Summer is well under way, and we've had our fair share of rainy days, super hot days, and even smokey-windy days. While there have been a few weather related surprises, there is one thing that comes as no surprise to the Outer Banks: Hurricane Season. With the Atlantic being quiet thus far, it gives us time to get ahead of the potential storms.

What's Your Plan to Stay Ahead of the Storms?

The Outer Banks has been fairly lucky over the past decade, avoiding most major named storms. While we've dealt with our share of flooding and wind damage, the hurricanes have seemed to slide by our little barrier island. We'll hold onto that luck for as long as possible! Here are some helpful tips to keep your property ahead of the game this storm season:

  • Take advantage of High Seas Pools & Spas storm prep program. Those who opted into the program in their summer contracts will have priority scheduling for storm prep which includes securing pool/spa deck furniture, gates, or other large items within the immediate pool area.
  • Remove small outdoor items. Make sure to remove small items that are easily blown around such as plants/planters, decorations, flags, etc. These can cause damage to your property.
  • Communicate your concerns with us. If you have any questions or concerns, or cannot attend to specific items, let us know in writing as detailed and immediately as possible. We will work with you to create a plan of action.
  • Stay Up to Date on the News. Pay attention to the news and county updates on the storm track and damage. This will let you know when it's safe to return to your property.

How does High Seas Pools & Spas handle storm clean-up?

Storm clean-up begins once conditions are: (1) safe for access to the property, and (2) sufficient for chemical application to the water. High Seas will provide an update via email when your property is serviced. This update may include notes and/or photos if damage has occurred to your property. Please remember that storm clean up can be a timely process, and we strive to effectively visit and clean each property as quickly as possible. Communications after a storm may be limited or delayed until appropriate phone and internet services are restored.

Chlorine vs Salt Systems

Have you ever wondered if you should switch your pool to a salt system? Let's talk about the difference between chlorine vs salt system.

What is a salt system? This is a pool system that continuously generates chlorine from pool salt through salt cells.

What are the benefits to a salt system? Once a salt system has been installed in your pool, it will be able to generate its own chlorine through salt continuously. This system is easier to maintain than using granular chlorine, and cheaper once it's installed. Not to mention, the water is much softer and of better quality than that of granular chlorine.

Are there any cons? There is a higher cost upfront to install a salt system vs using granular chlorine. Also, the salt can corrode metals over time.

What about granular chlorine? This has a lower upfront cost, but requires harsher chemicals to maintain the pool's water balance. These chemicals can dry out skin, irritate eyes, and bleach swimwear. You'll need a steady supply of granular chlorine and you'll work a bit more to balance your water regularly.

How do I get a salt system? If you're interested in learning more about salt systems, or want to see if this is a good option for your property, let us know! We will review your current system, provide an estimate for installation of a salt system, and get you scheduled for installation.

See you poolside,

Bradley Musika

Owner/Pool Technician, CPO-Certified


High Seas in the Community

Summer can be pretty wild at High Seas Pools & Spas (but you've probably gathered that by now!). While we didn't have any community service projects lined up for June & July, we did get to spend some quality family time on the 4th of July, and our little "grom" Hendrix caught his first real wave on the surf board. We hope you and your family are enjoying a wonderful summer both in and outside of Outer Banks!

Client Referral Program

High Seas Pools & Spas is accepting new clients in 2023 from Duck to Nags Head!

Existing High Seas clients receive 5% off your 2023 contract price when you refer a new client that joins the High Seas Family this year.

This offer lasts all year, and can be applied to your summer or winter service contract (even after the contract has been signed). Offer limited to one discount per client. Discount applicable for clients that sign up for a summer or winter maintenance contract.

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