends of the Rand’s daughter)  +  Dr. Mallamaci (acquaintance of Bobbi Zollinger)  +  Jolonda Mull, Kirk Schuring, Pam Lagodich, & Bill Allen (sister-in-law & friends of the Mulls)  +  Earl Hoot (father of Joe Hoot)  +  Ashley Stockman (friend of Katie & Ryan Kuceyeski)  +  Scott Jones & Tim Swihart (cousin & friend of the Gordons)  +  Larry Aclaska & Judy Heisser-Turner (acquaintance & sister of Bert Heisser)  +  Lee, Theresa, and Chuck Boone (friends & cousin of the Hixons)  +   Mark Osterhage (friend of the Watters)   -   Elaine Campbell (friend of the Turners)  +  Sammy Coates (friend of Leslie Redmon)  +  Melanie & Trish (friends of Paulette Frech)  +  Pat Walter & family (friend of Barb Whitehouse)  +  Alycia Geis (Karen Violand’s friend’s daughter)  +  Don & Janet Sheatzley-Morgan (husband & sister of Barb Siegfried)  +  DaNay Jackson (friend of Ron Brookes)  +  Allison Cornell-Hood & Anne Higgins (daughter & friend of Diane Cornell)  +  Finnigan Savage (friend of Pam McCarthy)  +  Jimmy Little (son of Sue Little)   +   Yanette Pysher (Vonda Temelkoff’s cousin)   +   Tony Donahue (friend of the Boyds)  +  Marc Hostetler (brother of Susan Hostetler)  +   David (acquaintance of the Nadels)  +  Those in the Armed Forces.


St. Mark's has a group of prayer warriors who pray for the specific needs of those on the prayer chain. If you would like to place yourself or a loved one on the prayer chain, please contact Bobbi Gordon at

Prayer requests may be placed on the private Prayer Chain or on the Prayer Concerns list appearing in The Lion's Pause and Sunday bulletin or in both places. Please let Bobbi know your preference. Unless otherwise instructed, names will be listed as we receive them. Please update Bobbi or Katie on the status of your friends or family members as to when they may be removed from the prayer lists.

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