Volume 48 | February 29, 2024

Are You Building On a Lake or Unstable Soil?

Build Smart: Install Helical Piers and Keep Your Building Anchored!

Stabilize your structure before they encounter issues by installing helical piers whenever you build a dwelling on waterfronts or unstable soils, like sand dunes and beaches.

Michigan offers many picturesque views and beautiful properties along its shores, but these are often the most costly homes to repair structurally. By installing helical piers when you initially build, you can avoid having your home, cottage, or office slip off its foundation and collapse into the soil or water below.

Where We Can Install Helical Piers:

  • High Water Tables
  • Fill Soils
  • Expansive & Unsuitable Soils

How Our Specially Trained and Certified Team Members Deploy Helical Piers in New Construction:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection with precise measurements and calculations as well as assessment of soil conditions and surrounding area
  • Operate specialized equipment to drive piers into the ground in accordance with calculated values and thresholds

Why Helical Piers Work:

  • Helical piers are placed under new construction and below active soils so that your home or building is anchored in stable soils
  • They are spaced out around the building according to load requirements, footing reinforcement details, and the existing soil bearing capacity.

Protect your investment from the start! Contact us before you build so we can help you have a solid foundation to build upon!

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