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Romance in the Caribbean
The year of 2019 began with a visit to the island of Antigua in the Caribbean and ended with a spell-bounded beauty of Turkey. Coral reefs and sandy beaches when you think of Antigua. As for the stay, Sandals Grande Antigua is voted as Caribbean's most romantic resort. Caribbean Beachside Village offers more vibrant energy than the Mediterranean Village. But it is the wander to the Coconut Grove that will give you the local experience.  

A Royal Ball in Morocco
A elegant dinner reception where I felt I was in a whole new world. Outside the glamour of such hospitality, trekking through the desert on a camel to reach your camp for an overnight stay is an experience. For a greater thrill, arrival by ATV would give you the feel of the soft sand and twice the fun. Morocco has the wilderness of the Sahara desert, the exotics of scenery and architecture, and a rich and intense culture and cuisine. This inlcudes a must visit to Le Jardin Marjorelle in Marrakesh. Arrival by 10:30am or later will risk no entrance or a crowd far too great for enjoyment.

Jamaica's Famous Dunn's River Falls
It is the kind of play that you don't know how to start and when to end the day. After this adventure, come over to Sandals Ochi Rios. "Trendy When You Want It. Private When You Don't." is the say. Party it up or relax in your own luxury comfort.  A choice of 17 dining options, complimentary green fees at Jamaica’s most elite and popular golf course, the Sandals Golf & Country Club, Caribbean’s largest Rock Climbing Wall and the best beach party are just a few options to entertain you during your stay. For a greater energy and party vibe, stay on the beach side.

"The Venice of the Caribbean" - Mayakoba
Cruising your way through a 16 km man-made lagoon, you could enjoy a gourmet lunch on board but will risk missing sights of the Little Blue Heron, the Common Moorhen or the Anhingas along with 300 different species of flora and fauna. The only sounds will be that of birds chirping, gentle waves breaking, soft chattering and camera shuttering. Added in the constant breeze, the feel is no different than Costa Rica. Passing through double gates to reach one of the four resorts inside Mayakoba, your enjoyment includes but not limited to a leisure bike ride within this 600-acres land or a chauffeured ride for an elegant dinner at Bayan Tree.
With a 5-hours direct flight from Los Angeles, Mayakoba is close enough for a weekends getaway and seclusive enough to transport you to a world far away in nature and beauty.

A Fairytale in Edinburg
Imagine a 70-million-year-old extinct volcano rising more than 250 feet above the city of Edinburgh… on top now sits one of the most famous Scottish castles, Edinburg Castle. It is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The other is of a luxurious ground of fairytale and beauty. It is at Dundas Castle. Completed in 1818 by the renowned architect, William Burn, the castle is now a private home of Sir Jack Stewart-Clark and his wife, Lady Lydia but is also available for exclusive hire. Wander the city for site of history but do visit The Voodoo Rooms or The Dome for a taste of life in Scotland... that is incredible drinks in beautiful venues.

Far Away in a Land of Ireland
Luxury is the opportunity that you can see the beauty of Mother Nature with your naked eyes. To hike along the path of the cliff whose formation traced back to 320 million years ago and completed with materials of only mud and sand to rise 702 feet at the highest point and range 5 miles over the Atlantic Ocean in County Clare of Ireland. Walking the ground of Cliff Moher, you feel the place and its special meaning. Explore Ireland in its vastness of green and its idyllic way of life. Allow more time than anticipated as each sight will take your breath away more than the last. Do visit the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. It is an experience of its own.
It was her bucket list. She has slight arthritis in her knees and still has pain in her ankles. Regardless, she wants to go. She’s 71 years old. Luxury travel is subjective. It is defined by you. Luxury here for my mother is the time to travel when she still can to an active destination such as this. Luxury here for me is having the time to fulfill her dream.

A Pinnacle of Time
Spanning a vast 76,000 acres of unique geological formations, Arches National Park has the largest concentration of natural stone openings in the world. Approximately 2,000 arches are found in the park to date. Giant yet particulate in their formations, the rocks give notes of millions of years of geologic history. You too will stand there speechless wondering how they have formed over time to become the pinnacles they are today.

Be prepared for the strong heat. Bring water especially those with electrolytes. Check the weather frequently throughout the day especially hiking into canyons with the warning of a flash flood.

The Fairest Chimneys of Them All - Cappadocia

An intensely rich culture of beautiful art and diverse heritage. What you might not know is the Turks originated from Mongolia living as nomadic tribes and that tulips originated in Turkey and not Holland and is the Turkish National flower. The only country located between two continents, Asia and Europe, Turkey becomes an important meeting point in history where East meets West. A country of religious pilgrimage that is illustrated within the majestic Hagia Sophia where it was served 900 years as a church and later 600 years as a mosque and even more so seen at the Goreme Open Air Museum.

Then be transported to a mystical place "carved through layers of volcanic tufa and tempered by eons of wind, water, and snow." Cappadocia is known to evoke a magical feeling with its fairy chimneys, cliff-side pigeon houses, valleys and underground cities like no other in the world.
You mustn't miss the hot air balloon ride. A once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you breathless long after your departure.

Turkey is safe to travel with an itinerary best designed as an escorted tour where certified guides will assure the ease and enjoyment of each sightseeing and visit to each city.

Travel Tips
Beginning October 1, 2020, travelers who do not have REAL ID or residents of states that are not compliant with the REAL ID will need a federal ID to travel, like a passport, military ID, permanent resident card or Global Entry card. The Department of Homeland Security is looking into possibilities to have the applications online for REAL ID. Until then, we encourage you to have the ID needed for your travel well before the deadline.

 Global Entry has become a thing we can not live without once we have it. What you might not know that it grants access to systems in other countries where it will save you time and sanity. In Australia, U.S. citizens aged 16 and older can use SmartGate (abf.gov.au). It is an automated border system where you will be waived of additional fee or registration. In New Zealand, there are separate lanes for U.S. Global Entry members in airports of Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

Global Entry membership also allows holders to apply for many countries' trusted-traveler programs including Mexico's Viajero Confiable (gob.mx) and South Korea's Smart Entry Service (ses.go.kr) although both have an application fee and on-site interview.

Many international airports have Global Entry kiosks where travelers could complete U.S. customs before boarding. This way you could avoid the long line for this process when arriving back to the U.S. The international airports offering this service include Abu Dhabi International in the United Arab Emirates, Dublin and Shannon airports in Ireland, and several in Canada and the Caribbean.
Latest News!
Virgin Voyages as the new way to cruise in a rebellious luxury style. As the only cruise liner to be adult only, reservations are filling up fast for next year. Contact us at 626-733-7874 to save your spot!

  • The Scarlet Lady departing out of Miami, Florida sailing within the Caribbean will launch April 1, 2020 on a variety of 4 and 5-night itineraries. Booking is now available.
  • The Valiant Lady departing out of Barcelona, Spain sailing with three 7-nights itineraries in the Mediterranean will launch in May 2021. Booking is now available.
  • Adults Only: 18+ ship... No Kids!
  • Rebellious Luxe: Where Gritty Meets Glamorous.
  • Reservation Flexibility: Passengers' names change done within 48 hours of departure with no penalty.

  • Virgin Voyage's private beach club in the Bahamas: The Beach Club at Bimini for the Caribbean sailings.
  • Overnights at the beach club mecca of Ibiza for the Mediterranean sailings.
  • Vitamin Sea: Eliminated all single-use plastics onboard.
  • Eat & Drink: 20+ Onboard Eateries, ditching the buffets and main dining room
  • Modern, on-trend restaurants with bars in every restaurant.
  • All Inclusive: Gratuities and Tips, Group Fitness Classes, Unlimited WiFi, Food & Drinks (Alcohol excluded), and 24-Hour Room Service
Sydney Concert Hall Renewal 2020 . In February 2020, the Opera House will begin the renewal of the Concert Hall for improvements to acoustics, stage and backstage areas, theater systems, and accessibility, in and around the world-famous venue. The work will be the biggest upgrade made to the Concert Hall since the Opera House opened in 1973. The Concert Hall venue will be closed for 18 months, however the 5 other venues will remain opened for tours and performances as well as on-site restaurants and bars.
Contact us at 626-733-7874 to explore the promotions below and others for specials as space fills up quickly during the busy seasons.

  • Croatia: A $500 credit toward any 7-nights trip.
  • Botswana Safari: Special from $7,595 including FREE international air.
  • South Africa: A 50% OFF companion rate.
  • Virgin Voyages: An additional $100 OBC per cabin and $200 OBC per suite when booked with our agency. We can hold your reservation for 24 hours and have the 10% deposit refundable within 7 days.
  • Paul Gaugin Cruises:
  • A group of 10 guests will receive from 5% up to 15% group savings, available on all departures.
  • Up to $400 OBC per balcony stateroom plus a reduced deposit of $250 per person. Offer ends December 31, 2019.
  • The Galapagos with Celebrity Cruises: FREE air and 50% OFF second guest for 10, 11 and 16-night Galapagos packages. Offer ends December 31, 2019.

Let's Travel the World!
In traveling, you live the experience and in turn, grow into a new person often of a better self. Have you thought about travel this way before? What sustains the experience and morphs the individual is actually how the effect has been transcendental on one’s soul without one realizing it. The change leads to enlightenment in which one feels alive. It is the incremental change that you realize often after the experience has passed.

As your Travel Advisor, I feel responsible to do more than the simple act of booking. Designing the travel to your exact liking and values and assuring a seamless journey that is purposeful with a high level of enrichment is my focus. A step further moving forward is to advance travel in the direction that is friendly and most engaging for the environment. That is to be environmentally sustainable in whatever ways possible to achieve luxury at the level of unique and authentic experiences without compromising quality.  

Most important of all, expertise is in a thorough knowledge of the product. Training in workshops and seminars is part of it. I have travelled to 31 countries and counting. I will continue to trot the globe to bring back first-hand destination experience to you.

"Once a year, go someplace you've never been before." I hope you have this year and your life has become richer from the experience. 

Travel... While it may be a world away, it is very much within your reach. We will share with you our stories and help you decide how yours will end. It is your journey, your design. Let's talk and see if we could send you somewhere magical!
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