We hope you're enjoying your summer! With things (relatively) getting back to normal, we hope you've been getting in some long-awaited family and friend outings and celebrations. We have all relished in seeing smiling faces and partaking in handshakes and HUGS! We look forward to seeing your smiling (vaccinated) faces on your next visit to the Kyard!
Undoubtedly, over the years while operating KKMI, we’ve shot ourselves in the foot – sometimes over matters which we could have foreseen but didn’t do enough to get in front of. In such circumstances, we’ve worked not only to rectify the mistake, but we also made sure that whoever was impacted by our error was offered a sincere apology. Well, please allow me to offer another mea culpa. Read on.
Be prepared for your next visit to the yard! Make sure you have the parts you need to get the job done right and on time!
New gadgets and gear for your boat
Purchasing Manager Dave Kendig’s highlights the interesting products he comes across. Dave is also happy to answer any product-oriented questions you may have. Got a Yanmar diesel engine and looking for parts? Give Dave a call. Not only does KKMI have an extensive inventory on hand, but most importantly, Dave will make sure you get the part you need. You see, not all part numbers stay the same, and Dave is our resident guru when it comes to such matters.
B&G Nemesis
Falling solidly into the ‘want one’ category is the B&G Nemesis sailing system. This high-end sailing data display has a multitude of features and screen customizations that are a world away from the clunky drop-down menus of yore. Apple integration? Check. Touchscreen? Check. Landscape and portrait mode? Check.

The software behind it is an Android-based product that Navico has designed to be intuitive to use in the marine environment. It can be fully integrated with the B&G network to show options including depth, heading and wind information as well as alarms, MOB, tankage, and race info such as lay lines. You can also overlay a camera feed.
The 9- or 12inch display can be completely customized to show you whatever instrument data you want in whatever color palette you like.
About $5000, but if you have to ask…….
Now and again, we all find ourselves in need of a little emergency assistance...
Items found around the web - not serviced at KKMI
We've heard a lot about flattening the curve lately but this is a little ridiculous...
We are guessing this person forgot the plug one too many times...
In the event of an abrupt stop - be sure your seatbelt is securely fastened...
While gathering our monthly "Between the Sheets" boat names, we have come across some boat names that we had to do a little research to get to their origin or meaning. In the spirit of that endeavor, what does the name of this boat mean? No cheating! Don't look it up on google and have some fun with it!
To enter, simply respond to this email with your answer. No need to change the title.

One lucky winner will be chosen from all entries and will be announced in our next Knewsletter.

Winner will receive a stylish KKMI cap of your choice!
Complete the sentence...
Got winched!

CONGRATULATIONS TO RANDY NORMAN - And his lovely "winched" wife, Eve!

We hope you enjoy your winning swag!
It was such a wonderful treat to get a visit from Dickie. He's looking & doing GREAT and he is missed! From left: Bob, Dickie, Jock & Kevin
Sausalito safety meeting
Harry shows off his knowledge of keeping hazardous liquids in clearly marked containers
Jesse getting a kick out of his work day
Hi Jose!
You find the funniest stuff in Sausalito
Alejandro and Jesus
Richard's always quick with a smile!
Barrett showing off his latest rigging project
"Between the Sheets" submissions this month... enjoy!
Just ask Dory about this one...
And just awwwww!!!
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