We hope you were able to take advantage of the longest day of the year and soak in some vitamin SEA. Long days, warm weather and strong breezes are making this a summer to remember! With 4th of July coming in hot, we hope you're out there enjoying all the boating, family and fun you can!
Where did you work before you came to KKMI? I worked at the St. Francis Yacht Club on their Race Management team for 9 years prior to joining KKMI. 
What made you want to come work with KKMI? I spent some time in the Richmond yard doing DIY work on the yacht club’s new signal boat. I thoroughly enjoyed being in a small village of skilled craftsmen. I always enjoyed seeing their finished product when their customers would sail up to the yacht club's docks, but seeing the work being done in person... I felt like I was watching an exclusive live performance.
What’s your favorite part of the job so far?  Can I pick three favorites? 1) Every boat is different, which makes every day different. 2) Seeing a project come to fruition is a great source of fulfillment for me. 3) There is an endless wealth of knowledge amongst the crew here. I feel very blessed to be a part of it.
What’s something new that you’ve learned since working at KKMI? For the past two months I’ve been working closely with the travelift crew. They have introduced me to the many nuances involved in the process of hauling and launching boats. It’s surprising how precise they must be throughout every step of the process. I have a lot of respect for their work.
Some other generic bio info:
  • When I'm not working, I'm surfing. I was in the water at Fort Cronkite just before writing this. 
  • I grew up in Southern California. Learned how to sail at Balboa Yacht Club.
  • Favorite food: carnitas
  • Favorite music: classic rock
  • Favorite drink: Old Fashioned 
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: Coffee
We're all feeling a little more free these days. We hope you continue to stay safe and have an enjoyable summer!
New gadgets and gear for your boat
Purchasing Manager Dave Kendig’s highlights the interesting products he comes across. Dave is also happy to answer any product-oriented questions you may have. Got a Yanmar diesel engine and looking for parts? Give Dave a call. Not only does KKMI have an extensive inventory on hand, but most importantly, Dave will make sure you get the part you need. You see, not all part numbers stay the same, and Dave is our resident guru when it comes to such matters.
This is a pretty cool, new style of trimtabs. They are a little pricier than other brands, but they do five times as many things, and they don’t break off when you back up. It's easier to bring fish aboard too as there's nothing sticking out the back of the boat.

The Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System comes complete with everything you need, including all necessary parts and software for active motion control. Plus, it's at a reasonable price due to mass production and use of micro components developed for the marine and automotive industries. Learn more.
A little sailing and hospital humor combined for your amusement... thanks to Dan Knox for sending this one.
Items found around the web - not serviced at KKMI
Take a moment and let this one sink in...
We hope whatever this was that needed to be screwed down so tightly was worth it!
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Spot the six differences between the two photos below
Here's John at the helm of a Jeanneau Sun Odesey 44DS
We are all just in LOVE with Harrison the cat. He's gracing the yard while his people fix up their beautiful new (to them) 65' De Fever cruiser Starlite (soon to be renamed Ronald Patrick). This big fella is a Maine Coon cat that thinks he's a dog. Do yourself a favor and follow him on Instagram -@harrisonadventurecat
Meet Larry, Barrett's new best friend. Larry is getting to know us all and we are loving him. So glad to have him as part of the family.
So nice to see smiling faces in Sausalito - Hi Dan!
Hello Kate!
Sonny goofing off.
Manny manning the dock
Alejandro and Jose planning their next move.
Elvis working out with our new pressure washer.
We had a LOT of "Between the Sheets" submissions this month... enjoy!
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