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Helping Needy Families Have A Brighter Future

A 30,000 ft. view of 2022 reveals an ample supply of joy, generosity and growth for Help Give Hope (HGH). Yet many families across SW Missouri continued to struggle as a result of inflation, sickness, anxiety and fear. Find those families-in-crisis, so too will you likely find HGH. It's why we exist ...it's our purpose. And our HGH family makes it all possible - absolutely none of the help we provide would even be remotely possible without the incredible support of the hundreds of supporters and friends.

As we begin our 42nd year, let's first look back at 2022 (see Murray's article below) then we'll preview several of 2023's most notable events and fundraising activities. In the meantime, from our entire staff (Murray, Michael, Sandy and Brad), our heartfelt thanks and may your new year be full of health, happiness, safety, peace and joy!

From the Desk of
Murray Beairsto

That’s a wrap!
As I stop and take the time to reflect on 2022, it involved lots of changes, new ways of thinking and having what may be one of our most successful years! We helped a record number of families in many ways this past year.
Thanks to the Let’s Get To Work Fund, we were awarded $60,000 for car repair and services. We helped 65 families with this money AND because of our vetting processes, these families had “skin in the game” of $28,000! We find more success when the family take ownership; they feel better about asking and realize what car ownership really means. 
Our general assistance help was up as well. We saw many families struggle as gas prices rose, utilities were more expensive and food prices skyrocketed! Over 600 families were assisted with all of the above and so much more. 
Christmas as usual, was so heartwarming and rewarding. The 169 families chosen were grateful for the kindness of gifts, food, furniture and appliances they received. Those of us on this side of the job, were appreciative to all of you, for the kindness of giving you showed us! Because of you, we were able to help without worry. 
Accomplishing new heights with our series of Garage Sales was achieved again! We began a partnership with Costco and have been able to increase the inventory of our sales. Our garage sale volunteers work harder than most. They have endured hot temperatures in the warehouse on workdays and our sales. They sort all of your donations, price them and display them to keep it all looking professional. Good news for this group; An air conditioned warehouse in 2023!
Our golf tournament was thrown a wrench this past year as the golf course at Twin Oaks went through challenges, preventing play. Wade rose to the challenge and secured Fremont Hills and a wonderful, warm day of golf was had by all. 2023 will be back at Twin Oaks.
Michael Brady and his group of community minded volunteers took on the challenge of changing up The Longest Table and created an event that was beautiful and engaging for everyone who attended. If you have never attended this event you should! A beautiful meal, amazing wines and all to benefit HGH! Held in September at Metropolitan Grill, the event raised more money than ever—over $71,000!
Finally, as I reflect on everything, I am grateful for family, friends and the wonderful group I get to work with everyday. Our team is like no other. We are small, but make no mistake, we are mighty. We give it everything we have and we do it for the families in our community who can’t do it alone. They need that extra help that the unexpected illness or incident isn’t covered by their paycheck. We are able to step in and help. Most often we don’t hear from them again. Not because they weren’t appreciative, but because they don’t need us anymore. As I begin my 17th year, I see how far we have come and how much more we can do! We are ready to take on whatever comes our way! On behalf of myself, Michael, Sandy and Brad, thank you for all you do for us and the families we serve. It is deeply appreciated and enthusiastically applauded! May 2023 be happy and healthy for all!


We have begun pick-ups for the 2023 garage sale season!

Brad is ready and eager to pick up garage sale donations...PLEASE call Murray at 417-209-7027. 
It’s important we know what we are getting so we know how many people to send, what vehicle works best and the best time for everyone. Please note, there are items we don’t take— Mattresses (for legal reasons), office desks, entertainment centers, Box TV’s, China Cabinets, but for the most part we are flexible. It is never our intention to look picky or selective. If we can’t use it, we most likely will have options we can offer you. 2023 sale dates are listed below and we’d love to have your items or have you volunteer with us. Just let us know!


Friends and Family Sales
Saturday, April 22nd & July 23rd
9:00am - 1:00pm both sales

Big Sales – Friday and Saturday
June 10th & 11th
August 18th & 19th
8:00am – 3:00pm both days

Location: HGH warehouse (2809 N. Cedarbrook)

We no longer pick up after private garage sales

IMPORTANT: We love donations of appliances but please be accurate with their condition. Appliances are given to families in need. There is nothing worse than giving an appliance that does not work properly. We do not wish to appear presumptuous and we sincerely appreciate each and every donation but when we are unable to sell an item, often we must pay to have it removed. We just wish to be more efficient and cost effective.  

Mark your calendars!
Monday, September 18, 2023
The 25th Annual Arris Pizza/Paul Zurfluh Charity Golf Tournament

We will return to Twin Oaks CC and are excited to be back on our home turf!

Can't promise TIGER will be in attendance though have sent him an invitation and am waiting for his call. My guess is you have to get on his calendar early so, with this much lead time, can't imagine why he'd decline. I admit he probably doesn't know who I am but I did tell him I played college basketball and scored a total 8 points for my career (for those slow on the math, that's an impressive 2 points per year). Yes, I'm bragging and please forgive my arrogance but sometimes you have to pull out the big guns to attract big talent. Am so confident Tiger will attend that we're using his photo to promote the tourney. Truth be told, if Tiger decides to play, he's on my team and I'll kick Crump to the curb so fast it'll make your head swim. Am keeping my fingers crossed but really feel good about our chances! Will keep you posted! WP


We're excited to announce that one of Help Give Hope's premier fundraising events will return for its 7th edition this coming August...specific date and time to be announced soon. We look forward to another amazing evening of great friends, food and drink!


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