Volume 38 | March 30, 2023

Water Intrusion Knows No Bounds

Water intrusion occurs anytime, anywhere, and is always problematic. Our team specializes in preventing water intrusion in homes, offices, and public buildings. We stand ready to help with jobs of all sizes. Check out the work our team did recently at this large government facility in Holland!

Why We Were Called To Help:

  • Water intruding into the basement in multiple areas
  • Important files were at risk of water damage
  • Customer feared mold would develop & pose problems for future buildout of offices in this space

What We Installed to Resolve the Customer's Issue & Prevent Future Problems:

  • Subfloor drainage system leading to a sump pump
  • Sump pump discharging into a city approved storm drain
  • Power inverter installed to ensure continuous operation in case building were to lose power

How Our Custom Solution Solved the Customer's Issue:

  • Subfloor drainage system collects and diverts the water to the sump pumps
  • Sump pumps remove water from the vicinity by pumping the water out of the building's basement and far away from the facility to a designated storm drain
  • Peace of mind and security that come along with having the added layer of protection from the power inverter in case of power outages are paramount for building owners and government officials

Don't let water intrusion destroy your home or enterprise — contact us for an interior waterproofing system that suits your needs!

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