5.30.2024 | Issue 156

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New Overtime Rule Begins on July 1, 2024

Our very own Linda Pappajohn recently wrote a summary article regarding the new overtime rule that could come into effect in July 2024.

Under this final rule, starting on July 1, 2024, employees who make less than $844 per week, or $43,888 annualized, could very likely be eligible for overtime pay after working 40 hours in a week. On January 1, 2025, the salary threshold increases to $1,128 per week or $58,656 annualized.

To Read Her Full Summary Click Here

Your Weekly Catch-Up

Pay Attention to the Tax Rules if You Turn a Hobby Into a Business

Many people dream of turning a hobby into a regular business. Perhaps you enjoy boating and would like to open a charter fishing business. Or maybe you’d like to turn your sewing or photography skills into an income-producing business.


Taxes When You Sell an Appreciated Vacation Home

Watch Out for “Income in Respect of a Decedent” Issues When Receiving an Inheritance


Firm News

Phillie Phans!

On May 21st, Samantha Finfer brought her parents, Matt and Carol, and her boyfriend, Griffin, to a night out at Citizens Bank Park! The Phillies played the Texas Rangers. Overall, it was a great game with Bohm hitting two RBIs and Harper's home run. The Phillies took another win with the final score of 5-2!

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