Volume 42 | July 27, 2023

Is Your Garage Slipping Away from Your Home?

This can be common with Michigan homes. Often, garages do not have the same type of foundation as the rest of the home. Due to having a more shallow footing and not being below the frost line, a garage can experience frost heave and begin to settle faster and even sink, thus pulling away from a home. When a garage begins to pull away, it can also pull the roofing structure of the home along with it, resulting in even more repairs being necessary and increased costs for homeowners.

Take a look at how we helped homeowners in Grand Rapids restore their property.

Why We Were Called To Help:

  • The garage was visibly slipping away from the home and had a large sinkhole in one area
  • Customer was concerned their garage would completely detach from the home if not repaired and feared the costly expense of having to demo and repair the entire structure

What We Installed to Resolve the Customer's Issue & Prevent Future Problems:

  • Seven helical piers were installed to lift the garage back up to be level with the home
  • The helical piers will stabilize the walls and prevent further slipping and separation

How Our Custom Solution Solved the Customer's Issue:

  • We achieved lift and the garage is back level with the home
  • We provided a much more cost effective solution than rebuilding the entire garage
  • The homeowner was elated they can now safely utilize the space without worry of safety risks or damage to their belongings

Don't settle for sinking garages — contact us for an inspection and let us help you protect and maximize the space you have in all areas of your home!

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