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The Journey Journal

October 2022

In this issue:

  • Feeling Stuck in a Web
  • Out in the Community
  • Spotlight: The Hancock Family
  • Join Us For Tea
  • Journey Team Update
  • NTGD Thank You
  • Gordon Garst Tribute

Feeling Stuck in a Web

People of all ages sometimes face the challenge of trying to put their feelings into words. Children, with their more limited vocabulary, have an especially difficult time voicing how they feel. For this reason, we utilize a variety of art projects in our curriculum. 

One of the projects we use is called a grief map, where children illustrate their grief journey. While all grief maps are unique, Samone’s stood out to her Group Facilitator because she hadn’t seen anything like it. 

Samone, a 12-year-old who lost her brother, drew a spider web across her entire grief map to symbolize feel stuck and suspended in her fear, worry, and the unknown. 

“I didn’t realize how stuck I felt since my brother died. I just don’t know how I am going to survive without him. He meant so much to me,” says Samone.

This art project allowed Samone to understand and articulate how she was feeling in a way she hadn’t been able to do before. 

Out in the Community: Spreading, Sharing, Helping

Back to School Fairs for Children

Lower income families rely on these fairs to obtain free school supplies for their children. They are made possible through organizations and community members throughout the Metroplex. We provided information about our grief services along with much needed school supplies.

Resources Fairs for Professionals

Mental health professionals in the DFW area attended When Life Hands You Teenagers, a conference for continuing education. We provided materials and shared information on how we can work together to help more children and teens who are grieving. This is another example of our program outreach to touch more lives in the community.  

Spotlight: The Hancock Family

It is a beautiful gesture when a family participates in our program and then, in gratitude, chooses to give back.


The Hancock family - Mollie, John, and their daughter Chloe – came to Journey in 2005 with their daughter, Chloe, after the death of their son, John Sherman Hancock IV. Since then, they have introduced many friends, family members, and associates to Journey.


“Journey was so helpful to our family at a very difficult time in our lives, so we will be forever grateful,” says Mollie.


Mollie has served on the Journey Board of Directors and been a Group Facilitator along with her daughter, Chloe. 


“I wanted to have an opportunity to give back to this nonprofit that had done so much for me when I was a kid and be able to do for other kids what my Group Facilitators did for me,” says Chloe. 


Inspired by Morrie Schwartz’s theory of “giving is living,” the Hancock family embraces that approach by helping organizations continue their mission and expand their reach. 


We were so excited when the Hancock family offered to host our first annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Bingo on Sunday, October 23rd from 3:00-6:00 pm at the Plano Art Centre.


“We proposed the idea of having a tea party fundraiser because I think it is a chance to inject some fun into the organization. While the subject is a serious one, we think it’s important to acknowledge the goal of Journey is to help the participants learn to live a full life with grief and loss,” adds Mollie. “We wish to continue to support Journey because we believe the mission is a very important one and it’s also a way we can continue to honor and remember John.”

We are grateful to the Hancock family for their compassion and generosity. 

Learn more and secure your seat!

Journey Team Updates

Farren Barnett, LMSW

Program Director

We are so excited to welcome Farren to the Journey of Hope family! Farren received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in social work from Texas Christian University. Prior to Journey, Farren worked with Communities in Schools as a Traditional Site Coordinator and as a School Social Worker for the Denton ISD. Farren will be heading up our new School-Based Program.

Susan English

Executive Director

Susan has spent the last year giving her all as Journey's Executive Director. Under her leadership we have expanded our program offerings and grown as an organization. Now, Susan has decided to retire. Susan is looking forward to spending more time with her granddaughter, traveling, and visiting family and friends. She's in Portugal now! We thank her for everything she accomplished here and wish her the very best!

A Big Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who donated for North Texas Giving Day! We appreciate your support as we expand our program to reach even more children and families who are grieving.

This Journey Journal issue is dedicated to the memory of Gordon Garst. Gordon was one of our past board members and a longtime facilitator who died on August 24, 2022. Kids fondly referred to him as “The Old Dude,” a nickname Gordan loved because it made him realize that he was making a real connection. Gordon’s spirit and passion for helping has been inspiring for our families as well as our staff. Gordon, you will be missed. Gordon's obituary: click here.

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