August 2018 Newsletter
Three Series races done, five more to go.

We've had a great start to our season, and we hope to see you making the most out of this summer by joining us at our remaining races.

If you were not at our sold out Gravenhurst Triathlon Weekend, have a look at the video below to see what you missed.

Swim, Bike, Run = Fun! Fun! Fun!
Series News
COMING UP - Bracebridge, Toronto Island, Wasaga Beach, and Lakeside
We have races taking place during every weekend in August, and we invite you to join us at as many as you can before all of this warm weather goes away

* ITU Duathlon World Championship Qualifier - one qualification spot per age group per gender in each distance (Sprint and Standard Duathlon).

* ITU Standard Triathlon World Championship Qualifier - one qualification spot per age group per gender.
* MultiSport Canada Club Championships

Don't miss out.
Stoked Oats - Try these tasty oats at our races
All registered MSC competitors will receive a 20% off discount code for online orders at .
Win an Aquila Crono Triathlon Bike at Barrelman!
We are so excited to announce that at Barrelman this year, all participants will have an opportunity to win an AQUILA CRONO Triathlon Bike!

All registered athletes who race at Barrelman will be entered in the draw. The ‘Aquila Racer of the Day’ will win the brand new 2018 Aquila Crono.

Full bike specs:

Shimano 5800 105 Wheels: Shimano WH RS-010 Tires: Hutchinson Fusion 5 700x25 Bar: Aquila Crono Aero Stem: 3T ARX OE SP: Aquila Crono Aero Tape: RS Black Saddle: Aquila VL-1966

It is a well known fact that the biggest gains are made in the bike split. Any edge you can obtain will help shave precious minutes and seconds on the bike. The Aquila Crono’s sole purpose is to amplify bike and rider efficiency. The Crono features CFD optimized tube construction, seamless component integration, and extensive rider positioning capabilities. The Crono is the pinnacle bike for the modern day triathlete.

Register today for Barrelman for a chance to be the ‘Aquila Racer of the Day’! Head over to our website and check us out on Instagram: @aquilacycles to learn more about the Crono.
Swagman Race Ready roof mount rack
The perfect roof mount rack for a carbon TT triathlon bike
Carry your bike on your roof without having to remove the front wheel. The race ready is quick and convenient to load and will keep your carbon frame bike safe and stable while you drive. The zero frame contact Race Ready features a locking ratcheting arm that securely holds your bike by the front wheel never touching your carbon frame. This feature has made it the choice rack for Cycling Canada who uses up to 5 Race Ready’s per race vehicle. Race Ready’s retail at $240.00 and can be found at quality bike shops across Ontario.
Race Ready Specs:
•       1 bike carrier
•       Carbon bike frame friendly
•       Locking ratcheting arm only grabs the wheels
•       Fits all wheel sizes from 20" up to 5" fat tires
•       Universal mount fits most round, square and up to 3.5 inch oval cross bars
•       Additional 70 mm bolts included to fit larger diameter cross bars
•       Ratchet strap securely holds rear wheel

About Swagman
Swagman has a full range of sport rack solutions for your triathlon needs from - zero frame contact - roof top and hitch mounted bike racks to in garage storage solutions as well as roof racks for kayaks, canoes and surf skis to help someone keep you company on those open water swim days. “With 4 Swagman employees from southern Ontario who are all familiar with the series we recognize its importance and are all thrilled to be involved,” says Swagman’s Director of Sales Dave Michael. The brand counts 2006 Ironman Canada champion Jasper Blake, multiple time Ironman Canada podium finisher Jen Annett and Emanuela Bandol the 2017 ITU Off Road Triathlon World Champion as Brand Ambassadors. “Nearly everyone in our company is, was or is attempting to be yet again, an athlete. We have multiple ironman, ultraman and other crazies on our sales team and we look forward to supporting Multisport Canada and their athletes as the Official Rack Supplier for MSC,” add Michael.
Vorgee Vortech Part 2
If you are reading this article, your sense of vision is likely very important to you. Upon diving into an aquatic environment, many goggles fog up immediately, leaving you to enjoy the rest of your swim in a water-coloured blur. Other goggles tend to restrict peripheral vision or distort underwater images. While you swim, you want a goggle that enhances clarity and provides an excellent, leak-free fit. Welcome to Part Two of the Vortech ‘exposé’, where we will show you more features that make this goggle ideal for both indoor and outdoor swimming. 

In Part One, we showed you how our unibody, TPE frame works to create the ultimate, leak-free seal on your face. We have a confession to make. This is only part of the reason Vortech goggles fit so well. The other half of this dynamic duo, the Robin to our Batman, is the Quick Fit Strap Adjustment feature. As a coach of 8-10 year-olds, I’ve seen every conceivable kind of strap system. The common theme is ‘most always: “Can you tighten these for me?” Asking this question suggests two things: one, that this swimmer’s goggle strap is complicated and cumbersome, and two, that his or her goggle is not suited to the specific face of that swimmer. A reliable goggle fit is dependent on a goggle that fits your face, not how tight it is. Vortech goggles will solve both of these issues, providing a comfortable seal, and easily adjustable strap.

Fog is easily the second most frustrating issue when dealing with goggles. Maybe you’ve resigned yourself to subpar vision while you get your workout in, but I’m here to tell you that this need not be the case. The Vortech goggles’ Italian-designed and crafted lenses are made using high quality polycarbonate lenses and an Anti-Fog Injection system. What this means is that during lens’ moulding process, special anti-fog formula is injected into the mould along with the polycarbonate. The result is a slightly thicker, impact-resistant lens with longer-lasting anti-fog properties. 

The thicker polycarbonate lens on the Vortech swimming goggle is also responsible for the greater clarity associated with our unique Ultravision lens. The Ultravision lens is characterized by a wide-angle lens, providing 140° vision, up to 50° greater peripheral than other goggles. In addition to having such wide field of view, this unique lens really enhances underwater vision, providing unparalleled clarity. 

These features, along with those described in Part One, come together to form a goggle that is light, comfortable, durable, and unmatched in visual quality. Whether your Vortech goggles take you across the english channel, or back and forth from one end of the pool to the other, rest assured that you can always rely on them to do their part in your swim. All that is left is for you to do yours!
Fundraise for SickKids through the Toronto Island Triathlon
During this triathlon, it's not you VS the swim, the bike, the run (and what better place than Toronto Island to take part?). It's you VS the greatest challenges in child health, because you're participating on behalf of SickKids.

By participating in the Toronto Island Triathlon and fundraising for sickKids, you'll be helping SickKids take advantage of huge advances in regenerative medicine, robotics, and genetics - just to name a few - to tackle the toughest diseases.

So no matter where you place, kids win.

From Olympic to Iron Distance – What to Expect
By Dr. Cindy Lewis, CL Performance Training
Chiropractor, Multisport Coach, Personal Trainer, Professional Triathlete, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach (D.C., B.Kin, NCCP Level 1 Triathlon, VDOT 02 Certified, Can Fit Pro PTS and HWL Certified)

It’s bound to happen. At some point, triathletes give some consideration to taking on the challenge of doing a half or full iron distance race. Many commit and begin without giving it too much thought while others explore the idea for a while before making the commitment…or decide it’s not for them. Here are some things to consider when making that decision to transition to long distance triathlon racing:

Training Time
The most obvious difference is the amount of time required to do the training, especially for the long workouts – which for most athletes means the weekend. Workout durations during the week don’t need to change too much for individual workouts, though there will be more double workout days. But as training progresses for both half and full ironman, weekends will be fully invested into training.

Scheduling & Logistics
Fitting training sessions around commitments and life events becomes progressively challenging. Even if work weeks are flexible and training time is available, the periphery activities required to support the training also has to be considered. Keeping up with work, family, home and social tasks along with training will take some planning. Getting organized and planning ahead are two activities not included in a coach’s training plan, but can make or break an athlete’s success.

Rest & Recovery
The physical demand of training for these distances means the body needs adequate rest and recovery time. It can be challenging to prioritize sleep after a day that starts with an early swim before work, commuting, family time and dinner, strength work, and preparing for the next day’s early ride, run off the bike and doing it all over again.

Fuel & Hydration
Hydration and fueling are always important, and they become even more important when it comes to longer distance racing. An athlete needs to train the gut to accept the amount of nutrition that is needed during workouts and racing, just like they have to train their body. Fueling properly within each specific workout will result in more success during the workout and better recovery afterwards so that the next workouts on the schedule are also a success.

Strength Work, Stretching & Therapy
Without strength work and stretching, the demand put on muscles to perform well for a long time will inevitably lead to weakness, imbalance and injury. Many triathletes lose sight of their strength and stretch workouts as soon as outdoor training begins and this is when injuries happen more frequently. The increased effort of swimming in open water, cycling longer distances on hills with wind, then running in the heat – without maintaining functional mobility, can mean the start of chronic issues or injuries.

Financial & Emotional Toll
Triathlon is an expensive sport, regardless of how sparse an approach an athlete takes - and the price tag goes up with the distance. Aside from race entry fees, accommodations and working with a good triathlon coach (!), there are costs that occur on a weekly basis that start to add up. Grocery budgets are impacted by adding nutrition in the form of sport drink and gels, plus the increased volume of snack food or meals required for ‘on the go’ fuel. Massage, chiropractic and/or physical therapy is an important part of a training and recovery plan to keep muscles and problem spots functioning properly. Bike maintenance will be required more frequently with the added training volume, and inevitably one piece of equipment will need to be replaced or upgraded.

For some, the emotional cost is even higher when partners and families aren’t actively supporting the process. Training for a longer distance triathlon often means the athlete’s entire life is centered on the training, which leaves less time and energy for being involved with family, friends, work and other social obligations. Travelling for work and maintaining a weekly training schedule can be done, but takes a lot of planning, compromise and sometimes courage to do a long run in an unfamiliar location.

Physical & Behavioral Changes
Training for triathlon will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the physical body in terms of strength and body composition. A runner may find that they will develop more muscle in the upper body. A cyclist may find a change in their quads and glute muscles. However, there are some less than desirable things that may take place as well, and some that are just plain funny to consider! An athlete may find that they are running around with goggle marks around the eyes and taking care of skin that is drier from the chlorine in the pool. Fitting in workouts before work or at lunch means more bad hair days or ponytails, and wardrobes start to include clothes that are more ‘gym bag friendly’. Make up starts to be less important and sensible shoes become more appealing. Bodily functions that had been previously reserved for private spaces with tissue lose their dignity quickly, and become categorized as cycling skills. And changing behind a bush or between two car doors becomes a furtive art form. The line between normal and unthinkable starts to blur.

Is It Worth It?
Completion of a 70.3 or Iron distance race is an accomplishment that is unique to every athlete. The motivation to train, the perseverance required to complete it, and their ultimate reward is highly personal. Is it worth it? That depends entirely on what went into making the commitment in the first place and what compels the athlete to follow through.

Being prepared for what to expect is an important place to start!
The STAC Zero Halcyon is an Award Winner!
Our new smart trainer just won a Eurobike award at the largest bike show in the world in Germany last month.

Drop by our booth in Bracebridge or Wasaga this month to check it out for yourself and win some great prizes.

Visit   and use the code " halcyonmsc " to save $150 on your very own STAC Zero Halcyon.

Happy Training!
GoodLife Fitness Rewards

All GoodLife Fitness members get a discount to all Multisport Canada events just go to
Gran Fondo Lake Huron - August 19, 2018
MultiSport Canada is pleased to have been selected by the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation to produce the 1st annual Gran Fondo Lake Huron. Join over 1,000 riders from across the province in beautiful Southampton on Sunday Aug 19th, 2018 for the inaugural event.

The Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation is one of the five Foundations supporting the six Grey Bruce Health Services hospitals. The event will raised needed funds for the purchase equipment for the Southampton site as well as for the regional hospital in Owen Sound.

Four distances (30km, 70km, 110km & 160km) are offered that will allow riders to experience the beauty of both the Saugeen River Valley and the Lake Huron Shoreline. Visit for more details on the event.

Come and experience the country hospitality of the Saugeen Shores area as well as the amazing riding. Register HERE  
Join the 3rd Annual Highway of Heroes Bike Ride (HHR18)
Registration is still open for the 2018 Wounded Warriors Canada Highway of Heroes Bike Ride (HHR18). The third annual event will kickoff on August 25th, 2018 at Trenton CFB. 

The ride will take a group of up to 200 Canadians on a memorable two-day cycling journey alongside the Highway of Heroes in honour of those who made the ultimate sacrifice while raising awareness and funds in support of our ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, First Responders and their families.

Visit HHR18 for details.
Blue Mountain Centurion - September 15 & 16, 2018
The Blue Mountain Centurion is one of Canada's most acclaimed Cycling Gran Fondos! The event which takes place right in your backyard features some of the most picturesque roads in all on Ontario. Based out of the world class Blue Mountain Village, the Centurion team has one priority and that’s to make sure you have one of the best rides of your life!

With that in mind, Centurion has created custom wave starts and distances for athletes of all ages and abilities. This includes timed and untimed waves, staggered wave start times to limit congestion on the course, three unique and varying distances – 40km, 80km and 120km. The ride also features unprecedented OPP traffic control, mechanical and medical support.

If you’re not racing in the Niagara Falls Barrelman this year, consider joining us in Blue Mountain on Saturday Sept 15th and Sunday Sept 16th for Centurion! Visit for more information or register HERE !
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