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Staff presented the 2023 Draft Operating Budget to Council and residents over two Budget Committee of the Whole (BCW) meetings on February 7 and February 14, 2023.

An operating budget is a financial plan that accounts for an organization’s anticipated expenditures and revenues over the course of a fiscal year. It is a plan for the service delivery that residents rely on, such as road repairs, fire services, parks maintenance, snow clearing and much more.

The Municipal Act requires that municipal governments maintain a balanced budget therefore operational costs must be fully offset by budgeted revenues, which consists mainly of property tax dollars and user fees (e.g. recreation program charges and planning fees).

The draft budget incorporated significant pressures from inflationary pricing, supply chain disruptions and rising commodity prices. Finding and retaining skilled labour had also been a challenge in the past year, leading to labour shortages, which have affected aquatics, fitness and general recreational program offerings and revenues.

Similar to other organizations, these external factors present challenges to the City. However, staff have maintained a continuous improvement mindset in finding savings, efficiencies and other budget mitigating measures.

After deliberation Council has unanimously approved the 2023 operating budget for a tax levy increase of $4,529,100 (or a 3.72% tax rate increase).

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On February 23rd York Region Council also approved the Regional 2023 Operating Budget at 2.9% plus a 1% tax levy to address homelessness, housing and mental health support.

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Recap: Council Meeting - Feb 22

All agenda items were unanimously approved by Council including the 2023 Operating Budget and reinstatement of the Community Bulletin Board in the Liberal Newspaper.

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Help give Richmond Hill a spring cleaning

From April 21 to May 5, residents, businesses, community groups and schools are encouraged to come together to help pick up litter that has accumulated over the winter months in parks, trails, on boulevards and in open spaces. 

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