Recently a student on the Process told us that they'd first heard about Hoffman from a person sitting next to them on a plane. It seems more people are happy to share their experience of something that made a positive change in their lives, and this way they inspire others to heal and transform themselves.
This month, we're really seeing the Hoffman ripple effect in action. Eleanor Moran has written a great article about the Process in the Guardian, Patrick Holford recommends us in his new book, we are planning more Processes in Ireland and will be hosting a series of events in the Middle East.
Everything is buzzing in the Hoffman world and we're glad we can share this with you,

With love from all the Hoffman team  x

A moment that changed Eleanor


Novelist, executive TV producer and BAFTA nominee Eleanor Moran spoke recently about her experience on the Hoffman Process.

In a feature in The Guardian, Eleanor credits the Process with helping her realise the harm that putting her father on a pedestal was having on her adult relationships.

'I'd read enough self-help books to fill a library, but when you're on the Process, there's no hiding behind your intellectual understanding of what's made you the way you are ...  I was able to really feel the anger that it was too dangerous for me to express as a child. It meant part of me was still that child, frozen in time; Hoffman gave me the chance to grow up.'

Eleanor's sixth novel, Too Close For Comfort, was published on 22 September.  
To read Eleanor's full article in The Guardian, click here
You can follow Eleanor @eleanorkmoran 

Five keys to connection with Patrick Holford


Hoffman Graduate Patrick Holford is a pioneer in the fields of health and nutrition. His new book, The Chemistry of Connection, gives fantastic tips on how to live a purposeful life.
' The Hoffman Process is very good at unravelling self-destructive habits and discharging the negative emotions ... As well as an immediate sense of liberation, it enables you to recognise when you have become plugged into a negative habit and gives you the tools to break free...
Patrick writes about the Process in his chapter on the importance of self-love. He also shares the value of the transference exercise.
You can catch Patrick on his nationwide tour of the UK and Ireland where he shares his five keys to connection.  has all the details.
Click here to buy a copy of The Chemistry of Connection

Information evenings in Dubai & Bahrain


Hoffman coming to the Middle East
Hoffman Supervising teacher Matthew Pruen is coming to Dubai and Bahrain to host some special Hoffman Introduction events open to anyone who would like to find out more about the Hoffman Process . Click here for more information and venues. 

Friday 4 November                                        Monday 7 November

These events are free. Please  email us to register your attendance. 
Matthew can also offer one-to-one coaching. Contact him via 

Upcoming Hoffman events

Hoffman relationship workshops Relationship Workshop for Couples - Sat 8 Oct 
For couples, where one has done the Process.
Florence House, Seaford, East Sussex 
Information Phone In
Information Phone-In: Tuesday 11 October 
These calls are led by a member of the Hoffman team. You can also speak to a previous participant on the call.
Information Evenings
Information Evenings: Tuesday 18 October 
We are holding 2 Information evenings in October. One in Dublin, one in London.  Come along and ask questions, hear people's experiences and decide if the Process is right for you. 
These events are free and there's no need to book. 
Regent's University, London NW1 4NS 
Brooks Hotel, Dublin
London Introduction Day: Saturday 22 October 
This experiential day is the perfect way to find out more about the Hoffman Process and sample some of the tools and techniques.
Your £85 fee is refunded if you go onto register for a Process.
Artworkers' Guild, London, WC1N 3AT
More info & book online  

Hoffman magazine
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of Hoffman Magazine
October 29-Nov 4 Florence House 
November 19-25 Florence House  
December 3-9 Florence House  
January 21-27 Florence House spaces available
February 4-10 Florence House  spaces available
Information on all our events can be found here
Or call 01903 88 99 90 or email us   here.

How attached are you?


Susan McGrath is a Hoffman Graduate and psychotherapist with experience across a wide range of issues including trauma, phobia and depression. In this article we asked her to talk about one of the root causes of so many patterns that we see on the Process: the role of attachment in co-dependency and addiction.

'Codependency starts in childhood with our family of origin and stems from how our dependency needs were or weren't met. Unlike many other species a human child needs closeness and attentiveness over many years to grow into a healthy adult. When there's less than nurturing parenting, for whatever reason, a child begins to internalise the belief that they're not good or loveable enough. Shame and anxiety is created and the scene is set for codependency to take hold. 

One of the strengths of the Hoffman Process is exploring these childhood wounds. Through tried and tested techniques you work through the pain, relieving the symptoms which can vary from anxiety, depression, failure to get into a relationship or to multiple failed relationships, to name just a few.'

Click here to read Susan's article and take her '10 signs of codependency' quiz.
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