Volume 16 | February 25, 2021
Are Your Floors Too Cold?
The First Step in Warming Up Your Floors is to Insulate Your Crawl Space
Floors on the first story of a structure tend to be the coldest because they are situated directly above the basement or crawl space, which if left uninsulated can be unbearably cold in the wintertime. Our insulation technique fills all of the small air gaps and helps ensure there is no outside air making it into the crawl space.
Crawl Spaces Contribute to Overall Comfort and Safety of a Home
As Michiganders, we expect to contend with cold temperatures when outside in the winter months, but when it comes to being inside our homes or office buildings, we expect a certain level of comfort. By keeping the cold outside air from entering the crawl space, you will not only warm up the floors, but the rest of your home, too!

An insulated crawl space provides many benefits:
  • Warmer Floors
  • Usable Storage Space
  • Reduced Energy Bills
  • Prevention of Mold, Mildew, and Pests
  • Improved Air Quality
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