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Velo Hero
National Batting Competition
Be on the lookout for our next competition!
Velo Hero in partnership with The Grind Training Center has announced a national and facility exit velocity contest. The contest is for baseball and softball players ages 8-18 as of January 1st USSSA age rules. The contest will be conducted every Saturday from 10AM-1PM and Monday evening from 6PM-9PM January-March. Come and test your exit velocity against the best in the nation and the best at The Grind Training Center. A $25 fee paid at The Grind Training Center gets you 3 opportunities. Each opportunity is 3 swings with your best score being submitted as your entry. See how you improve! Take a lesson from the outstanding instructors at The Grind Training Center and improve your score! Velo Hero will conduct a national leaderboard at the end of each month so you can see where your score rates among other players nationwide! A national champion in each age group will receive a trophy at the end of March. The best scores in each age group at The Grind Training Center will receive championship rings. The Grind Training Center will be conducting 3 different contests (1 each month). So, there are plenty of chances to win! Your exit velocity will be measured by the new HitTrax system! Velo Hero will also give awards for the most improved scores each month and one most improved award at the end of March. Have fun, compete and get yourself down to The Grind Training Center (8001 NW 50th St, Oklahoma City, OK) to sign up and learn more details! You can also go to thevelohero.com for contest rules.
Team Practice Plans
What is T.P.P.? To answer your question... It's a Team Practice Plan which offers a few different practice options for teams. A top-notch facility is available to help teams have a place to practice and do workouts. This is open to any teams in the community! We have soccer teams, flag football, baseball, softball and more that come to our facility weekly! We are asking that you help us get the word out.... so please share this information with your friends who might be interested in taking advantage of this awesome opportunity! If you have any questions, please call The Grind office at 405-495-7800.
Current TPP Teams
Canes Yellow Towel
UA "C" Logo Adjustiable Hat-White
The Grind Hooded Long Sleeve
Fastpitch Infield Glove- Right
Custom Model WS243 Madden Pro Reserve Maple
UA "C" Logo Bucket Hat-Black
Canes Softball Grey/Black Windbreaker
THE GRIND Black T-shirt
Private Instructors
Instructor Spotlight
HitTrax takes gaming to a new level! HitTrax brings the on-field experience inside the batting cage allowing players to receive visual and statistical feedback with each swing as they improve and continue to make adjustments. With the combination of video, interactive video gaming and real play, your player can enjoy League play, Home run derbies and Individual analysis with our new HitTrax system. HitTax League will start September 26, 2021. Check in with the office for pricing.

The HitTrax Video Capture and Analysis Module (VCAM) is the latest and greatest in hitting analytics. HitTrax won the 2016 ABCA Best of Show award and is currently used by collegiate and professional baseball and softball programs across the country. With HitTrax, players receive real-time metrics and are able to watch the flight of each batted ball inside all 30 MLB stadiums. Players can also compete in entertainment mode, either face-to-face or remotely, with quality hit games, home run derbies and more.

The HitTrax database will store each player's profile and swings so that progress can be easily monitored and allows for the ability to easily identify player's strengths and weaknesses.

Metrics recorded for each swing include:
  • Exit Velocity, Distance
  • Launch Angle
  • Hard Hit Average
  • Batting Average
  • Point of Impact and more!
Grind Workout Programs
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