6.18.2024 | Issue 158

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A Three-Step Strategy to Save Tax When Selling Appreciated Vacant Land

Let’s say you own one or more vacant lots. The property has appreciated greatly and you’re ready to sell. Or maybe you have a parcel of appreciated land that you want to subdivide into lots, develop them, and sell them off for a big profit. Either way, you’ll incur a tax bill.


The Tax Advantages of Including Debt in a C Corporation Capital Structure

Pay Attention to the Tax Rules if You Turn a Hobby Into a Business


Firm News

Philly Phanatics

On May 31st, Erin Melhus took her husband, Frank, son, Benjamin, and nephew, Christopher, to see the Phillies take on the St. Louis Cardinals! With Sosa's two-run homer and Harper coming through with a double and single, the Phils went on to win their 7th consecutive game at Citizen's Bank Park with a final score of 4-2.

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