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The Journey Journal

August 2022

In this issue:

  • New Beginnings
  • Volunteer Opportunity
  • New Program Launch!
  • Spotlight: Group Facilitator, Angela Moore
  • North Texas Giving Day
  • Donuts and Butterflies
  • The Mad Hatter's Tea Party and Bingo

Children in our support groups decorated special love bears, wrote notes to those who died, and placed them in the bear. These were generously donated by The Bear With Me ministry at Christ United Methodist Church, Plano, Texas.

New Beginnings

The excruciatingly hot summer has come to an end and it’s time to head back to school. This is a bittersweet moment for children and teens who are grieving the death of a loved one. While they are excited to be reunited with friends, they also face the challenges that come with being surrounded by other kids who are not grieving.

“Sometimes I feel annoyed and irritated by other kids at school because they are having fun and don’t seem to be hurting like I am,” says Alexandra, a teen in our program.

Friends who don't share a similar experience of grief can unintentionally make children who are grieving feel left behind and out of the loop.

“It feels like my friends forget I’m grieving and ask what’s wrong or why I seem down some days.”

Support groups play a significant role in the lives of children and teens as they return to school. It’s important they have a safe space to express their feelings with others who understand what they are experiencing. 

“As a facilitator, I look forward to groups resuming in August since I know the kids will need a safe place to talk about all the changes that have happened since school started,”

says Group Facilitator Audrey.

Volunteer at the Plano Balloon Festival!

Saturday September 24, 2022

Journey of Hope receives funds based on the number of volunteers we provide at the Plano Balloon Festival. We would appreciate your support in helping us fill all 20 slots!

As a thank you, you will receive a three-day admission pass to the Festival! You will receive a parking pass for Saturday!

I'd like to volunteer!

New Program Launch! 

We are supporting 5 school districts in North Texas by providing elementary and middle/high school curriculum and all the supplies needed for school counselors to lead peer grief support groups during the school year! This includes ongoing support and check-ins from our Program Team regarding questions or requests for more material. This is an exciting opportunity to reach more children and teens who are grieving and provide the support they need at school. We look forward to expanding our support to more school districts next school year!

Spotlight: Group Facilitator, Angela Moore

When families come to Journey, they are trusting us to provide a safe and caring environment. With volunteers like Angela, we make this happen!


Angela started facilitating as a student working toward her Masters in Counseling. Seven years later, she is still volunteering for Journey. Angela is passionate about how important Journey’s services are to the community and we look forward to her continued volunteering. 


When the pandemic swept the nation, Journey started providing virtual support groups. This virtual program allowed us to continue providing grief support to our current families and reach families beyond the North DFW area. Angela gladly took on the role of a virtual group facilitator saying “I love the idea that we can still provide a great service in the midst of a pandemic.”


Angela knows it can be especially challenging for children to openly express their feelings, so she is always touched when they cry. “Their tears are a gift to us as facilitators because it says that people trust the process and the environment enough to be vulnerable.”


What is it that has kept Angela a Journey volunteer this long? Aside from her passion to help others, she enjoys seeing people progressing enough to start thinking about rebuilding their lives.”


Angela’s time with us has allowed her to see children in our program grow, change, achieve milestones, and begin exploring plans for their future.


Angela has grown and changed herself by retiring from IBM and becoming a full-time Licensed Professional Counselor. In thinking about Journey’s future, she says “I hope that when the pandemic is over, we can serve even more people. The need is out there, and Journey of Hope is ready and willing to take on the challenge.”


Thank you for volunteering with us, Angela. We appreciate your compassion and dedication to the families we serve. 

This North Texas Giving Day, the Journey of Hope Board of Directors has pledged to match the first $16,000 raised! This means each dollar you donate goes twice as far in helping our children and families.

Join in on this exciting challenge opportunity to make this the most successful NTX Giving Day yet.

You can make your donation as early as September 1st and continuing through September 22nd.

Donuts and Butterflies

Our Donuts and Butterflies event is where families come together to release a butterfly in memory of a loved one and socialize over donuts.

“Letting the butterfly go made me feel like I was sending my feelings to my Dad,” said Jerimiah, a 3rd grader in our program. 

On August 6th, 100 kids, teens, and adults gathered at our support group sites in Plano, Frisco, and Dallas to partake in this memorable event.

Thank you to those who contributed,

making this event special for Journey families.

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