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“From every mountainside. Let freedom ring”

-Martin Luther King Jr.


Dear ILS Members,


On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the delegates of the Continental Congress of the 13 American colonies. For nearly 250 years, the United States has had the privilege of celebrating its independence, and the “Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness” we’re guaranteed. Unfortunately, many individuals around the world do not enjoy our same freedom or liberties. Indeed, many of them have to flee the oppression, injustice and violations of human rights in their homeland. As international lawyers, we are often called to assist, advise and advocate for these individuals in other countries. As we celebrate our nation’s independence this coming week and enjoy the food, fireworks, and fun, let us pray for those less fortunate and appreciate the freedom we enjoy.


In this week’s Gazette, we showcase our Section’s Board and Executive Council members. I’m blessed to collaborate with these exceptional international lawyers to lead the ILS during this exciting term. We’re also promoting an interesting ILS Webinar Series on Immigration Strategies. Please don’t miss out on the latest issue of our International Law Quarterly that focuses on Commercial Space Law – it’s out of this world! Finally, remember to Save the Date for our flagship conference iLaw2024 on February 16, 2024. Please make plans to attend, participate and enjoy!


Happy Independence Day!

Richard Montes de Oca, Esq.


Save the Date for the iLaw 2024 Conference February 16, 2024!

International Law Quarterly: Call for Articles!

The editors on the International Law Quarterly are soliciting articles for the Fall 2023 edition, focused on the emergence of BRICS!

For those interested, please submit a short Statement of Interest by July 7, 2023, to Jeff Hagen at

Join the ILS on July 19, 2023, For an ILS Webinar Series on Immigration Strategies for the Coming Decade

Join the ILS on July 19, 2023 for another installment in its ILS Webinar Series on Immigration Strategies for the Coming Decade, which will be led by Larry S. Rifkin, Juan Carlos Freire, and Elaine Weiss!

To register, please click here!

International Law Deskbook 2020

The International Law Section is proud to announce that its International Law Deskbook is now ready for shipping! Get yours today! CLICK HERE to purchase!

Join the International Law Section

If you are reading the Gazette, chances are that you are a practitioner or a student with an interest in International Law, one of the most wide-ranging, exciting and challenging legal specialties. Everyone in our field knows how crucial it is to stay on top of diverse and evolving national legal regimes, and at the same time, the difficulty of keeping meticulously up-to-date on developments around the world.

The International Law Section (ILS) of The Florida Bar is here to help you, the practitioner, navigate both the everyday and big-picture challenges of our field. Our Section is your forum to share knowledge and best practices, and to meet and mingle with peers in professional collaborations that can only enhance your grasp of the specialty and your standing among clients and peers.

Let ILS membership assist you in developing a thriving international practice through peer network development that includes important shared learnings and reciprocal referrals of clients and casework.

If your practice transcends borders, join us in making this the authoritative, go-to forum for Florida and the gateway to the region for anyone practicing International Law. Our Section is open to lawyers from other states and countries, full-time faculty at U.S. law schools, and full-time U.S. law students, all of whom may participate as associate members. For more information regarding membership with the ILS, click HERE.

Turn in your membership application TODAY!

International Law Quarterly

The International Law Quarterly - Spring 2023

Focus on 2023 and Beyond

The Spring 2023 Issue of the International Law Quarterly - Focus on 2023 and Beyond is now available. Click on the image above to download! For all previous issues of the International Law Quarterly, please follow this link.

Visit Our Sponsors

The ILS Thanks its Sponsors 

In light of what we accomplished this past year, we hope you will continue to support the Section as a sponsor. In 2021-2022, various firms, companies and suppliers sponsored the Section. 

We look forward to another year of innovative programs where we can advance international law and further promote our sponsors. To learn more, read the Section's sponsorship package. You can also contact our Treasurer, Laura Reich at or Vice Treasurer, Davide Macelloni at for more details.

ILS Board Members and Officers

Chair: Richard Montes de Oca

Chair-Elect: Ana Barton

Secretary: Cristina Vicens Beard

Treasurer: Laura Reich

Vice-Treasurer: Davide Macelloni

Immediate Past Chair: Jacqueline Villalba

ILS Executive Council

Terms Expiring in 2024

Fabio Giallanza

Jeffrey S. Hagen

Davide Macelloni

Penelope Perez-Kelly

Yine Rodriguez-Perez

Terms Expiring 2025

Gary Birnberg

Phillip Buhler

Jennifer Diaz

Kristin Drecktrah Paz

Prof. Manuel A. Gomez

Omar K. Ibrahem

Adrian Nunez

Pamella A. Seay

Terms Expiring 2026

Matthew Akiba

Lauren Bengochea

Neha Dagley

Gary E. Davidson

Nouvelle Gonzalo

Susann Leone

Jennifer Mosquera

Katherine A. Sanoja

To learn more about the ILS Executive Council Members, click here!

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