July 2017



Marty Overlilne
Aardvark Pest Management
Phildelphia, PA
Adam Witt
Vice President
Witt Pest Management
Pittsburgh, PA

Keith Hamilton
Chairman of the Board
J.C. Ehrlich
State College, PA

Central Division
Gary Lesher
Perry Pest Control
Landisburg, PA
Greg Ten Hoeve
Mechanicsburg, PA
Keith Jones
Archer Pest Control
Camp Hill, PA
Eastern Division  
Bryan Levengood
Thur-O Pest Mngmt
Elverson, PA

Mike Snyder
Township Pest Control
Warrington , PA
Rob Byer
Mountain Laurel , NJ
Northeast Division
Jeff King
The Pest Rangers
Hanover Twp., PA
Paul Kutney
Larksville, PA
Diane Lown
Ajax Environmental Solutions
Dalton, PA
Western Division
Adam Witt
Witt Pest Management
Pittsburgh, PA
Scott Grill
Bill Grill  Exterminating
Verona, PA
John Besic
Besic Pest Control
Transfer, PA
Technical Advisor
Chad Gore
Rentokil North America
Carnegie, PA
AWDII Chairman
Ed Van Istendal
Coatesville , PA
Legislative Chairman
Adam Witt
Witt Pest Management
Pittsburgh, PA
Salino Scholarship Chair 
Dana Lown
Ajax Environmental Solutions
Dalton, PA
Industry Liaison
Brian Smith
Sharon Hill, PA
Executive Director
Versant Strategies
Harrisburg, PA











Featured Article
What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a "Find out more" link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.
Dear Friends:

Welcome to the new membership year! We are excited to have you as a partner for the upcoming year. Whatever your rationale for joining the association may be, we are committed to ensuring that you find value in being a part of this professional trade association .  To see a listing of the state's member benefits, click here . A membership form didn't arrive at your office? Click here

The Board of Directors and Executive Director team are excited for the educational opportunities that are being made available this fall. Check out a listing of courses being offered near you below. Also, mark your calendars for
November 12-14 for the upcoming Annual Meeting at the Eden Resort in Lancaster, PA. Details will be forthcoming.

Please note that the PPMA office will be closed from August 7-11. 

If we at the Association's office can ever be of assistance, please feel free to contact us at (800) 842-9090 or cwright@versantstrategies.net.

  Team Versant

Technical Spotlight
Where to look for Fabric Pests: Look beyond Wool Clothes and Carpets

Fabric pests such as clothes moths, carpet beetles, and hide beetles are found not only in woolen clothing and carpets. They can be found infesting almost anything made of animal materials such as feathers, furs, pet hair, even brush bristles, animal nests and accumulations of dead insects. To do a thorough inspection, think beyond the obvious.
  • Ask about woolen clothing, blankets, down pillows or comforters, or rugs that have been stored or unused for some time. Woolens that were not dry-cleaned before storage are most susceptible to infestation. Occasionally cotton, linen, silk, rayon and other fabrics may be infested if soiled.
  • Look for old, overstuffed chairs or sofas. If these have woolen fabric covers, are stuffed with animal hair, or have accumulations of pet hair, they could be the source of fabric pests.
  • Ask where the pets sleep. Look for accumulations of pet hair in these areas or pet bedding that is matted with pet hair.
  • Use a knife or small spatula to pull out bits of lint from under baseboards, the edges of wall-to-wall carpeting, and around the bottoms of door thresholds. Check the underside of wool rugs.
  • Check for accumulations of lint, crumbs, and pet hair under heavy furniture, under beds, in dark corners, and in closets. Look for accumulations of lint and hair inside floor registers, air ducts, and clothes dryer vents.
  • cat with dead mouse
    Fabric pests can be found in rodent carcasses, animal nests, and in accumulations of hair where pets rest.
    Photo © Pinto & Associates
    Ask if there have been problems lately with mice, rats, birds, bats, squirrels or other animals inside the house or in attics, garages, chimneys, basements. Check these areas, if accessible, for evidence of carpet or hide beetles on animal carcasses and in animal nests. Check attics for wasp nests or accumulations of dead insects such as cluster flies.
  • Look for animal-based decorative objects on shelves or hanging on walls--items such as animal trophies, oriental rugs, anything made of wool, horn, hide, feathers, or bone.
  • Finally, check other possible infestation sites: piano felts or felt backing, insect collections, dried flower arrangements, natural bristle hair or clothes brushes, fur coats, bee or yellowjacket nests inside wall voids, and horsehair insulation behind old plaster. Carpet beetles can also be found infesting stored food products, seeds (including seed pictures), pet food, and rodent bait.
As published by Techletter. 

News from NPMA

Department of Labor Seeks Information on Revising Overtime Rule

This week the Trump Administration moved forward with revoking or revising the Department of Labor's (DOL) Overtime Rule promulgated by the Obama administration. On Tuesday the DOL published a Request for Information in the Federal Register to gather information to aid in formulating a proposal to revise regulations pertaining to the 2016 update to overtime rules under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

The DOL's final overtime rule was scheduled to go into effect on December 1, 2016 and would raise the minimum overtime eligibility threshold more than 50% to $47,476, annually, but a Federal Court granted a nationwide preliminary injunction sought by two groups of plaintiffs that consist of 21 states and a combination of industry groups lead by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Federation of Independent Businesses. The case remains pending final adjudication in Federal Court.

The RFI is specifically requesting comment on:
* Is the salary threshold increase too high?
* Should there be salary threshold discrepancies based on region?
* Should there be salary threshold discrepancies based on size of employer?
* Should there be salary threshold discrepancies based job function? (executive, administrative, professional)
* Should there be changes to the "duties test"?
* How should non-discretionary bonuses be accounted?

NPMA addressed several of these issues in comments submitted against the Overtime rule in 2015 and will once again be advocating on behalf of NPMA members and submitting comments to protect employers' businesses and employee flexibility. NPMA will also be working as a member of the Partnership to Protect Workplace opportunity a large and diverse group of national industries advocating for policies that promote business growth and protect employees.

Upcoming Meetings          

On August 15th, join the Central Division for their Summer Meeting. Details are available here

The Eastern Division has announced their fall seminar slated for September 14, 2017 in Trevose, PA. Registration information can be found here

Mark your calendars now for the Annual Meeting, scheduled for November 12-14 in Lancaster, PA!

The Meetings and Events section of the website is always the most up-to-date resource for happenings of the Association. Be sure to check it out!

The Eastern Division continues to hold its monthly meetings with varying topics of discussion on the second Thursday of every month at the Crowne Plaze in Trevose.  For more information on monthly topics and speakers, contact Sue at (215) 331-1121.
Legislative Update

The information below represents legislative activity (including bill introductions) that has occurred since the last newsletter.  For a full listing of legislation that Versant is tracking for PPMA, please contact us at (717) 635-2320 or cwright@versantstrategies.net.  Activity marked HCO or SCO indicates a co-sponsorship memo which precedes the actual introduction of legislation and is designed to secure the support of other legislators prior to introduction as a bill.

No legislative activity was seen specific to PPMA's interests over the last month. The Senate has recently passed a revenue package which includes a Severance Tax and a Gross Receipts tax. It is still undetermined if the House of Representatives will move forward with this revenue bundle. Versant Strategies is paying close attention to the following legislation on your behalf:

SB 76 - Argall, David - Act providing for tax levies & information related to taxes; authorizing a personal income tax or earned income tax by a school district; for exclusions from sales tax; for increase to personal income tax; est. Fund; & repeals.

This bill has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee and awaits a committee meeting for a vote.

Increase Your Business Opportunities; Update your Find a Pro Listing Today
To update your company's service area, please follow the steps below:
  1. Log on to the Manage My Group area of the NPMA websitePlease note: in order to access the "Manage My Group" area of the NPMA website, you must be a company administrator. 
  1. Click on "Company Information" from the drop down menu.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Service Area section.
    1. Download the excel template found on this page.
    2. Update this template to include all of the zip codes that you service.
    3. Save the file on your computer.
    4. In the Service Area section click Choose File.  Locate the excel template file that you just saved. Click open.
    5. Click Upload file.
Once you've completed these steps your service on Find-a-Pro is instantly updated to include these new zip codes. 
If you are having problems accessing please contact NPMA at (703) 352-6762 or npma@pestworld.org.

Articles of Interest

07-27-2017 Bayer sales up on prescription drugs
Bayer said second-quarter revenues edged up by nearly 2 percent on the strength of its prescription drug sales. But the Germany-based conglomerate revised its earnings and sales estimates for the full year because of steep declines in revenues for its pesticides... - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

07-14-2017 Workers at Philadelphia City Hall say it has more mice than usual
PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia City Hall workers say they're noticing more mice in the building than normal... - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

07-06-2017 Spotted lanternfly quarantine expanded in Bucks, Montgomery counties
Telford, East Rockhill, West Rockhill, Perkasie and Sellersville have been added to the list of southeastern Pennsylvania towns in the quarantine area in which sightings of the invasive spotted lanternfly have been confirmed, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture stated in a June 30 release.... - Norristown Times Herald