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At GBB, our expert consultants share a continued passion for solid waste management and working towards a more sustainable future. GBB's quarterly newsletter is now tied to our new blog, The GBB Circular, which is intended to contribute to the industry dialog, sharing ideas, observations, and words of wisdom.

Quarterly News & Updates

Winter 2021

19 Innovative Recommendations in Baltimore County Solid Waste Work Group Report

In mid-September 2021, Baltimore County, MD released the Final Report of its Solid Waste Work Group, offering recommendations for implementing innovative industry practices and trash diversion strategies to reduce the overall volume of trash produced in the County.

The comprehensive report was developed with the assistance of a multidisciplinary team led by GBB, which included EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., under contract with the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority and Baltimore County. GBB is proud of its contribution to create a pathway to less waste, and a more inclusive, livable, and vibrant Baltimore County! 

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Jennifer Porter Appointed GBB Sustainability Officer

A sustainable development leader with 20 years of experience on government and private sector initiatives, GBB Vice President Jennifer Porter has been appointed as the firm’s Sustainability Officer. In this role, she oversees internal sustainability efforts and leads sustainability planning assignments for clients.

Using the triple bottom line perspective – people, planet, profit – she will expand initiatives that positively impact the company through its operations. She also continues to spearhead activities that increase diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice within GBB and for clients.

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Questions that Mark Us:

Re-emphasizing a Stronger Vision for Equity and Inclusion at GBB

GBB continues to think about its choices in relation to racial injustice. GBB continues in its commitment to equity and inclusion and will continue to look for ways to engage colleges and strengthen relationships with qualified minority-owned, disabled-owned, and women-owned businesses across the U.S.

Our lives are peppered with choices. These choices usually are tied to the routine decisions of life, with questions that are linked to the fulfillment of basic needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter. Then there are some questions that mark our lives...

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Two Key Milestones Reached Towards Sustainable Business Park in Kent County, MI

With a bold and ambitious goal to divert 90% of trash generated in the county that goes to landfills by 2030, Kent County, Michigan is planning to build an innovative Sustainable Business Park instead of expanding its landfill. The Park is now several steps closer to becoming a reality after several recent announcements:

1) In September 2021, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the new state budget, which included a $4M appropriation for the Michigan EGLE to assist with the first phase of infrastructure improvements necessary to develop the Park. 

2) In October 2021, Kent County announced that Continuus Materials and Anergia will begin the negotiations of a project development agreement with to jointly become the anchor tenants of the Park.

GBB is a proud Planning Partner of this project. There is a lot of work ahead from the multiple stakeholders involved and everybody is up to it!

Latest News on the Park

Lessons Learned from New State-of-the-Art Mixed Waste Recovery Facility in Utah

In June 2020, operations began at the Davis Material Recovery and Transfer Facility owned by the Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District, in Layton, Utah. While this successful operation is impressive, the journey leading to one of the industry's newest mixed waste processing facilities is of particular interest to industry professionals.

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See the new facility in this 9-minute District tour.

See the facility in this 9-minute tour produced by the District

Upcoming Events

Visit the conference / tradeshow section of our Website for an updated list of industry events with GBB.

We look forward to seeing you there!!

Preparing the Next Generation of Solid Waste Management Leaders


GBB @ Binghamton University

On October 8, GBB Consultants Danielle Moyer, Ricky Phillips, Theresa Evans and Jennifer Porter were at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator, powered by Binghamton University, to meet a group of professors and students of the Sustainable Communities and Environmental Science programs. As part of the event with the leaders of tomorrow, Ricky and Danielle -- who graduated from the University -- talked about what it’s like working in the solid waste industry.

Promoting Development of Undergraduate Program on Solid Waste Management Planning

There is a need – both in the public and private sector — for qualified solid waste planners which GBB Marketing Manager and Senior Consultant Ashlea Smith discussed in her recent Waste Today article entitled A Need for Solid Waste Planners. As a follow-up to the publication of her article in the October 2021 issue of the magazine, she is currently coordinating with a state university and regional solid waste department to develop a syllabus for a solid waste management planning course.


Recent Municipal Assignments

We appreciate the opportunity to assist these public sector clients:

• Residential Collection Service Agreement Review

Baltimore County / Northeast Maryland Waste

Disposal Authority, MD


• Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Diversion Options

Barnstable County, MA, as subcontractor to Tetra Tech


• Solid Waste Disposal Service and Assessment

City of Tulsa, OK

• Rota Landfill Assessment and Preliminary Design

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands,

Saipan, as subcontractor to GHD

• Roadmap for Sustainable Future Report Update

Deschutes County, OR

• Solid Waste Collection Study

James City County, VA


• Waste Disposal Options Review

Pollution Control Financing Authority of

Camden County, NJ


• Solid Waste Management Plan Update

Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District, UT

Speakers' Corner

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“Confused About How to Deliver Your Sustainability Targets? We Can Help!”

Jennifer Porter, Vice President, Sustainability Officer


Our society generates a tremendous amount of waste. Traditional recycling or other diversion methods may not always be the best choice when it comes to Sustainable Materials Management. Last summer, in a webinar organized by GreenCircle, GBB Vice President and Sustainability Officer Jennifer Porter was a panelist discussing Sustainable Materials Management and how to provide real-life waste management solutions that are practical, economical, and sustainable.

PDF of the presentation

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“State of Technology for Municipal Solid Waste Processing”

Brad Kelley, BSME, GBB Senior Project Engineer

AIChE Virtual Bioenergy Sustainability Conference

December 9-10, 2021

The presentation will provide an overview of the state of smart technologies for processing MSW and how this new equipment can assist in creating new and better-understood output streams, including cleaner recyclables as well as other feedstocks. Mr. Kelley will discuss the materials that make up the waste stream and their unique challenges, the technology types the industry is using now, and the anticipated smart technologies the waste industry foresees in the next several years. 

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GBB Reading: Published Articles

As thought leaders, GBB consultants regularly contribute articles to leading industry publications, sharing insight and information on important topics. Recently published articles and interviews include:


A Need for Solid Waste Planners

Ashlea Smith, GBB Marketing Manager/Senior Consultant

Waste Today


Characterizing Organics

Chris Lund, GBB Senior Vice President; Brad Kelley, GBB Senior Project Engineer

Waste Today


Tips for Designing Online Surveys for Solid Waste Management

Ashlea Smith, GBB Marketing Manager/Senior Consultant

Waste Today


Nothing for Us Without Us: Furthering Equity and Justice in the Solid Waste Sector

Jennifer Porter, GBB Vice President; Eugenia Manwelyan, GBB Senior Consultant; Paige Davis, GBB Consultant II

Waste Today


Waste-to-Energy Supporters Aim to 'Clear the Air,' Reposition Technology as Landfill Alternative

Waste-to-Energy facilities continue to provide reliable and predictable disposal capacity for the nonrecyclable portion of municipal solid waste for many communities. In this in-depth article, GBB President Steve Simmons is among the industry experts interviewed on the topic. It is worth reading!

Waste Dive

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