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The Journey Journal

August 2021

  • Journey Spotlight: Chloe's story of the difference Journey makes
  • Kids are excited for in-person groups to resume in September!
  • Sponsor a child as we get together again
  • Upcoming facilitator training
  • North Texas Giving Day
  • Stride for Hope Memorial 5K
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Chloe talks about the impact Journey had on her as a 10-year-old and how she gives back today as a facilitator in gratitude for that experience.

Are you interested in becoming a facilitator? Register for our upcoming training session that takes place on August 20, 21, and 22.

Learn more about becoming a facilitator

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We're excited to get together again!

Our program transitioned from in-person to virtual in April of 2020 and we are incredibly grateful for the advanced technology that allowed us to continue serving children and families who are grieving. We reached many new families during this time throughout Texas and as far away as California! 

"I liked that I can talk about my feelings about my dad when I came to Journey of Hope. I really like virtual group because we can show our pets since they really help me when I talk about my dad."

-Thomas, a 3rd grader in our program

Our families, facilitators, and staff have truly missed the invaluable connection that comes with our traditional in-person programming and we are so excited to return to in-person groups! We will welcome families and facilitators to our in-person groups in Plano, Frisco, and Dallas starting the week of September 6th!

"I am counting on when we can go back in person so I can meet our new facilitators and create a bond with everyone. I want to tell all my friends in person how special they are and how much they help me when I'm sad.

-Stephanie, a 4th grader in our program


Sponsor a Child as We Get Together Again!

Resuming our traditional in-person program means additional expenses for supplies, and sometimes for dinner when no group provides the meal. Will you help cover these expenses by sponsoring a child for $50 a month? Thank you for your ongoing support!

Click here to sponsor a child as we get together again

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Annual 5K

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Our traditional memorial 5K is back on September 19th! Honor the memory of someone special - and help raise funds to ensure our program will be around for children who walk through our doors tomorrow - as we walk/run as part of the Plano Balloon Festival 5K. Register with Journey to set up a peer-to-peer fundraising page and ask your friends and family to support your effort. You'll receive a special Journey t-shirt, a memorial race bib with your person's picture on it, and a discount code to register with the Plano Balloon Festival.

Click here to learn more about Stride for Hope and how to participate

"I felt like I needed to do something big in memory of my husband. Since his death, we had been living a life we never thought we would live; we might as well do something we never thought we could do! Now I felt like I could be "purposely grieving" by channeling my grief into something positive and bigger than myself. I ran the race with my husband's memory in my heart and his picture on my back."


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You can make your North Texas Giving day donation as early as September 1st! Help us reach our $20,000 goal!

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