News From CCF-LA | November 19, 2020
October Investment Results From CCF-LA
October was particularly difficult for the equity markets due to the uncertainty surrounding the U.S. elections and the status of the global pandemic. Nevertheless, our Balanced Pool came in -1.69% (net of fee) comparing favorably against the -2.01% benchmark. It’s a reminder of why the Balanced Pool keeps a “balanced” mixture of investments between equities (stocks) and debt (bonds) that seeks to protect during short periods of volatility while focusing on the long term. The Intermediate Fund came in -.66% (net of fee), beating the benchmark of -.83%. The returns for both funds remained positive for the year. Our Investment Committee and advisers monitor our funds and performance. If you have questions regarding CCF-LA investment portfolios, please contact us via email or call (213) 426-1187.
Donor-Advised Funds 101
Still not sure what a donor-advised fund is?
Imagine CCF-LA as a bank, a DAF as a checking account, and your grants like online bill pay. Only the bank is a public charity, you get a tax deduction for any money you put into the account, and instead of bills you are sending money to the charities you care about most!
Other features of a donor-advised fund:
  • Money is invested and grows tax-free, increasing your granting power.
  • You can put an entire year’s worth (or more!) of donations into your DAF for one simple charitable deduction and then issue grants as desired over a period of time.
  • No additional paperwork, tracking receipts, or mental tallies of what/when/where you’ve donated—it’s all tracked in your online account portal.
CCF-LA is a premier provider of donor-advised and other charitable funds and empowers YOU to do more with your philanthropy. Contact us to open your DAF at (213) 426-1187.
Welcome to Our New CFO/Treasurer
This month we welcome Andrew O’Boyle to CCF-LA!
Andrew has a wealth of experience in the nonprofit sector and has most recently worked as the Associate Vice President for Finance and Investments and interim Chief Financial Officer for Seattle University.

With roots in Los Angeles and a degree from Loyola Marymount University, he has committed himself throughout his career to higher education and philanthropy with organizations such as Pomona College and the Gemological Institute of America. He has also served on the board of Shoes That Fit since 2008.

“When I saw the opportunity to work for CCF-LA—their commitment to integrity and the highest ethical standards—I wanted to be there and be a part of its huge potential.”

We are thrilled to welcome Andrew to the CCF-LA management team.
We're Thankful for Our Clients!
Voices of CCF-LA
5 Reasons to Discuss Giving Now
Although our holidays will look a bit different this year, it's the perfect time to discuss giving and philanthropy. Read more about how you can start the conversation.

Virtual Events Offer Real Results
CCF-LA staff had the pleasure of attending many virtual events this year. Read more about events from St. Anne's Center, Vision of Hope, Right to Life League, and the Carmelite Sisters.

St. Joseph School in the South Bay Celebrates Updated Facilities With Ribbon-Cutting
Joining together for a small, masked event, the school community thanked the Smet Foundation and Shea Family Charities for their generous investment in the campus. Read more about this delightful event.
Year-End Giving Don't Wait!
As the end of 2020 quickly approaches, now is the time to think about year-end charitable giving.
CCF-LA is ready to handle additional deposits for our clients, as well as new accounts from our Catholic community.
The cutoff for giving tax-deductible charitable giving in 2020 is December 31, 2020.
Take advantage of this year's CARES Act provisions, and maximize your giving this year.
The Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles is committed to the prudent management of charitable investments to support the schools, parishes, and ministries that help our neighborhoods thrive in faith. To join our mission to teach and sustain Catholic philanthropy, please contact our Client Development team at (213) 426-1187 or via email.
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