The Innovation Group's Sports Betting Playbook

Abstract: The Supreme Court of the United States has the case Christie v. National Collegiate Athletic Association on its 2017-2018 calendar. This ruling could have major implications for lotteries, commercial gaming operators, and tribal enterprises as it relates to offering sports wagering as part of their product set. The Innovation Group, as a 25-year leader in supporting the gaming industry, is uniquely positioned to assist clients to better understand what the legislation means for them and to implement a plan to maximize new opportunities in sports wagering. The following document provides interested parties with:
  • Background on potential legislation
  • What state governments are doing in anticipation of the Supreme Court ruling
  • The opportunities for entry into the sports wagering space
  • Business models tailored to fit the objectives of those eligible to enter 
  • How The Innovation Group can help you strategically prepare today for potential regulation in your market
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The Innovation Group has long been recognized as the world's most respected and sought-after research and advisory firm, specializing in the gaming, entertainment, hospitality and leisure industries. To date, our research and analyses have driven over $100 billion in investment decisions across more than 80 countries and six continents. The Innovation Group's accuracy and reliability is unparalleled, with our forecasts historically tracking within 5% of actual revenues across the most complex of gaming jurisdictions throughout the globe. 
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