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April 2020 | Issue 6
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edHEALTH’s Population Health Program Provides Critical Resource During COVID-19
The COVID-19 crisis is driving demand for help from edHEALTH’s population health vendor. With a focus on the 5% of the population that comprises 53% of claims, these patients are at high risk for COVID-19. Our partner is set up to help patients during the current lock down while also protecting patient privacy. Learn more .
Easy to Understand Communications
Our business partner provides communications that are easy to understand and customized for each institution. Participating schools report high employee satisfaction and comfort with the program and its protection of patient privacy.
Potential Reduction in High Cost Claims
In order to bend healthcare rate increases, it’s critical to reduce claims costs. Information, education, and decision support of this program help decrease unnecessary costs and utilization. The program is currently free of charge to member institutions and we highly recommend that you take advantage of this program. For more information, and to schedule a half-hour implementation call, contact us .