The Howard Smith Tapes (1969-1972)

We’re spotlighting a rare audio collection this month from former Village Voice reporter Howard Smith, the man Vanity Fair referred to as the “preeminent reporter on the counterculture.” Smith’s raw interviews are now exclusively available for licensing through Global ImageWorks.  

The Howard Smith tapes were rediscovered in his New York City apartment after nearly 40 years. They contain candid and unscripted conversations with some of the most legendary personalities from the 1960s and 1970s at pivotal moments in their careers.  

Interviewees include Andy Warhol, Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, Norman Mailer, Margaret Mead, Amira Baraka, Dennis Hopper, Xaviera Hollander, Dick Gregory, Sly Stone, and many more.

Click the play button above to hear a sample of Howard Smith's interviews.

Smith was a trusted interviewer who coaxed honest and insightful responses from his subjects. These rarely-heard recordings contain 125 raw and unfiltered audio interviews that can provide added depth to your production. Transcripts are available upon request.




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