Volume 14 | December 17, 2020
Are Helical Piers the Proper Fix for My Settling Foundation?
Helical Piers Stabilize Foundations
Helical piers are long, screw-like shafts that can be drilled down to deep, stable soil. A high tech pressure gauge system is used to determine the required depth to achieve the capacity necessary to support your property. This will vary, as it’s specific to your property and to the unique soil conditions under your structure. 
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When Are Helical Piers Used?
Ideally, they are installed before a structure is even built! In fact, another industry term for helical piers is "new construction piers", but they can also be used in retrofit applications. Most commonly, helical piers are installed when high water tables, fill soils, or expansive and unsuitable soils are present. Often, they are found useful when repairing foundations on lake houses, cabins, and cottages, although they can be used elsewhere as well.

Check out this Grip-Tite® Video that Elaborates on Helical Pier Installation
Determining When to Use Helical Piers
Because helical piers are used to support structures where soil conditions are challenging, a great deal of expertise is required to properly measure and accurately assess if helical piers are the proper solution for your structure. Our team will conduct a thorough evaluation of your structure and the surrounding area to customize a proposal for you.
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