Volume 49 | March 28, 2024

"You've Got a Fine Looking Sump Pump, Won't You Back That Thing Up?"

Make sure your sump pumps are fully operational! As a homeowner, you need to do all you can to keep water away from your house. Having a top notch sump pump included in your waterproofing system is necessary to achieve that goal!

Why Are Sump Pumps So Effective?

A sump pump diverts water that accumulates by collecting the water that enters and draining it out to a spot away from your foundation.

Our team installs both basement and crawl space sump pumps. We use premium sump pumps, like Zoeller Model 63, that are trusted, tested, and tough.

Zoeller Model 63 Features & Highlights*

  • Made in the U.S.A
  • 3/10 HP Premium 115V sump pump
  • Flows up to 43 GPM (163 LPM)
  • All cast iron construction for a more robust pump
  • Corrosion-resistant, powder coated epoxy paint
  • 5-year warranty

*For a comprehensive list of all features and highlights, please consult the manufacturer.

Backup Pump Systems

Homeowners can benefit from using the Zoeller Aquanot® Spin 508 — a heavy-duty backup sump pump system that's ready to work whenever the existing pump goes down or more strength is needed. Foundation Specialist is proud to be an Approved Contractor for Zoeller in the West Michigan area.

FreezFlow - Frozen Discharge Line Protection

When outdoor temperatures drop below freezing, the discharge line of a sump pump that leads outside can become obstructed with snow or ice, triggering sump pumps to get stuck in their "on" positions, run continuously and ultimately, fail. Our FreezFlow connection incorporates specially designed vents to allow water to flow through, even if snow or ice are present. In fact, this technology is so great, it even prevents backups in cases of heavy rainfall when storm sewers are overwhelmed by dispersing the excess storm water.

Don't let water intrusion destroy your home — contact us to make sure your waterproofing system includes a sump pump that is in good working order and has all possible backup and safeguard protections in place.

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