Volume 32 | July 29, 2022

♫ It's Christmas, All Over Again! ♫

Thanks for the Reminder!

Whether you personally celebrate Christmas in July or not, you can't help but notice that marketers rush to promote sales and events with this festive theme once the patriotic holiday is complete. We in the industry particularly like the fact that it serves as a great reminder for folks to check an all too forgotten area of their homes: the chimney. There are many safety concerns to be aware of with a chimney, but in our line of work it boils down to making sure the chimney remains attached to the rest of the home! 

What Causes a Chimney to Lean or Break Away from a House? 

As water flows through the soil it causes the earth beneath or around your home to erode, leaving a home's foundation on less stable ground. A leaning chimney occurs when the foundation the chimney is set upon pulls away from the foundation of the rest of the home which happens over time due to the settling caused by the erosion. 

How Do We Fix A Leaning Chimney? 

Our team of specialists use their knowledge and expertise to fully inspect and measure the placement for each pier and they are highly trained to operate the state of the art hydraulic equipment needed to push the piers to the proper depths so the building load can be lifted and stabilized appropriately. Check out a video of the systems we use below: 

Are You Noticing a Leaning Chimney on Your Home?

Don't make Santa's job harder for him. We can help put your chimney back where it belongs — contact us today for help keeping Santa on track and protecting your investment! 

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