The League for People with Disabilities is committed to offering individuals the opportunity to gain independence, increase self-sufficiency and to improve the quality of life. 

Together, we are able.

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Angela (pictured left) with League Employment Specialist Leslie at the Meaningful Day Career Fair in June.

For many of our participants, the bonds that they build with their friends and neighbors give them motivation to thrive. Day Habilitation participants like Angela rely on the consistency of the program in order to socialize with their companions, exercise their independence, and make a difference in the community. 

Angela has been coming to The League for several years. Through our Meaningful Day Programs, she has built several relationships with men and women who are also actively setting and achieving goals of personal and professional growth. Every day, Angela buckles her seatbelt in a League van and participates in community projects, vocational training, volunteer work, recreational, and social programming in Baltimore with her friends. She looks forward to connecting with staff members of local cultural institutions like The National Aquarium and Port Discovery where she can strengthen her interpersonal skills and learn new things.

Together, Angela and her Day Habilitation leaders and friends cultivate beneficial relationships with members of local organizations. Angela's family supports her in her search for meaningful connection and growth, encouraging her attendance at CLUB1111 on the second Saturday of every month.

Angela's natural confidence paired with the guidance and opportunities that The League can provide are contributing to the successes in her relationships, creative ventures, and pursuit of happiness. She loves to dance, sing, talk to others, and help anyone that she can. Her personal growth is a joy to behold both on - and off - The League's Main Campus.


The Year-End Campaign for The League Fund kicks off next Friday, September 29th. Your gift to The League Fund, during any time of the year, allows us to continue important services on campus and in our community. Donations bridge the gap between program service fees and government funding and the cost of services provided to fulfill our participants' needs. The League Fund supports our ability to offer individuals the opportunity to gain independence, increase self-sufficiency, and improve quality of life. Your gift enables us to not just offer services to individuals with disabilities, like Angela, but also offer critical services to support growth, connections, and sense of purpose in the streets, homes, organizations, and businesses of Baltimore. Together, we are able.

Would you consider supporting participants, like Angela, with a gift during the Year-End Campaign? A gift of $100 can help fuel The League vans that transport Angela and her Day Habilitation Group to enriching cultural institutions and volunteer partner sites that make a difference in the social fabric of Baltimore.

David A. Greenberg

President & CEO

Mindy Geppi

Board Chair

Ethan Nochumowitz

The League Fund Chair

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Inclusion Club: Gifts up to $499

Champions Circle: $500-$999

Access Circle: $1,000-$2,499

Abilities Circle: $2,500-$4,999

Independence Circle: $5,000-$9,999

Founders Circle: $10,000 or more



Breakthrough Club: Gifts up to $499

Fulfillment Circle: $500-$999

Achievement Circle: $1,000-$4,999

Triumph Circle: $5,000-$9,999

Empowerment Circle: $10,000-$24,999

Freedom Circle: $25,000 or more

You can also mail a check made payable to

“The League for People with Disabilities” to: 

The League, c/o The League Fund 

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Baltimore, MD 21239


Mindy Geppi, Chair  Nicole Urquhart-Bradley, Immediate Past Chair • Barry Gordon, M.D., Ph.D, Vice Chair

Ethan Nochumowitz, Treasurer • Jason Perlow, Secretary

Carol Dodson • James Hettleman • Ashley Ingraham Watts • Janice Jackson • Kris Meyer

Oyebukola Oyediran, M.D. • Terri Seitz Parrish • Andrew Slutkin • Andrew Snyder • Chris Zegal


David A. Greenberg, President & CEO 

Renée Dash, VP, Medical Programs/Chief Nursing Officer 

Maureen Jeffreys, VP, Community Programs • Michelle Johnson, VP, Youth & Recreation Programs

Rhonda Johnson, VP, Facility Operations • Margretta Ryan, VP, Finance

Dawn Witherspoon, VP, HR & Compliance • Lauren Yankolonis, VP, Development & Marketing

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