Summer has finally arrived! With the never-ending nor'easter behind us, we are so happy to soak in the sun and put those pools to use. As the pool season starts, we have some helpful tips whether you are renting or have a pool/spa for private use only.

Keep the Water Fresh this Summer

Wash off the suntan lotion!

When it comes to keeping the chemicals in your pool balanced, the true arch-nemesis is suntan lotion. Suntan lotions are typically oil based, and when left in excess on the skin it gunks up your water and filter system. It doesn't mean don't apply it; rather, don't hop in the pool right after you've oiled up.

Solution: Rinse off before getting into the pool. It'll help remove excess suntan and body oils, allowing your water's chemicals to do their job.

Keep the dogs out of the pool.

We know...dogs are part of the family too! While we love our own three High Seas dogs, we give them beach time instead of pool time. Dog hair (especially heavy shedding dogs) will wreak havoc on a filter system. Also, chlorine can be hard on dog skin.

Solution: Take them to the beach, hook up the garden hose, or get a kiddie pool. Your water, chemicals, filter system AND pool guy will thank you.

Monitor the water levels.

Sunny, hot days and lots of cannonballs can do a number to the water level. Friendly reminder: we may drop a hose and leave it on a timer while we service another property - don't fret! We'll be back soon.

Solution: If you notice low water levels between services, throw a hose in. If you have renters, work with your rental management company to communicate to renters that hoses should be left where they are if a pool tech has them in use. Many times they will turn them off, thinking the pool guy left it on by accident, greatly delaying the process.

Let's Talk About our New Technology:

High Seas has been on the search for a tool to provide better management and communication to our clients, and we've found the perfect solution!

In the beginning of June we launched a customized app technology that assists in every aspect of effectively managing a pool business from building more efficient routes to streamlining a process for chemical tracking to real-time communication for services provided and much more. In addition, this technology will provide more convenient and cost-effective billing options to our favorite people - YOU! And if that's not cause enough for celebration, there's one more great aspect: it requires zero effort on your part. There's nothing for you to download, and no account to create with a password that you keep forgetting. This technology will send automatic service notifications to your email for weekly cleans. Should you wish to opt out of notifications, or prefer that your Rental Management Company receives them, just let us know. We are excited to continue our service with you, providing you the best pool/spa maintenance and repairs that you deserve.

See you poolside,

Bradley Musika

Owner/Pool Technician, CPO-Certified


High Seas in the Community

May was like a whirlwind; however, we joined the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce as a Décor Sponsor for their annual Bids & Bourbon fundraiser. We had a great time watching the race, networking with local businesses, and sporting a custom High Seas octopus derby hat!

Learn more about the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce.

Client Referral Program

High Seas Pools & Spas is accepting new clients in 2023 from Duck to Nags Head!

Existing High Seas clients receive 5% off your 2023 contract price when you refer a new client that joins the High Seas Family this year.

This offer lasts all year, and can be applied to your summer or winter service contract (even after the contract has been signed). Offer limited to one discount per client. Discount applicable for clients that sign up for a summer or winter maintenance contract.

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