Here's the Latest News on the Greenbelt East Trail (

We Won! NPS Grant Award Announced, with In-Kind Community Assistance Starting in June. The National Park Service RTCA award will provide expertise and technical assistance, as well as organizational support. Big thanks to our six community partners: the City of Greenbelt, WABA, ATHA, the East Coast Greenway, the Greenbelt Community Development Corp., and the Glenn Dale Citizens Association.

As we start work with NPS in the coming weeks, we will report on ways for the community to get more involved in the process of getting this trail built!

In particular, there are some tremendous grant opportunities with deadlines coming up very quickly, including the Maryland Bikeways Grant and the Federal Safe Streets and Roads for All funding opportunity.

Likewise, the State Highway Administration (SHA) has informed us that they have internal funding opportunities for the trail development as well. However, SHA is waiting for some additional procedural clearances from Prince George's county before they can proceed.

Bike Advocates' Meetup with WABA, Councilmember Olson and Senator Rosapepe.

Our discussion today with WABA, county Councilmember Eric Olson (chair of our Transport Committee), and state Senator Jim Rosapepe (vice-chair of the Budget and Tax Committee) focused mostly on how to the thread the needle between the various jurisdictional requirements that are currently holding up SHA/MDOT's feasibility study and initial concept planning for the trail. Both legislators pledged to work with us to move forward as quickly as possible! More to come...

Here's What Greenbelt Road (MD Route 193) Looks Like Near NASA

Here's What we Want Instead! (Pic is from a DC Protected Bike Trail)

How Can You Help?

Please don't hesitate to reply to this email with info and corrections and ideas! Send this newsletter to your friends and encourage them to sign up for these emails too. Share this link to the video of our trail walk with Delegate Nicole Williams and many local and state officials: We will need to reach out to more stakeholders and public officials whose help we will need to make a reality! -Jeff