Volume 34 | September 22, 2022

Are Your Basement Walls Starting to Cave In?

We Offer a Permanent Solution with Minimal Disruption

Our team stabilizes deteriorating basement walls, like those affected by leaning, tilting, bowing, or cracking, by installing wall anchors. This form of repair provides a cost-effective, minimally invasive installation process that requires little maintenance over the years. By installing wall anchors when you notice the issues noted above, you can prevent a wall from collapsing and needing a full rebuild (like we featured in our last month's newsletter.)

Features and Benefits of Wall Anchor Repair

  • Year-round, quick installation
  • Minimal disruption to home and landscape
  • Capable of straightening walls
  • Conceals with basement finishing
  • Doesn’t rely on floor or ceiling for support
  • Installs easily around pipes, wires & plumbing
  • Galvanized for corrosion resistance
  • Restores structural integrity and stops further wall movement
A 25-year warranty is included with our wall anchor installations!

Featured Project: Wall Anchors

This Homeowner was in need of repairs to a bowed wall in their basement.

We completed this job with a total of 5 wall anchors and backfilled the yard. 

Let Us Help You Restore the Structural Integrity and Value of Your Home

Wall anchors are a great solution for securing walls and preventing future damage to structures. Contact us to see if they are a fit for your foundation needs.

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