The Nightmare in the White House

Hello Linda,

I wish I could tell you that the nonsense coming out of the White House in the past month was a colossal April Fool’s joke, but I cannot. And to put the icing on the cake of March 2024, your president issued a Proclamation declaring Easter Sunday, the holiest day of the Christian calendar, as Transgender Visibility Day 2024. To demonstrate his strong Catholic faith (she said sarcastically), he forbade any religious symbols from being included on the Easter eggs entered in the White House Easter Egg Art Contest. 

Now, most of us who have an ounce of brain power know that Biden’s strings are being pulled by an army of puppeteers, many of whom were a part of the Obama administration, including the Big O himself. Remember, he’s the guy who said we could always count on Joe to “F” things up. Left to his own shaky devices, Biden wouldn’t be capable these days of executing the overwhelming amount of BS coming out of the White House.

We need to get Biden out of the White House, but we need to do more than that: we need to get rid of all the so-called progressives who are intent on dismantling law and order in the United States. This election year is a critical turning point in our history. 

There will be no middle ground. The die will be cast either for a return to our fundamental principles and values, or it will be cast for continued and likely further intensified destruction of our culture, our economy, our liberty, and our security. 

That is not to say that if the electorate restores common sense, we won’t have a battle on our hands. I fear that no matter how the election is resolved, there will be a time of further chaos, violence may reach untold heights, and our country will be unsettled for months. 

How many months we will suffer through that depends on who sits in the Oval Office and the Congress. 

The choice is yours…

By Linda Sauer

Paul Craig Roberts:

‘Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make insane’...

We live in a society on the brink of collapse yet still led by arrogance. Our overlords in Washington, along with its many vassal states, have carved out for themselves elitist positions from which they act as the sole proprietors and definers of a global system they call “democracy.” From their haughty perches in D.C., New York, London, Berlin, Paris and Brussels, they sit in judgment of others who don’t meet their increasingly warped criteria of what such “democracy” entails.

Our puppet politicians, egged on by their CFR-trained and Trilateral-tainted handlers, pump their chests with false bravado. Russia is the cause of your pain. Russia is bad. Putin is evil, they tell us.

Putin, the evil dictator, must be taken out before he takes over Europe, they scream, while spewing out dictates to harrass their own populations: Don’t eat meat. Don’t use natural gas. Don’t drive cars. Don’t fly. Don’t grow your own food. Don’t use cash. Don’t buy guns. Eat our bugs. Drink our flouride. Breathe our chemtrails. Inject our genetically modifying poison. Take our digital ID! And, if you do nothing else, you must allow us to corrupt the minds of your kids with sexual perversions that would make the ancient Babylonians blush.

“China is not our enemy!” says Washington’s commander-in-chief. “China is a ‘competitor.'” At the same time, these globalist elites profited by outsourcing our industrial base to our competitor’s shores.


So, What Can I Do?

We get lots of feedback asking what we can do. Well, there are lots of things, but one big thing is learning and keeping abreast of what is REALLY happening to our state and nation rather than what the majority of Americans think is happening.

Below I have listed some resources it is worth checking out.

  • This is a weekly overview of the top news regarding the world government takeover, plus a once-a-week live update from Curtis Bower. He is the producer of the documentaries Agenda 1 and 2 and the most well-versed guy we've met alongside Trevor Loudon. Go to AGENDA WEEKLY to read and sign up.

  • Many of you saw or heard Trevor Loudon when we had him in MT. He is still going strong, speaking, producing documentaries, and fighting back against our enemies. On his site, you can access his materials and his Leftist/Communist database, KeyWiki, which will blow your mind. You can learn what's happening by going to TREVOR LOUDON

  • If you're willing to read, no book is better than Peter Schweitzer for well-documented, researched, and hard-hitting exposes. His latest book documents the infiltration and war China is in the process of here in America. Go to the following link to see his current best seller and then look for his other books on Clinton and others. The China book is eye-popping. Go to BLOOD MONEY

  • If you're not appalled by the treatment of the J6 prisoners, then you don't know enough or don't care. We should all be ashamed of our inaction. If you want to learn more, write to some of them or share info with your circle. The info is right here. Go to AMERICAN GULAG.

  • One of the best sources for news and the best source for relevant materials and research is the John Birch Society. I can hear the groans now from those who don't want to take the heat for being a Bircher. But call a spade a spade; they've been at this longer than any of us, and they knew what was going to happen to America longer than anyone. There publication and website you can find by going to NEW AMERICAN

Of course, there is always my book, DEATH RATTLE OF THE REPUBLIC, if you want to know the 100-year path it took to get here and all the people who sweet-talked us down this destructive path. It does come with a depression warning. It's not what you want to hear, but you should.

Linda and I will work to develop current and relevant recommendations in the coming months.

by Ed Kugler

Lake County the Plot Thickens

I offer this brief explanation for those of our readers who need to become more familiar with Public Law 280. 

Lake County, Montana, is home to most of the vast expanse of the Flathead Indian Reservation, and about 5000 enrolled CSKT tribal members are among its citizens. Public Law 280 was enacted by Congress in 1953, granting certain states criminal jurisdiction over tribal members on reservations; the law was mandatory in six states but was voluntary in Montana. 

In 1963, the Montana Legislature passed a Bill, Assumption of Criminal Jurisdiction of Flathead Indian Country, which contained a provision that the Tribes and impacted counties must first consent to the agreement. In 1965, the CSKT consented, and since that time, Lake County has taken responsibility for the arrest, prosecution, and holding of tribal member prisoners. 

In 1993, the CSKT withdrew from the misdemeanor jurisdiction of PL 280, and the tribes have since had exclusive jurisdiction over misdemeanor crimes by tribal members within the Reservation boundaries. 

The costs to Lake County for administering PL 280 have risen steadily over the years. A 2017 fiscal analysis conducted by the State of Montana estimated that the annual costs are over $4 million. In the 2023 legislative session, a bill was passed appropriating $5 million for each of the next two years to Lake County to cover the administration costs of PL 280. Governor Gianforte vetoed the bill, but the legislature could not overturn it. 

It is not a question of whether Lake County wants to continue administering PL 280; it is a question of whether it can. The costs are an extraordinary burden on an already stretched County budget. Taxpayers have indicated their feelings by not passing the most recently proposed levy in 2020 to construct and administer a new detention center. The current center is beyond capacity, and incarcerated tribal members have filed a lawsuit against the county for “inhumane conditions.”

The Lake County commissioners have worked tirelessly with all parties to try to find a solution to the problem. No one questions the fact that PL 280 has been good for the Tribes, good for the safety of the county, and has been very well administered. But no one wants to help Lake County with the money. No surprise there: Governor Gianforte has his favored projects, and Lake County certainly isn’t one of them; as far as CSKT is concerned, PL 280 works just fine as is. 

The failure to receive any financial commitment from either the State or the Tribe has left Lake County with no option but to withdraw from PL 280. This was a tough decision for the Commissioners, but it seems clear that they have the support of the tax-paying citizens of Lake County. Governor Gianforte responded that the State of Montana would withdraw if Lake County withdraws. In my opinion, this was his last-ditch effort to call Lake County's bluff. It didn’t work.

The clock is ticking down to May 20th, less than two months away. Despite repeated efforts by Lake County commissioners to communicate with the Governor’s office over the past few months to discuss how to carefully and safely disengage from the responsibilities of managing the jurisdiction of felonies committed by tribal members in Lake County, I am aware of no response as yet. 

There have been a couple of meetings with federal authorities, and they are saying that they will be unable to handle anything more than “the most serious” felonies because they simply do not have the staff.

Do you know what will happen now? It is doubtful that the number of serious crimes committed by tribal members in Lake County will decrease; in fact, given the current situation, I would predict an increase. I know this: our county leaders, the Sheriff’s office, and the Polson Police will continue to work their hardest to protect and serve Lake County. Will they be supported fully by the State and Federal governments, or are they on their own? 

I want you to write to your state legislators, particularly Governor Gianforte, asking all parties to work with Lake County to protect Montana citizens. 

by Linda Sauer

The Border Invasion

is Changing America's Landscape Forever

In 1957, there were 112 births per every 1000 women. In 2022, that number was 56. Quite a drop. Put another way, it takes 2.1 births per woman to maintain your current population. Our current rate is 1.6. In one respect, it's simple math.

Today, the replacement birth rate in European countries is under 1.25. Taiwan and South Korea are less than 1.2. African countries are plus 6.0 while Islamic countries are declining from plus 7.0 to around 4.5. So what could possibly go wrong when you bring, say, 30 million new people into your nation, all from countries or ideologies producing twice the babies you are?

Mathematics is one of many problems. You are middle class, have three kids, and have a nice home. You have a nice corner lot and playhouse out back. That's nice. Then, a couple of illegals show up and move in. It's against the law, but the cops tell you they can't help. Then more show up in your backyard. Life as you knew it ... is over.

The current invasion is planned, supported, and financed. It is not a humanitarian issue. It is an invasion—an invasion designed to fundamentally change America forever. And it's working—but not the way mainstream Americans would like. None of the invaders share our values, and they have no desire to share anything we have except our nation's wealth.

Just in the past couple of weeks, we've had examples. In Alabama, an illegal raped a mentally challenged 14-year-old girl. In Ohio, an illegal who had deported five times raped another challenged young girl. In Georgia, an illegal disfigured and killed a young woman.

Then, we have the Chinese invasion of California. Why are all these military-age males coming to America? On the other coast, in Maine, the State has nice new apartments for illegals, and they get two free years of rent. In Michigan, their draconian Governor is offering residents $500 a month to house illegals.

Make no mistake. Our nation is being intentionally demographically changed, and our politicians are all complicit in our destruction. There really was a coup on January 6th, but it was not by Trump supporters. It was the globalists and their puppet Barry Soetoro when he was installed for a 3rd term.

It's an election year ... what will you do about it?

by Ed Kugler


Tyranny Alert

Look around. This ain't your Daddy's America. Check out these recent events ...

Think it can't happen here? Think again.

Destroying Our Children

The attack on our kids is relentless, and they are winning. Look at what's happening on our college campuses nationwide.

Action Item: Share this newsletter. Talk to your neighbors. Do something, or it will continue to be done to you.

Big Jon the Pretender

Jon Tester is anything but a Montana values kind of guy. That doesn't stop him from fashioning an image of what a regular fella he is. As with all Leftists, it is all a facade. Check out a few clues to the real Jon Tester below.

The Big Guy has Big Money behind him. Share these links and this newsletter. Post on social media. Tester needs to go but as it stands today, as the image below clearly shows ... it's a long shot.

Real Voter Fraud in Montana

Flathead Lake Update

There are many reasons for all of us to care about Flathead Lake: it is one of the most beautiful lakes in the United States and is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi; it provides water for many uses that benefit all of us such as irrigation of crops, fisheries downstream, wonderful fishing all year, and great fun with watercraft. 

It also provides business opportunities for local residents, and the tourism brought to NW Montana by Flathead Lake is a significant contribution to our economy. Yes, there are a large number of high-end homes and properties around the shoreline, but there are also many, many older homes and cabins intermixed among them—homes and cabins that have been in families for several generations and are likely to remain so. 

Flathead Lake is in danger of another summer of unprecedented low levels in 2024. Yes, NW Montana is experiencing a period of drought, but the severity of the drought is neither unprecedented nor unexpected. There have been droughts in the recent past, but the dam operators during those periods voluntarily implemented a management plan to mitigate the effects of the drought. 

What we have now is a dam operator (EKI, Inc.) that has publicly stated that there is no current Drought Management Plan in place and that they have no intention of implementing one, so “Get used to it,” said Brian Lipscomb, CEO of EKI.

The history of Kerr (now SKQ) Dam goes back almost 90 years and is governed by a series of Articles within the current operating License. Functioning within those Articles presents potential conflicts, including operational changes during a drought. 

Within the 1985 relicensing agreement, the Secretary of Interior required the Joint Licensees (PP&L & CSKT) in Article #60 to develop a Drought Management Plan (DMP) that would balance competing needs for water during a drought. 

In 2001, Flathead Valley experienced a low water year, and the Co-Licensees utilized their draft DMP, successfully alleviating conditions on the Lake. After this near disaster, in 2002, the Department of the Interior, through the Bureau of Indian Affairs as the lead agency, prepared an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the DMP with input from various state and federal agencies and community interest groups, a process that took 8 years and multiple millions of dollars to complete.

The DMP is not a stand-alone document but is to be used only in drought situations. It includes Article #56, which allows for modifying minimum outflows to help restore the lake to usable levels. Unfortunately, the DMP was never finalized with the Ruling of Decision by the Interior, and no one knows why or what happened to the document.

 If you believe, as we do, that a Drought Management Plan is necessary for Flathead Lake to survive as a jewel in NW Montana, then help us to pressure our legislators, our governor, our members of Congress, and EKI, Inc. to work collaboratively to get an enforceable DMP in place before 2025. 

I hope to include a monthly update on Flathead Lake's conditions in each issue of the LCP newsletter for the rest of 2024. For additional information on this critical situation, visit and 

By Linda Sauer

Trouble Under the Big Sky

There is a decidedly left wind sweeping across Montana's cities. It's no longer your Father's Big Sky. Pay attention ...

Could you share this information with friends and family? Montanans need to understand that the Left has a foothold and is growing across the state, and so is crime.

Our President ... (in name only) Can't Take Questions

The Not So Friendly Skies

You would never have thought the following reports would ever be possible a year ago, two years ago, or even three years ago. Are they the state of our declining culture or something more?

Watch what's going on around you. Know our enemy or pay the price.

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