A Note from Scott and Marsha
March 14, 2019
That's right, people. I'm back...with a "spring" in my step, rejuvenated and ready to send green home with you. Now that spring is right around the corner, who is ready for some color?! This week, we did have a big debate as we were discussing what might be our first full week of sunshine and no rain for what has been like .... 13 months?? Not even kidding. The debate concerned the current weather forecast calling for thunderstorms Friday afternoon. I jokingly said, "Oh, you know what that means? Thunderstorms in winter means snow storm two weeks later!" You can imagine Ann, our Garden Center Manager's, reaction to that statement. She insisted that was not a thing and no way would we end up with snow!! I was only half kidding, but that seems to be the old wive's tale in this area.  Either way, I was only trying to be hopeful because we purchased our second snow plow for our trucks. Last year, we ordered our first plow and it was delivered two days after the first major snow storm of last year. This year, we ordered another one and it arrived a week after the heavy snow storm we had in early December. I mean seriously. We apparently should a.) order snow plows in August, b.) get our act together, or c.) pray for a little cooperation/warning. 

So as we wait and see if we can use our plows before winter is officially gone, I have a snow plow story and I'll be brief. Hang tight, cause this is funny. This past week, Scott shared I spent a week away without him. Erica, our daughter and I, traveled to Monarch Pass in Colorado to go dog-sledding. When we arrived after a heavy-snow the day prior, a truck drops his snow plow as we are standing on the side of the road changing into our snow gear. Let's just say I was on the side closest to the road, and I was literally hit by a wall of slush. I was COVERED head to toe in muddy, salty, rocky slush. My friend's car, INSIDE and out, was covered. She was on the other side and was hit as well. I am pretty sure I heard the driver yell, "SCORE - 500 points!" (Really, I didn't hear anything but I bet he did yell that.) Either way, we looked at each other and died laughing because what else could you do but laugh? So I shook out my hair, put my gear on over wet, cold, muddy clothes, hugged some dogs and checked off an experience I hadn't had before. Moral of the story? Snow plows are cool. And not cool. Thanks to Scott for the break and eating Mexican food all week so I didn't have to.  So back to the debate--tale or truth to winter thunderstorms and snow? Let us know what you think!
NEW ARRIVALS in the Garden Center
The Kaleidoscope is everyone's favorite Abelia! This small shrub has amazing color (hence its name)--the leaves are ever changing from green and yellow to gold in summer to reds in fall and winter. Butterflies loves the delicate white blooms that emerge in summer. It only grows to about 2.5 feet tall. This adorable shrub does best in full sun.
The Spring Bouquet Viburnum is a shrub that can stand alone as a specimen or be a team-player in a hedge. The dense evergreen foliage makes this shrub a popular one as well. As its name suggests, white and pink blooms burst in to color in spring. Viburnum will do best in sun to part-shade.
Whether you are looking for a tall or small shrub, the Bridal Wreath Spirea can be your shrub solution. Its arching stems can grow 6-8 feet tall, but it can also be pruned to a smaller size. The white flowers are sure to please! Plant in a full-sun location and this shrub will be gorgeous and happy!
Saturday, March 30, 2019
Back by popular demand!  Learn how to create a bonsai: what kind of plants to use, materials involved, how to shape a nursery plant into a beginning bonsai and how to maintain your bonsai. Participants will create a bonsai from a juniper by shaping through pruning, wiring and planting in a bonsai container. All that is needed for the workshop will be provided: plant, pot, wire, soil, loaner tools for use in the class and handout about care. Space is limited so register early.  
Fee: $40
Presenter: Harold Johnson, Local Bonsai enthusiast and Podcast host of “Getting Dirty with Durham County Master Gardeners”
Registration deadline: March 20
Email caroline@fgsdurham.com  or call Caroline at 919-484-9759, ext. 101.
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