January 2017



Keith Hamilton
J.C. Ehrlich
State College, PA
John Besic 
President Elect
Besic Pest Control
Transfer, PA
Marty Overlilne
Vice President
Aardvark Pest Management
Phildelphia, PA
Paul Kutney
Immediate Past President
Larksville, PA

Central Division
Gary Lesher
Perry Pest Control
Landisburg, PA
Greg Ten Hoeve
Mechanicsburg, PA
Keith Jones
Archer Pest Control
Camp Hill, PA
Eastern Division  
Marty Overline
Aardvark Pest Mgmnt
Philadelphia, PA

Mike Snyder
Township Pest Control
Warrington , PA
Jim Nase
Moyer Indoor/Outdoor
Souderton , PA
Northeast Division
Jeff King
The Pest Rangers
Hanover Twp., PA
Paul Kutney
Larksville, PA
Diane Lown
Ajax Environmental Solutions
Dalton, PA
Western Division
Adam Witt
Witt Pest Management
Pittsburgh, PA
Scott Grill
Bill Grill  Exterminating
Verona, PA
John Besic
Besic Pest Control
Transfer, PA
Technical Advisor
Chad Gore
Rentokil North America
Carnegie, PA
AWDII Chairman
Ed Van Istendal
Coatesville , PA
Legislative Chairman
Adam Witt
Witt Pest Management
Pittsburgh, PA
Salino Scholarship Chair 
Dana Lown
Ajax Environmental Solutions
Dalton, PA
Industry Liaison
Brian Smith
Sharon Hill, PA
Executive Director
Versant Strategies
Harrisburg, PA











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Dear Friends:

While snow may be blowing in Harrisburg, a prediction from Pennsylvania's favorite groundhog is just around the corner. Will it be six more weeks of winter weather, or will spring be just around the corner? Either way, the time is now to begin to prepare for your upcoming busy season. 

This spring, be sure to send your PA One Call System invoices directly to our office via fax ((717) 635-2317), mail, or email (cwright@versantstrategies.net). Don't miss this opportunity to save your company $125 with a key member benefit!

Congratulations to NPMA on a very successful Eastern Conference held in Atlantic City earlier this month. Our team encourages all members to attend events hosted by NPMA. The PPMA Divisions are gearing up  for some great spring meetings. Be sure to check the list below for the one closest to you!

As always, be sure to reach out if the PPMA Office can be of assistance to you.

  Team Versant

PDA Announces Addendum to Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine

According to the Pennsylvania Bulletin, the Pennsylvania Deparment of Agriculture has issued and addendum to the Spotted Lanternfly as reported below:

A quarantine is hereby established with respect to Haycock Township, Bucks County and East Pikeland Township and Warwick Township, Chester County. This is in addition to, and does not replace, any townships and areas already subject to the Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Order published at 44 Pa.B. 6947 issued Saturday, November 1, 2014, and any previous Addendums to that Quarantine Order.

For more information on the quarantine order, click here.


CDC Issues Draft Plan to Assist in Zika Efforts
Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), issued a notice to request public comment on a draft Programmatic Environmental Assessment (Draft PEA) for mosquito control activities funded by HHS/CDC to combat Zika virus transmission in the United States.

In response to requests from territories, tribes, states, and localities for additional support to combat Zika virus through enhanced mosquito control activities, CDC prepared the draft PEA to review and address the potential impacts of activities that might be supported directly via CDC contract mechanisms or through cooperative agreements to other organizations. This draft PEA will be used to facilitate CDC's compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) by providing a framework to address the potential environmental impact of such activities.

The draft PEA details how the CDC will support these efforts either directly or through technical and/or financial assistance mosquito control activities of territorial, tribal, state and local governments.   The focus of efforts will include: (1) Conducting mosquito surveillance; (2) Removing habitats where mosquitoes lay eggs; (3) Controlling the aquatic immature life stages; (4) Controlling adult mosquitoes; (5) Monitoring control programs; and (6) Supporting public outreach and risk communication efforts.

The draft PEA specifically includes the use of pesticides and the functions performed by the structural pest management industry.  NPMA will be providing comments to ensure states and territories that need services understand how the structural pest management industry can assist.

Information from the Florida Pest Management Association

J anuary 5th, 2017
As many of you have likely heard, there was a pesticide poisoning incident in Amarillo, Texas earlier this week.  What we know through the news reports is that 4 children are dead and 7 other family members are hospitalized after being exposed to phosphine gas earlier this week.  The father of this family spread the pesticide WEEVIL-CIDE (aluminum phosphide pellets) underneath the families' mobile home.  He was attempting to perform a rodent treatment, and because of complaints of an odor inside the home by some of the family members, the father decided to try and wash away the pesticide with a garden hose.  The application of water to the pesticide resulted in a rapid production of phosphine gas which then moved upwards into the living spaces of the home.

This material is restricted use and is regulated for sale to and use by licensed applicators only.  The news reports indicate that the father obtained the pesticide illegally.  Authorities have opened a criminal investigation into the facts of how an unlicensed person was able to obtain this restricted material.  Regardless of how he obtained this material, he used it in a manner that is inconsistent with the product labelling.  He, his wife (the mother of the 4 deceased children) and the remaining family members remain in hospitalized condition.

All pesticides have some potential risk for injury if used incorrectly.  The FPMA is constantly standing for the responsible members of our profession.

The FPMA sends its wishes to the family and let's hope for the best possible outcome from this horrific incident.

Suzanne Graham and Sean Brantley - FPMA Government Affairs

As reported from the Florida Pest Management Association

Avoiding Bed Bugs During Bed Bug Work

Bed bugs are unlikely to bite technicians during inspections or treatment since the bugs do not like disturbance, and normally feed when it is dark and quiet, typically in the hours before dawn. Nevertheless, there is some risk, especially in heavy infestations, and particularly if a technician leans against or sits on an infested bed or couch and a bed bug transfers to a technician's clothing.
This transfer can also occur when technicians are repositioning large mattresses, box springs, and heavy furniture during inspections and service. These items can be heavily infested with bed bugs, and particularly when only one person is trying to support and manipulate them, bed bugs can be distributed onto the technician and throughout the room. Many companies require two technicians during service to minimize this risk, not to mention the risk of strains and back injuries.
You need to take certain precautions to avoid taking bed bugs home where they may bite you or your family:
  • Assume beds, furniture, and other items you are about to inspect or treat are infested and act accordingly.
  • Avoid laying across, leaning against, or sitting on potentially infested beds or furniture and minimize direct contact with any potentially infested materials such as drapes, rugs, piles of dirty clothes.
  • Bring a minimum of equipment into the room. If you carry an inspection kit or service kit, place it in an open area away from walls and furniture.
  • Take off your clothes as soon as you get home. Remove your clothes over a noncarpeted floor and be ready to immediately capture and destroy any bug you see.
  • If you are concerned that your clothes might contain bed bugs, launder them in hot water as soon as possible. If your company has a uniform service you can bag the clothing until pick up (you should advise the uniform company why the uniforms have been bagged).
  • If you have been in a severely infested building or feel that you may have interacted with bed bugs, you may want to change and bag your clothes before leaving the site and have the clothes in question laundered (this assumes that you have an extra set of clothes available).
This article was excerpted from the new Bed Bug Handbook: The Complete Guide to Bed Bugs and Their Control.

Used with permission from Techletter.com. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited. 

Upcoming Meetings          

On February 21-22, 2017, the Central Division will be holding an Accelerated AWDII event along with their Spring Meeting. 

The Eastern Division will hold its spring meeting on March 9 in Trevose, PA. 

The Meetings and Events section of the website is always the most up-to-date resource for happenings of the Association. Be sure to check it out!

The Eastern Division continues to hold its monthly meetings with varying topics of discussion on the second Thursday of every month at the Crowne Plaze in Trevose.  For more information on monthly topics and speakers, contact Sue at (215) 331-1121.
Legislative Update

The information below represents legislative activity (including bill introductions) that has occurred since the last newsletter.  For a full listing of legislation that Versant is tracking for PPMA, please contact us at (717) 635-2320 or cwright@versantstrategies.net.  Activity marked HCO or SCO indicates a co-sponsorship memo which precedes the actual introduction of legislation and is designed to secure the support of other legislators prior to introduction as a bill.
Since swearing in, the legislature has begun the work of the 2017-18 Legislative Session. On February 7, 2017, Governor Tom Wolf will provide his budget address. After that, each Department will have a hearing with the House and Senate Appropriations Committee to discuss funding for the next year. Versant Strategies will be in attendance at key hearings. If you have questions about legislation or regulations in PA, feel free to contact our office at the information listed above. 

HB 34 - Schweyer, Peter (D)
- Amends the Unemployment Compensation Law, in contributions by employers and employees, further providing for contributions by employees and for Service Infrastructure Improvement Fund.

The bill was filed and a press conference was held.

HCO 997 - Helm, Susan - Requires licensure for all home inspectors in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

The co-sponsorship memo was filed.

SB 242 - Baker, Lisa - Amends the Underground Utility Line Protection Law further providing for definitions, for duties, of facility owners, for duties of the One Call System, for duties of excavators, for duties of project owners, for penalties, for enforcement. 

The bill was introduced and referred to Senate Consumer Protection and Prof. Licensure Committee.

Increase Your Business Opportunities; Update your Find a Pro Listing Today
To update your company's service area, please follow the steps below:
  1. Log on to the Manage My Group area of the NPMA websitePlease note: in order to access the "Manage My Group" area of the NPMA website, you must be a company administrator. 
  1. Click on "Company Information" from the drop down menu.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Service Area section.
    1. Download the excel template found on this page.
    2. Update this template to include all of the zip codes that you service.
    3. Save the file on your computer.
    4. In the Service Area section click Choose File.  Locate the excel template file that you just saved. Click open.
    5. Click Upload file.
Once you've completed these steps your service on Find-a-Pro is instantly updated to include these new zip codes. 
If you are having problems accessing please contact NPMA at (703) 352-6762 or npma@pestworld.org.

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