The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends April 16, 2018

Pt. 1 The Artists of Guild Hall Gallery Key West
1) Orchids of Frances St. by Lynne Bentley-Fischer  Acrylic
2) LaTeDa Conch House by Abigail White 24X36 Giclee on Canvas
3) Sloppy Jalopies by Susan O'Neill Oil

Historian Tom Hambright the Next "Distinguished Speakers" from KWAHS April 19th. Mr. Hambright is Perhaps the Most Treasured Person in The Keys.

Adam Scott Rote "Artists of/to the Stars" will be in town 4/20-22 at the Key West Gallery

Pink Lady by Aaron Wright
Passiflora by Jedda Wong
Two Additional Exhibitions at the Gator Building : "Colors of Spring" and "Tamiami Trail : In the Beginning"
Pink Possies by Lucy Paige

6th. Annual "Connections Project" from The Florida Keys Council of the Arts" (More Below). Major Sponsor : Royal Furniture. PLUS 2 Additional Exhibitions at GATO "Colors of Spring" and "Tamiami Trail : In the Beginning"
A Tour of the Key West Wildlife Center
Flaming Conchs 2.0 Final Arts & Eats of the Season

 Conch Republic : A Musical from Fringe Theater

First Thursday : May Exhibitions : Lucy Paige, Rick Worth & Katie Divoll

Re-MARCable Dance Project

Just a Few Of the Upcoming Events at TSKW (More Info in their Weekly Section; plus LINKS to ALL These Events)
FKCC Annual Student Art Show Kicks Off with Reception in the Library Wed. 4/18 (More Below in their weekly Section)
Pt.2 of 2 : Our On-Line Photographic Exhibition from Theresa Kalvaitis. Above "Blue Boat Dreamin" 16 X 20 Fine Art Aluminum

The City of Key West Proclaimed April as Autism Awareness Month. (More in the Weekly City of KW Section) PLUS in the MCSO Weekly Section a Really Big Crocodile.

WWW.MILEZEROKEYWEST.COM Extensive Calendar of Events + Photo Galleries. Johnny Shares the Gallery done Last Week from the Tennessee Williams Plays "Green Eyes" & " The Traveling Companion".

"Photos of the Week" from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow ( More Below)

The Extraordinary Amount of Exhibitions/Classes & Events at KWAHS. 
Hammock Time by Mally Weaver

After the Storm by Abigail White

Part 9 of Our Tour of the Artists from the Key West Art Center + the Annual Associate Members Exhibition

Our Latest Feature from Hazel Griffiths : Artist, Fashion & Jewelry Designer, Creative Director for Photo Shoots, & Art Columnist 
"Just Plain Interesting"

"Rare Older Photos" Mother Teresa 

"Happy Photos"
Starting in the April 23rd Issue ; we'll start 3 On-Line Photographic Exhibitions. The 3 are "Just Plain Interesting", "Happy Photos" & "Rare Older Photos
Leaning Palms Plein Air Oil 6x 6

In This Issue Part 1 of the On-Line Art & Sculpture Exhibitions from Priscilla Coote & Sally Wernicoff 


The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends ; Going out to over 7835 Each Week.  In This issue (April 16, 2018) : Pt. 1 of the Artists from the Guild Hall Gallery, Historian and KW Treasure Tom Hambright is the next KWAHS "Distinguished Speaker" 4/19, Adam Scott Rote (Artist of/to the Stars) in town 4/20-22 at Key West Gallery, 6th. Annual "Connections Project" produced by The Fla. Keys Council of the Arts PLUS 2 Additional Exhibitions at GATO : "Colors of Spring" & "The Tamiami Trail : In the Beginning", A Tour of the Key West Wildlife Ctr., Many Exhibitions / Classes & / Events at TSKW & KWAHS, WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM Final Issue, FKCC Annual Student Art Exhibition ; Reception 4/18, Pt. 2 On-Line Photographic Exhibition from Theresa Kalvaitis, Our Weekly City of KW & MCSO Sections, WWW.LUCILLEKHORNAK.COM , "Photos of the Week" from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow, Pt. 9 Artists of the Key West Art Center, WWW.MILEZEROKEYWEST.COM Extensive Calendar of Events & a Photo Gallery from the Tennessee Williams Plays "Green Eyes" and "The Traveling Companion" ( 2 of stars Elena Devers & Jeff Johnson), A Feature from Hazel Griffiths, Pt. 1 On-Line Art & Sculpture Exhibitions from Priscilla Coote and Sally Wernicoff, Rock Solomon Presents "Rocky Valentine & Friends" 4/28, A Farewell to Danny Weathers Dinner & Roast 5/7, WWW.EQFL.ORG 

Also This Week : 20% Discount off of the Season Finale of the South Florida Symphony Orch. 4/19, Zazoo Photo and Art Gallery, MOTE's OceanFest, WWW.HOMETOWNKEYWEST.COM Presents "Call to Candidates" NEW DATE 4/23, SouthernMost Boys and Girls Club Event 5/6, Karen Wray's "KW Collections" Gallery Group Exhibition with Reception 4/20, Sneak Preview of the "First Thursday" May Exhibitions with Reception 5/3, Tasty Treat Classes from Isle Cook Key West", 3rd Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture & Art Bike Parade 5/5, Lucy Carleton Dance Classes, A Very Large Crocodile, Red Barn Presents "Cry It Out 4/17-5/5, Skipper Kripitz Gigs, WWW.KWLS.ORG "Young Writers Studio"

Updated Key West Theater Schedule inc. KW High School's Drama Club's "Legally Blonde 5/4-6 / KW Burlesque  "Island Nights Tropical Delights" 4/20 / Sunday Ramble 4/15, AnnaMarie Giordano "Life Drawing Workshops" Tues. at Ft. East Martello, Green Market at Bayview Park Thursdays, Frangipani's "First Friday" May Exhibitions with Reception 5/4, Books and Books Presents "Nancy Drew Convention" Discussion and Panel 4/28, , Jazz in the Gardens at Kate's Place : Terri White 4/15 & Scott Marischen 4/22, "The Legend of Georgia McBride 5/2-26, Coast Projects, "That's Outrageous" Exhibition at the Custom House,

KW Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden's Native Plant Sale 4/21 + Master Gardener Susie Reutling give "Gardening Tips" 4/21, 
WWW.DOITKEYWEST.COM Extensive Calendar of Events,
WWW.KEYSLASTSTAND.ORG , Past Blasts, FKSPCA, Computer Classes at the KW Library, Bingo on the USCGC Ingham Museum Wed. & Green Parrot Bingo Wed., Wesley House, Conch Republic The Musical from Fringe Theatre 4/19-28, Aids Help CC, Florida Health Monroe Co., KWBG Next Luncheon at Marriott Beachside 5/2 and Mixer at Audubon House 5/9 + Pride Follies 6/2, Hampton's Art & Culture Section, LKMC E-Newsletter Link, Truman Little White House, WWW.FLA-KEYS.COM "Key's Traveler", Q-Magazine, SouthernMost Coconut Castaways, 

Thanks to All our Associate Contributing Editors for All the Great Year Round Materials. Thanks to the Readers and your Comments.  Have an Outstanding Week. Ed.  PS: As You can see this Issue is Long like many of the recent issues (A Good Thing), Perhaps Shorter then the Last 4 Issues ; So You Can with EASE Close and Open this Issue as many times as you need. 

Part 1 The Artists of Guild Hall Gallery 
614 Duval St. 305-296-6076
We start off a Multi-Part / Week Tour with 5 from Lynne-Bentley Fischer
"Pepe's Cafe" Acrylic
"Almost Home" Giclee on Canvas
"Conch Retreat"  Giclee Reproduction
"On Peacon Lane"  Acrylic
More from Guild Hall Gallery Up Shortly

Here is Part 2 of 2 of Our On-Line Photographic Exhibition from Theresa Kalvaitis WWW.THERESAKFINEARTPHOTO.COM
 Click April 9 for Pt. 1 :

"Oh Taxi" 16 X 20 Print
"Paris Carousel" 16 X 20 Giclee on Canvas
"Sunset in the Palm's Hands" 16 X 20 Giclee Canvas
Next 4 Top Left to Bottom Right
Tortuga Driftwood 16 X 24 Fine Art Aluminum
Cuba Calling 16 X 24 Fine Art Aluminum
Through the Palms 16 X 20 Giclee Canvas
Angel's Among Us 24 X 36 Giclee Canvas


Our Tour of The Key West Wildlife Center 1801 White St. 
305-292-1008 (also their Wildlife Rescue #) 

Many Great Blue Herons ( The Large White Birds) will gather to visit a few Re-Habbing Friends and along the way pick up a few Meals.

After Hours Injured Animal Drop Off

The Large Pond that is Home to Hundreds of Turtles; and a Watering Hole for White Ibis and other Wild Birds; and Animals.
"Tank" is the Mynah Bird and In fact knows many sentences and will carry on a Conversation with you.

Below is "Moxie" A Northern Mockingbird. Moxie Knows 16 Tunes; and truly a treat to listen to

"Chaco" is an American Kestrel

The Large Pond where Many Turtles & Birds Gather

More from the Key West Wildlife Center Up Shortly


WWW.TWKW.ORG 513 Truman Ave, 305-842-1666 
Dennis Beaver Curator KWAHS@KWAHS.ORG
Last Week we featured the Grand Finale of the 2018 Annual TW Birthday Celebration that as Usual went on for 6 weeks; here is the April 9th. Issue Link to see the 3 Part Feature We Did. 


Our Good Friend Rock Solomon's Next Performance is April 28 Click ROCK for Info..
Dinner & Roast are SOLD OUT; Just the Roast ticket is Avail.. Click DANNY for More Info. Directly from Waterfront 

Our Latest Feature from Hazel Griffiths
Artist, Fashion and Jewelry Designer, Art Columnist, and does Creative Direction for Photo Shoots.

Hi all! I've had a very busy show season this year with Continuum WPB, live Painting  two shows at Art Serve and Art Ft Lauderdale - this was an exiting show to be a part of, the concept was to put art into high end show homes and viewers access each exhibit via water taxi. I will be posting updates on next year's show so keep a look out for that! 

I've also been flexing my wings with some clothing and jewelry design. The dress I'm wearing in the photos is a painting printed onto fabric then made into a unique garment. More prints and designs to come in the near future. Feel free to message me if interested in a dress, top or scarf, there are a few different prints to choose from. 

The birch bark jewelry is also a project I've been exited to be working on recently, more pictures will be posted of these pieces also.   Hazel.

"On The Forest Floor"

Above "Heaven for the Curious"

More from Hazel Griffiths Up Shortly

Florida Keys Council of the Arts  1100 Simonton St. 305-295-4369 

6th. Annual Connections Project Info. Further down in Part 2 ( In this Issue) of The Council; Immediately below is 2 Exhibitions that Martha Resk is sharing with Our Readers :

"Tamiami Trail: In the Beginning"  is an exhibition of original artworks by members of the Miami-based Tropical Botanic Artists collective. The botanical subjects were selected to mark the 100th anniversary in 2015 of the start of work on Tamiami Trail, a roadway begun in 1915 in Miami. Today it stretches across the Everglades from Miami to Naples and northward to Tampa, through areas that were largely wilderness a century ago. The exhibition's 30-plus plant portraits depict species found then and now in multiple vegetation zones along the route. Due to human intervention and changes in water flow, some of the plants illustrated are rare or endangered, and their predominant locations may have shifted, but all persist in South Florida's landscape.
"Colors of Spring" is an exhibition of original artworks by members and friends of the Florida Keys Council of the Arts. This exhibit, located on the second floor of the Gato Building, is a celebration of the beautiful hues of spring. With vibrant flowers and landscapes, "Colors of Spring" showcases the joy of color, and the hope that accompanies each spring season. These two additional shows are part of the Art Council's "Art in Public Buildings" Program.
For more information call the Florida Keys Council of the Arts at  305-295-4369  or visit .  Here are 3 Paintings from the 2 Exhibitions.

Pink Lady by Aaron Wright (Colors of Spring)
Passiflora Pallens by Jedda Wong (Tamiami Trail In the Beginning)
Pink Possies by Lucy Paige (Colors of Spring)

281 Front St. 305-295-6616

Rafael Penalver The Head of The San Carlos Institute for Decades and it's Savior was a recent KWAHS "Distinguished Speaker" to see the 3 Part Feature We did ; Click the April 9 Link :


It's Amazing the Diversity of Art & Photographs that Zazoo has ; with CONSTANT New Pieces Arriving.  James and Jason Gallery Managers LOVE to explain the different works and the Famous Photographers & Artists that are Hanging.  Here's about 10 Works. 

Bugs Ascending Stairs by Michael Tracey
Snoopy by Tom Everhart
Hooker Sitting by Milton Greene
The Seven Year Itch (Getty Images)
Johnny Cash by Baron Wolman.  James and Jason from Zazoo Tells Us : Baron Wolman was the Very First Photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine.
Part 2 of Just a Few of the Photos/Paintings at Zazoo Includes the Iconic Raquel Welch Photo, Betty Boop and a few Others.


Mike Rooney Exhibition ALL Month Long Plus He Hangs Year Round at
 WWW.GALLERYONGREENE.COM 606 Greene St. 305-294-1669 . Click the April 9th. Link for our 3 Part Feature on Mike Rooney as well as look at a few pieces of his Paintings :

United Street 18 X 24 Oil on Board
Tikis 16 X 20 Oil on Board
Malecon on Sunset 16 X20 Oil on Canvas


WWW.MOTE.ORG  305-745-2729 24244 OverSeas Hwy. Summerland Key
Hopefully the April 23 Issue will have many photos of the OceanFest that took place Last Weekend.  I was Out of town; and could not make this Outstanding Eco-Conservation-Nature-Oceans-Green Event.  Perhaps either GianCarlo Espinosa or Erin Wolfe ( Two of our Three Executive Contributing Editors ) will be at the event taking Pics ; and a Few of the MOTE Managers told me that they are taking Pics.

Dan Dombroski Director

Boys & Girls Club members hope to find safe "Harbour" with support of May 6 Margaritaville Fundraiser
On Saturday, May 6 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, Jimmy Buffett's 500 Duval Street Margaritaville hosts the 16 th Annual "One Particular Harbour" Fundraiser to benefit The Boys & Girls Club of the Keys Area, a youth development program that provides after-school care and full-time care on non-school days, school holidays, and vacation for more than 450 children ages 5 to 18 in Key West and Big Pine Key.
 The lively event features music by Howard Livingston and his Mile Marker 24 Band, appetizers, libations, and a buffet dinner, a silent and live auction, a "giving tree," and a 50/50 raffle.  Auction items include a Captain Outrageous bicycle, artwork, gift certificates from local restaurants, attractions, businesses, and more.  Funds will be allocated to the Club's Bayview Park capital campaign to support renovations needed to make the building their permanent home and allow them to continue offering tutoring, literacy support, STEM initiatives, computers, sports and recreation, Spanish, dance, drama and photography lessons, health and wellness life skills, and field trips when their lease at their current Reynolds Street location expires. 
$50 tickets are available at or by calling 305-296-2258.. tickets at door are $60.  Visit for more information.  The Boys & Girls Club of the Keys Area. Helping kids succeed since 1996.
WWW.KEYWESTARTCENTER.COM 301 Front St. 305-294-1241 

Annual Associate Members Exhibition Going on Now. BELOW WE Start off with Part 9 from the Artists of The Key West Art Center

Fishing by Thomas Avery Acrylic on Wood
Bird of Paradise by Gail Upmal  WaterColor on Batik Rice Paper
Conch Blooms by Linda Cabrea  Oil
Captain Tonys by Donna Nadeau  WaterColor
Hammock Time by Mally Weaver 
Banyan House by Ann Marie Anderson
More of Part 9 from The Artists of the Key West Art Center Up Shortly


KW COLLECTIONS GROUP SHOW ; Def. go out to Stock Island and Visit Karen and see some really interesting Artisan's Work.

To the Right : Artist William Sasser

Exhibition runs from April 13-May 13  Reception April 20
Local artists and artisans of the Lower Keys are coming together for an end of the season show; Visual Stories. Lizzie Devries' figures made of historic shutters will mix with local exotic hardwood furnishings created by Jimmy & Karen Wray', while Craig Sasser tells nostalgic stories of the Keys. Pamela McLeod comes back to the art scene after an imposed halt by Ms Irma, she will be showing her jewelry and new sculpture designs. As a special treat, world traveler, Louis Wray will share with us his traversing talents via a photographic journey. 

Current April Exhibitions Below.  When you go to their Weekly Section Further down ; You'll see a Sneak Preview of the May Exhibitions and Reception for the May "First Thursday" on May 3rd.
WWW.TSKW.ORG 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458

The April 5 First Thursday Reception / Exhibitions : (Top Left) Simone Lasswell & Janet Mueller in the Sanger Gallery.  (Top Right) Victoria (Tory) Mata & Toto in XOJ Gallery
 (Bottom Left) Esy Casey in the Project Gallery. (Bottom Right) Wayne Garcia in the Zabar Lobby. Click below Link for Detailed Info.
PLUS Click 
  for their  E-Mailer for the April First Thursday.
ALSO GO TO THEIR Weekly Section for the Latest April 16 Link to the Most Recent E-Newsletter with ALL the Upcoming Events


Part 1
This year's 6-week Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration concludes with performances of two rarely seen one-act Tennessee Williams plays, "Green Eyes" and "The Traveling Companion," directed by Key West writer and director Stephen Kitsakos and featuring Alaina Albertson and Michael Catlege, two New York-based actors with theater, television and film credits, and local actors Arthur Crocker, Elena Devers, and Jeff Johnson.

The Next Play in Mile Zero's Gallery of the Two Plays that were Performed Together "The Traveling Companion" Will be Up Shortly

Lucy Carleton,   dance instructor   
Paradise Health & Fitness Dance Studio
1706 N. Roosevelt Blvd.  Key West  FL 33040
305-296-6348 305-745-5578

Fridays & Wednesdays @7
   Salsa Dance Lessons with Lucy & Friends
   & maybe a little salsa rueda too!
   All levels  ~  we love newbies!  ~  $8
   Drop in class, no partner needed


Crocodile spotted in Key Largo  
Upper Keys Deputy Jose Hernandez snapped the attached photos of this crocodile at the Largo and Vaca roads area near Mile Marker 106 about 5:45 a.m. Wednesday. 
That area is near Lake Surprise and the Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge is close by as well. Sightings in the area are not uncommon. 
The Sheriff' Office notified the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, but the animal was gone when wildlife officers arrived, said FWC Bobby Dube.
The FWC is the primary wildlife response agency and they take the lead in most wildlife related calls. 
The FWC reports that crocodile population numbers are on the rise. Keeping an eye on your small pets and children when outdoors in the area is always advisable.
More information about living with crocodiles can be found at
More information about the Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge can be found at


MUST ATTEND : TOM HAMBRIGHT Brilliant Historian and Really Nice Guy will be the Next "Distinguished Speaker" April 19

281 Front St. 305-295-6616

Florida Historian Tom Hambright to Share "The Rest of the Story" as Key West Art & Historical Society Distinguished Speaker Series Guest
Key West Art & Historical Society welcomes Florida Historian Tom Hambright as Distinguished Speaker Series guest on Thursday, April 19 at 6:00pm at Old City Hall, 510 Greene Street,where he will share "The Rest of the Story," an examination of significant Key West history events, presented in the tradition of the late, famed radio newscaster Paul Harvey.
Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" reports-the stories-behind-the-stories and examinations of history's mysteries and little-known facts-were a component of his newscasts during World War II, later revived as a Monday-Friday program in the 1970s that ran until his death in 2009.
Official county historian Hambright is considered one of the foremost preservationists of Key West history, known for his encyclopedic memory and historic storytelling.  In 2017, The Society presented him with the Scotti Merrill Preservation Award, which honors those who are dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of the Florida Keys, with special emphasis on the Custom House, a building whose multi-million dollar renovation was spearheaded by the late philanthropist and founder of the Dogwood Foundation. 

Tickets available at ; $5 for KWAHS members, $10 for non-members-advanced ticket purchase is recommended.  Sponsored in part of the State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs and the Helmerich Trust. For more information, contact Adele Williams, Director of Education, at 305.295.6616, x115.  Your Museums.  Your Community.  It takes an Island.
Florida Historian Tom Hambright will share little-known backstories about significant Florida Keys events as Key West Art & Historical Society Distinguished Speaker Series Guest on Thursday, April 19 at 6:00pm at Old City Hall.

Part 2 Hazel Griffiths

Above "Endorphin" Using Wax as one of the Elements
One of Kind ; Dress Design and Production. Many Pieces using Hazel's Signature "Scape" Designs/Paintings
Above Painting : "Blue"

Above & Below Painting "Night Wings"
Above : Left is one of Hazel's Signature "Scape" Paintings

Bracelet is the Latest in a series of One of Kind Jewelry Designs & Production

The April 23rs Issue will have 14 of Hazel Griffiths Latest Paintings. Thanks Again Hazel for Sharing What You've Been Doing in the Art / Design World in Miami, FTL, and Palm Beach Areas.


The Next Few Weeks we'll Feature Priscilla Coote and Sally Wernicoff ; We start off with 3 from Priscilla and 3 from Sally..

Survivor  Oil 24 X 18. Priscilla Coote has Many Paintings hanging Year Round at Gallery on Greene.
Looking Toward Loggerhead  Oil 30 X 40
Sailing to Sunset Oil 18 X 24
Now Three from Sally Wernicoff. Sally usually has Multiple Works showing in the Gildea Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
"My Son" Stone White Marble
"Mariah" Stone Pink Alabaster
"The Family" Glazed Clay
Next Week we'll have 7 Paintings from Priscilla and 7 Sculptures (Stone and Clay) from Sally

33 East Quay Rd 305-809-4750


 Mystery Fest Key West is June 22-24. Sherill Rhoades & Carol Tedesco send regards and Will be Updating The Keys Blast Readers about Mystery Fest Key West in the Next Few Issues.


WWW.REDBARNTHEATRE.COM 319 Duval St. 305-296-9911
April 17 - May 5


WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM 825 White St. 305-294-0609

WWW.GUILDHALLGALLERYKW.COM 614 Duval St. 305-296-6076

WWW.GILDEA.GALLERY  522 Southard St. 305-797-6485

WWW.DOGTIREDSTUDIO.NET  1011 Whitehead St. 802-989-5910

Harrison Gallery
WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM 825 White St. 305-294-0609

Jim Salem
 Cocco and Salem Gallery


We continue with Part 1 of Our Tour of the Artists from Guild Hall Gallery Key West

"Sunset" Photograph by Bob Slitzan 24 X 18
"Peacock" Photograph by Bob Slitzan
The Next 4 by Chuck Hightower

More from Guild Hall Gallery Key West Up Shortly

WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 305-292-9339 601 Duval St.
Meet Adam Scott Rote
Friday, April 20, 2018  to- Sunday, April 22, 2018
Meet the Artist 11am-2pm and 7-10pm Daily. Adam Rote will paint live in the gallery and unveil his newest series inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe who was an American photographer, known for his sensitive yet blunt treatment of controversial subject-matter in the large-scale, highly stylized black and white medium of photography.
RSVP today / 305-292-9339



Tues. Apr. 17th @9pm. Virgilio's- the CRZBs- Rob DiStasi-keybds./vocals, Chris Burchard- gtr., & Bubba- bass.
Sat. April 21st @5:30pm. SALUTE- The DraveTrio w/ Michelle Dravis- gtr. /vocals, & Yvan Agbo- lead gtr.
Sun. Apr. 22nd @5:30pm. Gardens Hotel- Scott Marischen quartet, Scott- harp, Joe Dallas- acoustic bass, Chris Burchard- gtr.
Tues. Apr. 24th @9pm. Virgilio's- w/ RAVEN COOPER & Megan Constantine.
Sun. Apr. 29th @ (??probably 4 or 5 Pm. San Carlos- The Annual Music Room Spring Recital, directed by Robin Kaplan ,[ w/ Joe Dallas & I backing up allll those talented kiddies. Funnnn!].
Tues. . May 1 @9pm. Virgilio's- the CRZBs (Chris , Rob, & Gary Rivenson).
Wed. May 2nd @ 7pm. Hyatt Hotel- [Private Corp. Party, but you can come listen poolside!]- the CRZBs Quintet.
Fri. May 4th @7pm. TheSquare Grouper- the CRZBs Consort (JoeDallas, Mark Rose, Chris Burchard).
Sun. May 6th @5:30pm. TheGardens Hotel- the CRZBs Quintet
Rob, Chris, Gary Rivenson, with special guest, Mark Rose)
To Contact Skipper 305-587-9494 . Editors Note : Skipper Kripitz Gives so much of his time and talent to so many Organizations ; and it's a real treat to hear play with so many different configurations. Thanks Ed

WWW.KWLS.ORG 717 Love Lane 305-293-9291

The application deadline for the  has been extended. We will continue to review new applications on a rolling basis.

Participating students will spend five days exploring Key West and learning about authors who have lived and worked here through readings, excursions, and site-specific writing exercises. Daily writing workshops will be taught by acclaimed author Victor LaValle, a member of the writing faculty at Columbia University, whose most recent novel, The Changeling, was selected as one of the ten best books of 2017 by USA Today and Time magazine. Funded in part by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Young Writers Studio is free for all accepted applicants and is open to writers or would-be writers throughout Monroe County. Lean More Hit Red Link Above


WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 512 Eaton St. 305-985-0433

(Formerly Called FAVOR)
April 21 Earth Day

Current Exhibition until the End of April :  Deb Moore, Deb Kik and Marc Hacker


Frangipani Gallery will feature a series of hurricane inspired paintings by Fran Decker on Friday May 4, 6-8 PM at 1102 Duval as part of the First Friday Art Stroll on Upper Duval.  Please come meet the artist and enjoy a champagne toast.
Originally inspired by Hurricane Katrina, Fran Decker completed the series "This Once Was Home" just before Hurricane Irma devastated the Florida Keys.  These detailed surrealistic paintings depict broken shells set against stormy backgrounds that were once home to the mollusk that built it.  The intricate insides of the shells are revealed and tinted pink to remind the viewer that a living creature once lived inside and created its shell home. All of them are poignant reminders of what we had and what we lost in the storm.

Bare Bones, Breach, Blown Apart, Looking In and Invasion show shells damaged in various ways.  Shattered and When the Roof Comes off depict the strange insides of seabiscuits and have been likened to flying saucers.  Sceptre and Ramparts conjure up what what once a might have been a castle to the inhabitant. Three spinning hurricane like shells are part of the series.  Home is Where the Heart is depicts the delicate structure of a Horse Conch after the main shell has been eroded away. Remnant and Home Is Where the Heart Is are simply graceful bits of shells.  Their revealed inner beauty brings home the loss of what once was.

Photos:  (L)This Once Was Home by Fran Decker
           (R)  Ramparts by Fran Decker


Nancy Drew Convention : Discussion and Panel
4/28 10a-Noon Manager Mia Clements tells us :
  Grab Your Magnifying Glass  and blaze a trail in your snappy blue roadster to a Nancy Drew Convention of Super-Sleuth Proportions & celebrate Nancy Drew's birthday!



The Nursery in the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden will be offering native trees, shrubs and vines for sale Saturday, April 21st, from 
9 am to 12 pm.  Choose from over 1,500 plants and 150 species of butterfly and bird attracting plants propagated by volunteers in sizes from one-gallon to 30-gallon pots.  Key West Tropical Forest members receive a 15% discount.  Memberships available on site.  All proceeds directly benefit the Tropical Forest's conservation program.  At  1:30 pm, Nursery Manager and Master Gardener,  Susie Reutling will be the featured speaker in the Toppino Nature Chapel.  Her topic will be 
Trials & Tribulations - Gardening in the Florida Keys.  The Garden is located at 5210 College Road on Stock Island.  For more information 305-296-1504 and Secretary@Keywest.Garden


Poor, rocky soil; salinity; high pH; seasonal wet/dry cycle; wind and the occasional tropical storm...plants and gardeners in the Keys face a lot of challenges in our "Eden".  But there are ways to have fruits, vegetables and an attractive landscape. On Saturday, April 21st at 1:30 at the Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden, Master Gardener Susie Reutling will share her experience, techniques and advice. Much of her expertise has been hard-won by her work in propagating rare and endangered plants at the on-site nursery.  This presentation follows the monthly plant sale - come for the sale; stay for the Speaker in the Garden Chapel.  Bring a bagged lunch and picnic at the KWTF&BG in between. Located on College Road just over the Cow Key bridge.   Admission for the talk is FREE for KWBGS. Get in touch with above contact info. for any questions..


WWW.KWBGONLINE.ORG 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
Next Luncheon is May 2 at Marriott Beachside, Next Mixer is May 9 at the Audubon House

A Few events from KWBG further down in their Weekly Section

Join in celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel as the South Florida Symphony Orchestra wraps up its highly successful 20th Anniversary 2017-2018 Season.  Symphony Founder|Music Director Sebrina Maria Alfonso, a Key West native, presents the United States premiere of exuberant, inventive composer Nimrod Borenstein's 
If You Will It, It Is No Dream , taking the audience back to the early days of establishing the Jewish National Home.  Cuban  Guest Artist, formidable virtuoso Aldo L ó pez-Gavil á n makes a stellar Symphony debut  playing Maurice Ravel's emotional  Piano Concerto in G expressing  his self-destructive passion for a beautiful woman .  The Symphony completes the program and the season 
with Hector Berlioz's spectacular
Symphonie Fantastique.   Do  not to delay in getting your $25-$85  tickets
 for the 7:30 p.m. concert on Thursday, April 19, 2018 at the Tennessee Williams Theatre. Call 305-295-767 WWW.KEYSTIX.COM

Please help the SFSO fill the TWT. We need your help. We ask you reach out to your friends and tell them why you love the Symphony and how much they would enjoy coming to our final concert of the season. It is nearing the end of our season and our marketing budget is empty.  We must sell 200 more tickets in the next two weeks! With your help I know this is possible.  Thank you so much for your continued support of the South Florida Symphony.


Important Note : Good Friend Gracy Lozano from Keys Lifestyle Marketing has this awesome Website that gives an Amazing and Extensive Listing of Events in Key West. Click the website below and check it out.

Here are just a few Categories; many way to look Up : Day, Month, Year, Category 305-440-059



We continue with the Artists of Guild Hall Gallery Key West
"No Conch Like Home"  by Abigail White Gicglee
Susan O'Neill Wall
"Kitty Korner" by Susan O'Neill Acrylic
"Hemingway Garden" by Susan O'Neill  Acrylic
Key West Aquarium by Susan O'Neill  Oil
Part 2 from the Artists of Guild Hall Gallery in the April 23rd Issue

Harrison Gallery
WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM 825 White St. 305-294-0609


Our Last 16 Issues ; These Links Below are Created by my Production, Database Management & Delivery System : Constant Contact.  By Clicking any of them; you will Instantly see the Issue ; they don't get stored on your computer; Just put Temporarily in Memory.

April 9 :
We continue with Pt. 9 Our Tour of the Artists of the Key West Art Center
  WWW.KEYWESTARTCENTER.COM 301 Front St. 305-294-1241
"Hemingway Home" by Mally Weaver
Dive into the Deep by Ann Schroeder
Blue Heaven by Mally Weaver
New Rooster by Martha dePoo
Solaris Hill by Martha dePoo
Part 10 of The Artists of The Key West Art Center in the April 23rd. Issue

  5230 College Rd. 305-294-4857


Allison Rich, 
Sr. Library Assistant, 
Monroe County Public Library, 
700 Fleming Street, 
Key West, FL  33040, 
The Key West Library at 700 Fleming Street is offering free workshops on various computer topics in April. Each class can hold 10 students, and registration is required.  Classes start at 10 AM.  Call to reserve your spot today! 305-292-3595. 

Thursday April 12th Windows Laptop Basics - Learn how to use a laptop computer mouse and keyboard, learn about settings, and even how to turn the laptop computer on in this Windows Laptop basics course.  Bring any questions you may have.    Thursday April 19 th  IPhone Basics and Overdrive - Learn what Overdrive is and how to download the app on your Apple device.   We'll have you reading E-books and E-audio books in no time. Remember to bring your device, library card and iTunes account information.      Thursday April 26 th  IPad Basics and Overdrive - Learn what Overdrive is and how to download the app on your Apple device.   We'll have you reading E-books and E-audio books in no time. Remember to bring your device, library card and iTunes account information.    


The nonprofit USCGC Ingham Museum at the Truman Annex Waterfront Park will be open for sunset each Wednesday at 5 p.m. with bingo onboard after dark. For information, call 305-292-5072 or email 


WWW.KEYWESTORTHOPEDICS.COM 305-295-9797 3485 N. Roosevelt Blvd. 

April 23 5pm at Salute on the Beach "Call for Candidates"
Here is the Link for their Donation Page ; DONATE

Hometown's! Call for Candidates.  The  Best  of Local 2018 Elections!


The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends uses WWW.CONSTANTCONTACT.COM for Production, Database Management, and Delivery. They are GREAT. Their Customer Support and On-Line Q&A are Second to None. 781-482-8911
Also Here is my Facebook Page :


Part 2 Zazoo Photo and Art Gallery

 Zazoo has an  Amazing Collection of Photos & Art on Iconic Movie Stars, Sports Figures, Famous Photographers. You Can spend Hours in Zazoo and everything is Very Inexpensive for these Rare Originals / Copies. 

WWW.ZAZOOARTGALLERY.COM 622 Duval St. 305-294-8925 
"Follow That Dream" by Don Oriolo. Don is an Appraised Artist for Elvis
"Trinity" : Superman, Wonder Woman & Batman by Jim Lee
Raquel Welch by Terry O'Neill
Elsie the Cow by Don Oriolo
Your Love is My Home by Fabio Napoleoni
"Toot" & Ladies and "Gentlemen The Beatles" both by Don Oriolo
More from Zazoo in the April 23rd Issue


WWW.WESLEYHOUSE.ORG 305-809-5000  1304 Truman Ave.
Jeremy Wilkerson Media Relations


Up Shortly Updated Schedule of Concerts and Special Events


Click MOTE1 for a Special Year End E-Newsletter Looking Back at ALL 12 months of Very Informative. 


712 Duval St. 305-440-2179 11A-11P
 "Best Hush Puppies & New England Clam Chowder in the South; & the Angle Hair Pasta with Lump Crab in a Cream Sauce is amazing; plus their Peel N Eat Shrimp are by far always the tastiest The Keys.  


"Photos of the Week" by Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow

(Top L) Waterfront Aqua Idol Final Judges
Final Judges for the Waterfront Playhouse's 2018 Aqua Idol fundraiser were Tony Konrath, event organizer  Lynda Frachette, and Sam Trophia.
(Bottom R) Waterfront Aqua Idol raises a record $45,394
The 2018 Waterfront Playhouse Aqua Idol's fundraiser raised a record $45,394 this year.  Finalists and judges are shown on stage with Aqua emcee Laurie Thibaud, sitting.

(Bottom R) Children Enjoy New Waterfront Park
Children enjoy the New Key West Waterfront Park which was dedicated by the City Commission and opened to the public on Easter Saturday weekend.
( Bottom L) Impromptu Concerts Honors Lenny Bernstein
Impromptu Concerts Board members Jamie Olwell, Prudence Churchill and Jim Burnette welcome attendees to the special 100th birthday rememberance performance of "Remembering Lenny" (Bernstein) held at the Studios of Key West.



"Conch Republic Re-Visited" April 19-28 at TSKW.  Of Course ; If you Live in KW ; you Must see this very entertaining Play; if not just for the History of a Most Famous Incident Heard Round the world.


305-296-6196 1434 Kennedy Dr.

Part 2 Our Tour of The Key West Wildlife Center
Great Blue Heron

Laughing Gull

A really Small Green Eared Terrapin 

Yellow Breasted Warbler 



 1100 Simonton St.#3


5210 College Road 
Part 2
Johnny White & Caroline are always so nice in sharing their Photo Galleries with Us.  Hit their Gallery Link to see many Photo Galleries
at the Truman Little White House
Johnny now Presents the Gallery that he did on the Two Tennessee Williams Plays that were Performed Together as Part of the Grand Finale Week of the Tennessee Williams Annual 6 Week Birthday Celebration.  Here is the Play "the Traveling Companion" There is 28 Photos in the Combined Gallery.

The Casts of Both Plays

Thanks Johnny & Caroline for providing our readers with Great Year Round Photo Galleries to Enjoy; as well as Providing ALL of  the Keys with a Great Calendar of Events Everyday. 


WWW.KWBGONLINE.ORG  808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
Next Luncheon May 2 Marriott Beachside 3841 N. Roosevelt Ave...
 Next Mixer May 9th at Audubon House 205 Whitehead St.


WWW.FKCC.EDU 5901 College Rd. 305-296-9081

"Denial" Three Piece Ceramic Set by Colleen Anderson

Florida Keys Community College will showcase the talent and creativity of its students at the annual Student Art Show in the Library Gallery on the Key West Campus.  Join art students, art faculty, and art lovers from the entire Keys community to celebrate a year's worth of art and accomplishment at the opening reception on Wednesday, April 18, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  The event, sponsored by the FKCC Foundation, is free and open to the public. 
A myriad of artwork created by students this past year will be featured, including pottery, paintings, and sculptures.  Some pieces will be for sale with proceeds going to the student artists as well as the Library Gallery Fund.    Several awards will be given for each category, including the prestigious $1,000 "Jay Gogin Excellence in Visual Arts Award," named after FKCC's late Artist in Residence and ceramics instructor.   Attendees will be invited to cast votes for the winner of the "People's Choice" award.
For more information, contact Ann Labriola, FKCC Fine Arts Instructor 


WWW.LKMC.COM 5900 College Rd. 305-294-5531

Click E-NEWSLETTER for their very informative E-Newsletter

This Months Reef Relief E-Newsletter can be seen with this Link 




Neil Chamberlain and Staff Send Greetings


WWW.SANCTUARYFRIEDNS.ORG  55500 Overseas Hwy. Marathon 305-289-2288


Florida Keys Council of the Arts  1100 Simonton St. 305-295-4369 
The Florida Keys Council of the Arts works to support all the arts, in all the Keys, all the time. The local arts agency has launched its sixth annual Connections Project road show; First Stop  Royal Furniture Showroom located in the Searstown Shopping Plaza in Key West  featuring a vibrant 24-foot mosaic mural created by local artists and art lovers. 
The Connections Project is one of the Arts Council's more innovative fundraising activities connecting community members with local arts and cultural initiatives. The Arts Council provides a 6x6 blank canvas to local professional artists and artistic residents who then create a piece of art. "People of all abilities and skill levels are encouraged to participate," said Florida Keys Arts Council Executive Director Elizabeth Young. "We offer workshops for non-artists, led by local artists. And, we're privileged to have more than 300 Keys artists contributing a piece of art to Connections Project 2018."

Once the nearly 400 completed canvases are collected, the monster mosaic is assembled by volunteers and taken on the road from Key Largo to Key West for six art receptions and exhibitions. All receptions run from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Exhibits are open during regular business hours of the Arts Council business partner's locations. The Connection Project's road show is sponsored in part by Royal Furniture. The mosaic mural will be in each location for about two weeks before going on the road to the next event. The final opening will be held at the Gato Building on April 26 th .
After connecting with the art, patrons can also collect art by making a $50 donation for one canvas or a $125 donation for three at any reception or online at . Once the road show has ended, donors receive a randomly selected piece of the mosaic in the mail. Each work includes an artist statement providing insight into the origin of the work and the artist's thoughts and inspiration.
Proceeds from Connections Project directly benefit Keys' artists and arts organizations through Arts Council grants, including the Artists in Schools grant, the audience development grant known as ArtReach and a Special Projects grant.  
For more information call the Florida Keys Council of the Arts at 305-295-4369 and WWW.KEYSARTS.COM 

Stores All  Over The Keys. In Key West 3326 N. Roosevelt Blvd. 305-295-6400


WWW.GARDENSHOTEL.COM 526 Angela St. 305-294-2661
Every Sunday Sunday, 5:30- 8, Jazz in the Gardens
    Cabaret @d'vine Wine Gallery:  Wednesday, April 18, James King, III 5-7pm.  Thursday, April 19, Megan Constantine, 5-7pm.  Friday, April 20, Michael Robinson, 5-7pm.  Saturday, April 21, Jimmy Olson 5-7pm
  Jazz In The Gardens :  Sunday, April 15 Terri White. Sunday April 22, Scott Marischen & Friends, 5:30-8pm

WWW.CFFK.ORG 305-292-1502
300 Southard St. #201

Click GRANTS-AWARDS 1 for Complete List


Michael and Heather Barnes at Manga-Manga send regards
900 Southard Street 305-294-2469

Or Sit Outside on their Spacious Patio

WWW.KEYWESTWILDLIFECENTER.ORG 1801 White St. 305-292-1008 

Thanks Tom, Peggy and Staff / Supporters /Board for the Amazing Job you do in Helping our Wild Friends.


WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 512 Eaton St. 305-985-0433
April 20

June 1 Patty Smyth & Scandal
John Waters December 16

For additional Info on their concerts & events ; Click Link here for their Latest E-Newsletter with Updated Info. Click TWT7

Just a Partial Listing Go on their website for Complete

4/15/18 The Sunday Ramble
4/29/18 Kevin Nealon 
5/19/18 Carbon Leaf
5/26/18 Howie Mandel (6:30pm & 9:30pm) 
11/15/18 Thunder From Down Under (7pm & 10pm
May 26 Howie Mandel

"Legally Blonde" May 4-6 Key West High School's Drama Club Presents at the Key West Theater

April 27 A Night with the King of Crazy Town Bill Blue & Juliana MacDowell

May 17 Blue Oyster Cult & Styx at the KW Amphitheater at the Truman Annex

TICKETS ON SALE and can be purchased at the Key West Theater box office at 512 Eaton St or online at
Key West Theater presents
4.15.18 The Sunday Ramble. 
4.21.18 Earth Day Jam with That Hippe Band
Rams Head presents :  5.14.18 Steve Earle & The Dukes
Key West Burlesque's - Hot Island Nights: Tropical Delights features three of Florida's most sensational burlesque performers

It's going to be a very hot, hot island night with Florida performers Miss Jenna Beth, Franki Markstone, and Lila Starlet around! The three Sensational burlesque performers star in Key West Burlesque's "Hot Island Nights: Tropical Delights" on Friday, April 20th at The Key West Theater, 512 Eaton Street Key West. A tropically infused show, Hot Island Nights transports guests to an era of glitz and glamour with mesmerizing performances from a cast filled with singers, dancers, and of course, burlesque performers!

All hailing from different parts of Florida, Jenna Beth (Bocca Raton), Franki Markstone (Tampa), and Lila Starlet (Ft Lauderdale) have been burning up Florida's stages for several years.

"It's so exciting to have all three of them in our cast for this show" says show producer, Christa Hunt, who loves bringing special guest performers to key west. "They are all exceptional examples of the various perfor
Doors open  at 7: 00pm show  starts at 8:00pm . Sponsored in part by the Monroe County Tourist Development Council. Ticketsmance styles in burlesque."  For More Info WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 305-985-0433

NEXT WEEK ; A Few Thoughts and Our Farewell Well Wishes.
WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM 305-304-6882 Owners / Editors Naja & Arnaud Girard
Naja Writes The Following to her Followers ; I have Left out the last few Paragraphs which are Directed to the their Direct Subscribers 
Dear Readers,
Unfortunately  The Blue Paper has not been able to reach its financial goal and I have decided to step down as the Editor in Chief .
A heartfelt thank you to the 99 people who have pledged monthly support to keep this important mission going. Thank you to those who have contributed through one time donations, large and small, over the years. Without you we would not have been able to continue our efforts for this long.
I also want to thank those of you who have contributed to TBP's mission with articles, letters, poetry, photography, and your own important investigative journalism work.  We have greatly appreciated your contributions and are proud to have shared this platform with you.
There is, of course, still much to be investigated and reported on: affordable housing, hurricane Irma recovery, school safety and discrimination, hospitals and health care, overdevelopment, immigration enforcement, animal welfare, accountability and transparency in government...
Arnaud Girard is still exploring the possibility of keeping TBP alive.  Arnaud welcomes any support and creative ideas that would help him to keep the mission going. You may contact him directly at 305-731-7299.


AnnaMarie Giordano's Life Drawing Workshops at Fort East Martello on Tuesdays 11a-2pm.  No Minimum Amount of Classes Needed.    Feel free to Call AG at 609-884-3474 and or . Model Positions Available.


Their Monthly E-Mailer & Feature on their website "Keys Traveler" has a Tremendous Amount of Information.
Here is the March "Keys Traveler" E-Newsletter Link ; Hit
Click APRIL 2018 for their APRIL Keys Traveler. 
Top Stories inc. "Conch Republic to Commeriate "Secession" ; Events in the Keys 4/20-29
Arts & Culture

Diving & Fishing


Person of the Month Capt. Finbar Gittelman

Getting Married in the Keys
"The Legend of Georgia McBride" 5/2-26


 855-378-6386  (855-3-SUNFUN)
Direct Booking from Sunset Watersports Key West on All Above Plus so Many Additional Packages Hit BOOKING INFO .  

 WWW.TSKW.ORG 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458 


Click 4/16 Link for Latest E-Mail from TSKW giving Detailed Info on Upcoming Special Events :

FLAMING CONCHS 2.0 The Final Arts N Eats of the Season 4/20 7-9pm

Conch Republic : The Musical from Fringe Theater Dates Between 4/19-4/28

Mega Raffle going on until the Drawing on 4/27

Re-MARCable Dance Project 4/29 4pm

FIRST THURSDAY 5/3 : This Months Exhibitions Features Rick Worth , Lucy Paige and Katie Divoll 6-8pm 

Robert Frost Poetry Contest Awards Ceremony 5/5 2pm

April's FIRST THURSDAY ; CLICK LINK APRIL5 for extensive details from the TSKW Page
Simone Lasswell & Janet Mueller, Victoria Mata, Esy Casey and Wayne Garcia

Friends new and old are invited to join us for each month's First Thursdays open house event, when we keep our lights on late and throw our doors open to celebrate the newest work in our galleries.

(Top Left) "Woman" Simon Lasewell & Janet Mueller Sanger Gallery. (Top Right) "Where are You" by Tory (Victoria) Mata XOJ Gallery (Bottom Left) Showcasing Video Work Esy Casey in the Zabar Project Gallery. (Bottom Right) "Vintage Simon Street 1960's" by Wayner Garcia in 2nd. Fl. Zabar Lobby. 


Click    TSKW12 & TSKW13 Link for their Latest E-Newsletters giving ALL the Updated Schedule of Classes, Events, & Exhibitions PLUS Latest E-Mail Link to ALL their Classes in April, ,May and June Click TSKW14

Yoga from Karen Moore 

(L-Top) First Monday of Each Month "Open Critics Group 6PM

(R-Top) M-Wed. 6/25-27 4-6p Lucy McKeon Writing About Art
(R-Bottom) Painting Boot Camp with Rick Worth April, May & June

Green Parrot  Bingo Every Monday to Help Fund TSKW
  You can join, renew, or give another gift here:


"Hampton's Art & Culture"

The 3 Big Arts Organizations in the Hamptons LI NY are below. Of course just like Key West; there are so many Art Galleries on the East End of LI and as we did for the 2016 / 2017 Issues; The Blast visits and Presents their Art.  Thanks for the Positive Feedback; especially from Keys Art Gallery Owners and Artists that enjoys seeing what their Artistic Community is presenting.

Iris Ornig on Monday Nights Hosting Jazz at Kitano 8-11pm  66 Park Ave. at 38th. St. NYC.. Thanks Iris for Keeping your Key West and Southampton Fans Up to Date. Check her Facebook Page

GUILD HALL 158 Main St. East Hampton, NY 11937 631-324-0806 WWW.GUILDHALL.ORG
SOUTHAMPTON ARTS CENTER 25 Jobs Ln Southampton, NY, 11968 631-283-0967
PARRISH ART MUSEUM 279 Montauk Hwy. Water Mill, NY, 11976

37A Main Street  East Hampton NY 631-329-4516.  

 Photo & Art Galleries from Lucille Khornak


281 Front St. 305-295-6616
Due to Space Constraints the 5 Features about the 3rd Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture & Art Bike Parade (That we have been running the last 3 Weeks) have Edited down. To see the complete 5 Features ; please go to the April 9th. Issue
First we'll have a Feature on "That's Outrageous" Exhibition from Captain Outrageous.

Key West Art & Historical Society celebrates Captain Outrageous in "That's Outrageous!" Exhibit
The Key West Art & Historical Society celebrates the acclaimed late Key West artist Captain Outrageous in " That's Outrageous!," a retrospective featuring more than 40 works that explores his pop art style across several different mediums.  The exhibit opened last Friday, April 13, with a special reception held from 6:00pm-8:30pm in the Bryan Gallery at the Custom House Museum, 281 Front Street.  
Spanning nearly four decades in Key West, Captain Outrageous imprinted his indelible mark on the island with both his colorful artwork and personality.  He made the world his canvas and painted thousands of items - bicycles, scooters, furniture, clothing, mannequins, cars, camper vans, sinks, musical instruments, telephones, and even toilet seats - with a pop art design style à la Roy Lichtenstein, but with a flair and humor decidedly his own.  A true Key West character, he embodied the spirit of the island, and his creations are celebrated and collected by many. 
" That's Outrageous!" runs through Sunday, June 24 and is sponsored in part by the Captain Outrageous Foundation. For more information, call Curator Cori Convertito, Ph.D., at 305.295.6616 x 112 or visit   Your Museums.  Your Community.  It Takes an Island.

 Photo by Rob O'Neal
Carol Tedesco will have photos and coverage from the Opening Reception in the April 23rd. Issue

David Johnson working on his "Peace Train"
Papio Entry

 Nation's Kinetic Parade Craze Hits Key West with Third Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture and Art Bike Parade Set for May 5
Key West has long been known for its kinetic energy, but on Saturday, May 5 at 5:00pm, it's about to become quite literal when the Third Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture and Art Bike Parade rolls through downtown Key West with its cavalcade of art-inspired, human-powered, mobile sculptures, and art bikes, ending at the waterfront amphitheater for "Cinco de Papio Family-Friendly Party," a three-hour festival of food, games, libations, and live music fun. The Parade and festival celebrate creativity and innovation while honoring Stanley Papio, a Florida Keys' pioneering folk artist whose recycled metal sculptures teem with a clever sense of satire, tenacity, and innovation- key ingredients in kinetic parades across the country.
The first Kinetic Sculpture Race rolled down the road in 1969 in Ferndale, California, and later grew to include national cutting-edge race events in Humbolt, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Port Townshend. Since then, many communities have joined the kinetic craze, offering their own variation of these floats-with-moving-parts-parades. Kinetic-inspired dream machine creators spend months designing and building their sculptures, then must complete a course over terrain that varies from muddy roads to swift-flowing rivers. 



Call for Artists for the Key West Art & Historical Society Third Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture and Art Bike Parade
Key West Art & Historical Society invites artists, builders and assemblers to put their creative and engineering genius to play and on display for the Third Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture and Art Bike Parade, set for Saturday, May 5. 

On May 4 through May 6, Key West Art & Historical Society invites the community and island visitors to celebrate the spirit of a man known for his creativity, innovation, and rebel flair with a weekend of kinetic events featuring the third annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture and Art Bike Parade and an inaugural post-parade festival. The weekend celebrates Stanley Papio, a folk artist with a clever sense of satire and a tenacity that continues to reverberate 34 years after his passing. 
Papio was a man well ahead of his time, using welding skills acquired in the U.S. Army during World War II to make art from recycled metal materials that most other people thought of as junk.  No one seemed to mind at first-Stanley's home and surroundings in Key Largo were part of an isolated and undeveloped stretch of highway on U.S. 1 when he moved there in 1949. Over time, his yard became a treasure trove of materials for his artmaking, piled high with old cars, washing machines, and other metal appliances, fenced in by welded-together bed springs. 



"Cinco de Papio Family-Friendly Party" post-parade festival and concert at Key West Amphitheatre to feature hit band Poi Dog Pondering
A "Cinco de Papio Family-Friendly Party" post-parade festival and concertfeaturing the internationally acclaimed band Poi Dog Pondering is planned to top off the third annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture and Art Bike Parade, set for Saturday, May 5.

Historic Tours of America Join Papio's Pals for Kinetic Parade Education Outreach and Artist Stipends with Sponsorship
Historic Tours of  America has joined Key West Art & Historical Society's growing sponsorship program of "Papio's Pals" with a $2,500 donation towards artist stipends and artist-in-schools programs for the third annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture and Art Bike Parade. More than eight teams of artists and four groups of public school students assisted by adult artists in STEAM explorations will work towards the creation of their kinetic sculpture floats for the May 5 parade.

 Fort Adventures Program for Toddlers & Parents Continue at Fort East Martello

Key West Art & Historical Society continues its weekly educational playdate program at Fort East Martello every Tuesday and Thursday through May from 10:00am to 12:00pm.  The program celebrates hands-on, inquiry-based learning while inviting children and parents to explore the Fort and its artifacts, dioramas, and immersive exhibits.  MORE INFO. IN THE APRIL 2ND ISSUE AND/OR TO THEIR WEBSITE NOW.


Info. & Photos from Alyson Crean

The Key West City Commission this week proclaimed April Autism Awareness Month. The designation, sponsored by Commissioner Margaret Romero and Vice Mayor Clayton Lopez, is aimed at raising awareness of what is considered the fastest growing developmental disorder in the county. It affects an estimated one of every 68 children in the U.S.  Autism, according to the proclamation, is a group of complex disorders often characterized by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication and repetitive disorders.   "It is the hope of this focus that all will practice principles of inclusion for individuals with autism and other special needs," reads the proclamation. It continues, "inclusion is an attitude, an approach, and a mindset, which welcomes and facilitates participation by those with disabilities and special needs, and encourages accommodation."
Ray Rodriguez, one of many parents and children that stood up to receive the proclamation, referred to himself as Alex's dad. He said he and his now adult son "appreciate the spirit of inclusion" in Key West.   Commissioner Lopez's sister Mina Lopez told the story of her autistic daughter who, now 19 years old, was diagnosed at age three. Her daughter is readying to attend Florida Keys Community College and intends to become a teacher.   
"Parents," said Lopez, "please know your child has a future. Don't give up on them!"

Key West Mayor Craig Cates on has proclaimed April as Fair Housing and Community Development Month.  Although federal law prohibits housing discrimination, Key West takes particular pride in its acceptance of our "one human family."  e City of K y West, through its housing and community development programs administered by the Key West Housing Authority with the support of the Key West Association of Realtors, civil rights groups and community development organizations supports the Federal Fair Housing Act and the principles it embodies.
In the photo: Mayor Craig Cates and Leeann Broadbent, the Key West Housing Authority's representative from its Office of Community Development.


WWW.COASTPROJECTS.COM 6404 Front St. 305-709-4001
Cold Weather Items Greatly Reduced at their Retail Stores
VISIT THEIR NEW STORE IN KW AT 803 WhiteHead Street and to view their entire E-Newsletter sent out with Merchandise Suggestions ; Click  COAST1
 5210 College Rd. 305-296-1504
Chef Hubbard, and Bill and Eden send regards and starts this week with a General Update 
Good Afternoon Isle Cook Key West Foodies,
It is time for your weekly event update!
We have seats available for some of our events in April and May, including our Spring Dinner on 4/18, our Orien-talia Fusion Dinner on 4/23, and our Italian Paired Wine with Chef Tony Acampa on 5/4!  In addition, we have added several events for May, including a Mediterranean Dinner on 5/2, a Mexican Dinner on 5/7, a Hook and Cook event on 5/12, a Burmese Dinner on 5/16, and a Spring Lamb Dinner on 5/18!
Also, you don't want to miss this year's Vintners Dinner on April 15 th at the Casa Marina! See below for ticket information.
Check out our current full schedule below, or go to our  website to see everything that is coming up!

Wednesday, April 18th  - Chef Martha Hubbard - Chef's Tasting Menu
Spring Dinner - $85.00 - 5:30pm. Seared Tuna with Caper, Rosemary Sorbet, and Parmesan Crisp.   Frisée, Endive, and Dandelion Greens with Lemon Marinated Feta.   Pork Tenderloin with Cacao and Chili Paste, Orange, and Bok Choy Udon Noodles. Short Bread Tart with Lemon Curd and Crispy Olives
 Monday, April 23rd  - Chef Martha Hubbard - Chef's Tasting Menu
Orien-talia Fusion Dinner - $85.00 - 5:30pm.   Bagna Cruda Spring Roll with Pickled Sambal.  Miso Bolognese.  Sake Steamed Clams with Chinese Black Beans and Ginger.  Oolong Tea Panna Cotta with Walnuts and Jasmine Syrup.

Friday, April 27th  - Chef Melissa Schwarz - Chef's Tasting Menu
Indian Dinner - $85.00 - 5:30pm.  Aloo Tikki - Potato Patties with Peas Paneer and Spices.    Coconut Vegetable Korma - Curry with Cashew and Coconut Milk.    Butter Chicken - Yogurt Marinated Chicken with Tomato Cream Curry. Mango Lassi - Traditional Frozen Drink with Mango and Yogurt.
Friday, May 4th  - Chefs Tony Acampa and Martha Hubbard - Chef's Tasting Menu. Springtime on the Amalfi Coast Paired Wine Dinner - $85.00 (including wines) - 5:30pm. Join Tony Acampa from Enovation Brands Wines for a delicious Italian paired wine dinner!.   Mini Baked Eggplant Stack.  Aperol Spritzers with Amore di Amanti Prosecco.   Pan seared Sea Bass with a Sorrento Lemon Butter Sauce and Risotto with Baby Shrimp. Ca'Montini Pinot Grigio.   Blackberry Granita with a Sorrento Lemon Mascarpone and Fresh Berries.Bella Bellina, Limonata Moscato     
Saturday, May 5th , May 12, May 19, & May 26 - Weekly Wine and Food Tasting - Wine Education Event
$15.00 - 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Join us for our weekly Wine and Food Tasting featuring delicious wines with paired bites by Chef Martha Hubbard!Please Call For Seats.
Saturday, May 12th - Chef Martha Hubbard - Special Event
Hook and Cook: Florida Keys Fishing and Culinary Experience - $300.00 - 1:00pm.  Very Limited Availability!   
Join Captain Jeremy Hackworth of Zia Charters and Chef Martha Hubbard for a once-in-a-lifetime fishing experience and cooking lesson. Participants will go on a private fishing charter with Captain Jeremy Hackworth of Zia Charters where they will learn fundamental lower keys fishing techniques for reef species.  Upon return to Key West, the participants will come to Isle Cook Key West for a cooking lesson and dinner with Chef Hubbard. Dinner will begin at approximately 6:00pm.  If you would like to invite your significant other or friend to the dinner that evening the cost is $50.00 per seat.
Wednesday, May 16th  - Chef Martha Hubbard - Chef's Tasting Menu
Tastes of Burma - $85.00 - 5:30pm. Chin Corn Soup - Red Beans, Hominy, and Chili Tomato Sauce,    Ginger Salad - Fried Garlic, Yellow Split Peas, and Sunflower Seeds ,   Chili Lamb with Basil and Coconut Rice,     Semolina Cake with Sesame Sauce
Friday, May 18th  - Chef Martha Hubbard - Chef's Tasting Menu
Spring Lamb Dinner - $90.00 - 5:30pm.    Moroccan Lamb Sausage with Sweet Pea Puree and Turmeric Potatoes.   Lamb Loin and Ratatouille Salad.       Jamaican Jerk Lamb Chops with Spicy Tomato Mint Sauce and Curried Rice. Spiced Cake with passion Fruit Cream
Prepayment is required to reserve lesson space - payments are non-refundable.
Unless otherwise noted, prices do not include tax, gratuity, or beverages.
Menus are subject to change due to the availability of ingredients and/or at the chef's discretion.
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate dietary restrictions

 Please go to their website and FB Page for Updates & Sell Outs PLUS  ADD INS after this Issue's Publish Date of April 1


WWW.REEFRELIEF.ORG 305-294-3100 631 Greene St.

New Location 808 Duval St.



WWW.KEYSSO.NET 305-293-7300
Monroe County Animal Farm in Key West 5501 College Rd. 305-293-7300 . Open the 2nd & 4th Sunday each month (1-3p) , Under the Brilliant Direction of Officer/Farmer Jeanne Selander.  Next Two are on Mother's Day April 22 and May 13



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