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Yesterday, April 25, was the Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist.  In the Book of Revelation, there are four winged creatures around the throne of God.  One with the face of a man, one with the face of an ox, one with the face of an eagle, and one with the face of a lion.  These winged creatures have been associated with the four evangelists, or gospel writers.  

St. Mark’s gospel is associated with the Lion.  That is why we have so many lions around the church, and why this publication is called the Lion’s Pause.  

The reason for this association is that Mark’s account of the gospel begins with the ministry of John the Baptist.  Mark gets right to the point, omitting a genealogy like Matthew and Luke, or a theological poem like John.  From the beginning, Mark’s gospel roars with the call to turn to the Lord.  It is a message that cannot be ignored or set aside for us to do something about at a later date.  

Mark was most likely a companion of Peter on his missionary journeys.  Mark compiled and organized Peter’s recollection of the ministry of Jesus.  The original audience Mark likely had in mind were Christians living in Rome, where Peter was executed.  It is likely that Mark then left for Alexandria, where he was martyred in A.D. 68 on April 28. 


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MacDowell Music Club at St. Mark’s

Last Sunday (April 21st) at three o-clock in the afternoon, some seventy plus music enthusiasts gathered at St. Mark’s to enjoy a concert presented by the MacDowell Music Club, headed by the Rev. Dr. Barbara Bond.  Our own Bob Morrison was joined by Joyce Elaine Corbett, Ralph Emerson Morrison, and Fay Ann Sebaly on classical and romantic organ and piano selections ranging from Johann Strauss to Leonard Bernstein and Rodgers and Hammerstein.  Soprano Paige Burris entertained with several “Lighter Touch” comic songs, including from Die Fledermaus, and Candide, accompanied by Betty Jean Willis on the grand piano.  Completing the program was the Grand Finale, Jean Sibelius/John W. Schaum’s “Finlandia” for two pianos, eight hands which generated a standing ovation, and a wonderful finish to a delightful afternoon.  A warm reception with punch and cookies, prepared by Chef Carol Popovich, welcomed guests afterward in the family room.

Photo credit: Bill Rand

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Bob's Music Notes

Following my retirement from the downtown Canton OH Methodist Church, my wife Kathleen and I experimented with Florida living - two winters in Venice and the purchase of a lot in a golf community. These Florida adventures were relaxing, to be sure, and we spent our time deciding where to dine and what books to read until an unexpected invitation came our way. Venice is on the Gulf of Mexico coast. Palm Beach is on the Atlantic coast. I received a call from Robert Christian Hebble inviting us for an unusual visit. Hebble was the assistant to organ virtuoso Virgil Fox and a noted composer and player himself and a resident in the Palm Beach area.

Some years ago in NY when Hebble was a youngster of 16 and a piano student at Juilliard, he regularly visited the Riverside Church where Fox was organist. After one service Fox left the console to greet friends and Hebble discovered that the organ had not been turned off. He went to that mammoth console and checked the various combinations of stops that Fox was using - and made a mental note. That summer Fox announced a Master Class and Hebble enrolled as an auditor. On the final day of the class, Fox said, "There is a young man sitting in the back from whom we have not heard. Would you be willing to play for us?" This was an unusual invitation since Hebble had signed up only as an auditor, not someone willing to play and be critiqued. Hebble, well acquainted with the stops that Fox used sat down and started to play the hymn "Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand." Well, after a few notes, Fox nearly fainted with surprise and delight and when Hebble finished, he said, "Young man, you are to be my assistant from now on!" which began a collaboration that lasted until Fox's death many years later.  

Hebble had a grasp of keyboard harmony that Fox found extremely helpful and Hebble was a valued editor for Fox's published organ music. So, when I received Hebble's phone call inviting Kathleen and me to visit Palm Beach and a cruise on one of his wealthy friend's yachts, the answer was "yes."

Prayer Concerns

Have compassion on: Pastor Marilyn, Ten Gall, Vonda Temelkoff, Henry Aegerter, Jim Weaver, Jane Schutrum, Ron Brookes, & all those who suffer from any grief or trouble.

For those who have died: Kit Caspar (brother of Carol Hayn); Jeff Stutz (brother of Beth Bletzacker); Those in the Armed Forces

Family & Friends: John Fortney (brother of Cindy Brown); Lynn McBride (father of Beth Crowl); Bletzacker/Stutz families (death of Beth’s brother, Jeff); Joel Harris (friend of Derek & Emily Gordon); Pastor Marilyn from Hope Outreach; Doug (friend of Marcia Tirpak); Joanne C. (Florida friend of the Kieslings); Tom (brother-in-law of AnJane McConville); Jody Shumway (Co-worker friend of the Rand’s daughter); Dr. Mallamaci (acquaintance of Bobbi Zollinger); Jolonda Mull, Kirk Schuring, Pam Lagodich, & Bill Allen (sister-in-law & friends of the Mulls); Earl Hoot (father of Joe Hoot); Ashley Stockman (friend of Katie & Ryan Kuceyeski); Tim Swihart (friend of the Gordons); Larry Aclaska & Judy Heisser-Turner (acquaintence & sister of Bert Heisser); Lee, Theresa, and Chuck Boone (friends & cousin of the Hixons); Nori Shawk (friend of Brynn Pelger); Johnny Willoughby (grandson of the Willoughbys); Heather Armington & Mark Osterhage (friends of the Watters); Elaine Campbell (friend of the Turners); Sammy Coates (friend of Leslie Redmon); Bob Rownd (friend of John Werren & Anne Coen); Melanie & Trish (friends of Paulette Frech); Pat Walter & family (friend of Barb Whitehouse); Alycia Geis (Karen Violand’s friend’s daughter); Don & Janet Sheatzley-Morgan (husband & sister of Barb Siegfried); DaNay Jackson (friend of Ron Brookes); Allison Cornell-Hood & Anne Higgins (daughter & friend of Diane Cornell); Finnigan Savage (friend of Pam McCarthy); Jimmy Little (son of Sue Little); Yanette Pysher (Vonda Temelkoff’s cousin); Tony Donahue (friend of the Boyds); Marc Hostetler (brother of Susan Hostetler); David (acquaintance of the Nadels).


St. Mark's has a group of prayer warriors who pray for the specific needs of those on the prayer chain. If you would like to place yourself or a loved one on the prayer chain, please contact Bobbi Gordon at

Prayer requests may be placed on the private Prayer Chain or on the Prayer Concerns list appearing in The Lion's Pause and Sunday bulletin or in both places. Please let Bobbi know your preference. Unless otherwise instructed, names will be listed as we receive them. Please update Bobbi or Katie on the status of your friends or family members as to when they may be removed from the prayer lists.

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