A Note from Scott and Marsha
October 21, 2021
Is it safe to say fall has arrived or is this yet another false fall in North Carolina? Who knows, really?! But I love a brisk walk and moving to a warm pumpkin spice latte to start the morning. I won't complain this week.  

You also will not hear a lot of complaining about this cuteness. Yes, I'm talking about this pair. Are they not adorable?? And of course, there is a funny story that goes along with them. Amber, who works at the garden center, unknowingly drove into work with this little hitchhiker snuggled up in her engine. I honestly imagine him holding on for dear life, and it makes me incredibly anxious. I'm so thankful he made it.

His first appearance happened during one of our floral classes last week. While I'm sure he was doing everything possible to stay hidden, he ended up the dazzling distraction. Of course, who doesn't want to catch and hold a kitten? Unfortunately, he played cat and mouse with Lizzie and Lindsay. See what I did there?  

The next morning, he was enticed with fresh tuna, and he was quite hungry. Morgan was able to snag him, but he was not happy about it. And he let her know it with some scratches :*(

The funny part is our staff. We are all suckers for kittens, puppies and plants. The group text thread blew up with all the ideas and future dreams for him. It was up to me to put everyone on pause. We have had a garden center cat before. There have been many. Many cats who disappeared and many who were victims to Highway 751. And indoors is not an option since we have plants that are toxic to cats. Allergies. Cat hair. Think of all the things to consider!  

Since he hitchhiked in with Amber and she had been trying to catch him for days, it was only fitting he should go home with her for a few weeks of love and finding a long-term plan.  Before he left, we had to visit, hold and hug him to the point that Julia was ready to kill all of us because, well, we simply didn't want to work and complete the tasks at hand!  

While we don't have kittens, we do have dazzling trees and shrubs that will bring beautiful, bright blooms come spring just for you. If you don't have the space, don't worry. We have something special that will surely fit indoors. Who needs knickknacks when you can use your space for something living and green. And let's face it. No litter box is needed so I think if you can't have a kitten, a plant is perfect.  
October 23, 2021
1-3 PM

Dress in your Halloween costume and get ready to party! The Bulltown Strutters, a Durham-based New Orleans Style band, will be here and make you want to move and groove!

Admission is free,
Buy 6 or more 6-packs OR 18 or more 4-inch pansies
and receive
If you love ferns but don't love how finnicky they are, the Staghorn Fern is for you! This medium-light-loving fern does love high humidity, but it won't freak out and drop leaves if it dries out. Interestingly enough, Staghorn Ferns are epiphytes and can survive mounted on something instead of planted in soil. But they will also be happy in soil, just keep them moist!
Whether you want to add mums to your fall containers or snag a few for your fall porch decor, we are sure to have the mums you are looking for. Our mums have that lovely dome shape you want for your mum display. Did you know you can also keep mums inside (if you have bright light)? They are the highest ranked air-purifiers! Who knew?!
If you need a versatile and gorgeous evergreen, a Cryptomeria variety is for you. The dense foliage is stunning and unique. Whether you need a large tree for screening, like the Yoshino, or you want a small shrub for a container, like the Black Dragon (pictured), you will be pleased you chose a Cryptomeria. Some of these varieties are fast-growing and some are slow-growing. All Cryptomeria do well where they receive plenty of sun, but some can tolerate part shade.
Meet Jen Swift!
Role: Department Sales Lead for Shrubs and Trees
Started at FGS: May 2021
Ice Cream: Mint Chip
Favorite TV Show: Ted Lasso
Last Book Read: The Testaments, Margaret Atwood
Plant: Gingko Biloba
Food: Mexican, Thai and Indian
Restaurant: Garland

Jen is our shrub and tree guru! She came to NC from the sunny state of California. Although she originally studied English literature, she discovered her true passion was plants, and decided to get her Master's degree in Horticulture. Lucky for us, she started working for Garden Centers during the pandemic and landed this spring. When she isn't doing her best to bring you all the best trees and shrubs, you can likely find her with her cats or in her garden.
Plant Tip of the Week:
Pansy Care
Pansies really do give a bang for their buck, because if they are cared for properly, they will last for THREE seasons--fall, winter and spring!! The catch, though, is if they are properly cared for. We share the best practices and tips in this blog post, so make sure to check it out!
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