Is Subscription Management the Same Thing as Recurring Billing?

It seems that people confuse subscription management solutions (or platforms) with recurring billing solutions with some regularity. Let’s draw some distinctions between the two, because these things are distinctly different. We’ll start with…

Subscription Management Platforms

Subscription platforms manage the lifetime of the subscription, from the first term (often a special offer or free trial) until the subscription expires or is canceled by the subscriber. Here are some of the functions of a subscription platform...

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Spotlight on

Annual Advantage Users Group 2024

The Advantage Users Group (AUG) met in St. Petersburg, Florida, for 3 days of software learning, sharing best business practices, and networking among leading publishing companies. 

Prior to the main conference, a Management Roundtable involving leaders and executives took place. The roundtable is designed to foster discussions around high-level business trends and allows us to gain in-depth understanding of our clients’ strategies and challenges. Bryan Varblow, Executive VP of Operations, notes that, “it's vital we see and anticipate trends so that our software meets those client needs when they get there.”

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How AdvantageCS


Employee Retention

Tech companies are known for high employee turnover. According to a LinkedIn report, the tech and media industry has the second-highest turnover rate at 12.9%, based on their particular categorization. However, here at AdvantageCS, the average tenure is 14.5 years. Within this article, we’ll describe some of the things we do to contribute to that and perhaps give you some ideas to improve employee retention within your organization. 

Building Employee Engagement

Here at AdvantageCS, we highly encourage employee engagement because it creates an atmosphere that goes beyond the typical work routine. Here are some of the things we’ve developed over the years which help increase employee engagement, in no particular order of importance...

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Highlights from

Business Information & Media Summit 2024

AdvantageCS recently attended and sponsored the Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS), held in the beautiful Loews venue in New Orleans, Louisiana from February 29th to March 1st. Bringing together over 200 B2B media-industry peers for two days of learning, networking, and professional development while experiencing the vibrant culture of the city.

The BIMS event offered a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into the latest trends and challenges facing the market today, from industry leaders and some new players in the field. Some of the topics included...

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