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August 2023 | Issue #35
As a law enforcement family, Behind the Badge Foundation is not an organization you want to see showing up at your door. This is not a club you want to be a part of. But once you are here, there is no going back. And once you are here, there is no one better to walk you through the worst moments of your life than the people of BtBF.

I can’t imagine not knowing Meg, Gayle, Brian, and so many more whom I have met through this organization; life simply would not be the same without them. Almost 4.5 years ago, when BtBF appeared in my life, I knew instantly that one day I would be on their side of things. My mom told Meg she couldn’t have me until I was in college or after. And now here I am, going into my senior year at Central Washington University, working in the BtBF office for the second summer in a row. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do work that is truly meaningful and impactful. This army of people is selfless, dedicated, and persistent in doing all we can to support our survivors and our law enforcement family. Thank you to every person who I have met because of BtBF for being a meaningful part of my life. BtBF, I wish we never had to meet, but now that we have, I’m so grateful we did.

Madison Thompson, surviving daughter of Deputy Ryan Thompson, Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office, EOW 03.19.2019.
We want to express tremendous gratitude for the generosity shown to our surviving families during Seafair events this weekend! 

A huge shoutout to Mr. Stephen Lamson, President of Continental Productions, and to Beacon Plumbing for honoring the 2022 Washington State officers who died in the line of duty.

The families of each of these fallen officers were able to witness their loved ones’ names on the Beacon Plumbing hydro boats and watch them speed over Lake Washington. They, along with other past year surviving families, were treated to front-row seats at the start/finish line to enjoy Seafair festivities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It is opportunities like these that bring a spot of joy, comfort, and support to families who have lost so much through the sacrifice of their officers whose lives were taken in service to their communities.

 Thank you, Stephen, Beacon, and everyone who made this incredible experience possible.  
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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Registration is open with limited spots left!
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Come join us in Mead, WA on 9.10.23 for the Second Annual Step to Remember fundraising event.

Guardians Protection Project is dedicated to providing unwavering support to the families of fallen firefighters, police officers, and military personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. 
If you've never seen barrel racing, it is all about quick turns, high speeds, and edge-of-your-seat excitement.

Join us on August 19 - 20 at Rock N' Horse Arena for an exciting weekend of barrel racing, Saturday night bar-b-que, with live entertainment and more.

Proceeds help us provide comprehensive support and training to Washington State’s law enforcement agencies and families.

Have a blast while supporting a great cause! Tickets and more info at:

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