During the summer there are lots of precautions to be taken. Here are some things to pay attention to & take precautions of during the summer.

Heat-Related Illness
Take extra breaks if you are working or playing outside & drink lots of water.
Bug Safety
Do what you can to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can cause a number of illnesses if they bite you.
Make sure your children are playing safe at playgrounds to avoid traumatic brain injuries.
Make sure any fireworks are set off in a safe zone & move away quickly when they are lit.
Water Safety
Make sure you are watching your children around any body of water. The younger the child is, the more risk there is of them drowning.
Be cautious while riding a bike, whether it is on a road or path.
When you are skateboarding make sure you have proper safety gear on in case you fall. Also, make sure you are aware of the right way to fall.
When you are boating make sure to wear a life vest.
Pedestrian Safety
Avoid walking around distracted. Whether it is your phone or daydreaming, it can result in several different types of injuries.