The Grail as Stone


The search for the Holy Grail is the path of the prodigal son who leaves home to seek his fortune and eventually realizes that he must simply return home to accept his inheritance. The seeker must tame desire and birth the Holy Grail in their heart which is renewed and given eternal life through the Blood Mysteries of Jesus Christ.

- Douglas Gabriel

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Legends of Lucifers stone

Legends of Lucifers stone

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The Grail as Stone

There are many traditions that indicate that the grail is a luminous stone that is intimately connected to the fall from grace and is some type of help and assistance in the quest for the grail. Lucifer's brilliant green stone, that was the jewel of his crown, fell from heaven to earth and was fashioned into a bowl used by Jesus at the Last Supper. This stone became the Holy Grail after the blood of Jesus Christ had filled it. Lucifer's stone was redeemed by this act of Joseph of Arimathea indicating that someday Lucifer himself may turn from darkness and reunite with the bright worlds of heaven surrounding the throne of God.
Legends tell us about a stone called the  tzohar which an angel brought out from the Garden of Eden and gave to Adam and Eve as a help and comfort. It gave forth light, warmth, and nourishment to the suffering couple who found the cold world a hard place to live. 

This stone was cherished by Adam and Eve and was passed down from father to son. The tzohar was described as a stone but also as a "bright window to heaven" that brought light in the day and warmth at night. It was this tzohar that God told Noah to place in the ark to give light and sustenance to all humans and animals throughout the flood.
  Another story of the tzohar, sometimes called the Stone of An, is about the death of Adam. When Adam knew he was about to die, he sent his son Seth back to the Garden of Eden to find three seeds from the Tree of Life. Seth found the path back to Eden by following the footprints of Adam and Eve which were burnt into the stone they had walked upon. Seth was a highly developed soul who was pure of heart, therefore, was able to convince the angel with the flaming sword to let him pass. Once Seth found the Tree of Life, he picked a fruit and found the three seeds he needed. But when Seth arrived back home, Adam had already died. Seth placed the three seeds upon the tongue of Adam and his entire head began to glow and shine like the sun. From then onward, the head of Adam (Stone of An) continued to shine brightly and nourish and heal anyone who came near it. It was the Stone of An that was passed down to Noah and used as the grail of the ark, the tzohar.
Another tradition tells that the tzohar of the Garden of Eden was passed down to Abraham who wore it on a necklace for all to see. Anyone who came near the stone was amazed by its powers to heal and nourish. The "Stone of Abraham" is yet another version of the Holy Grail that insinuates that some type of shining stone is connected to the quest for the holy grail that brings the keeper of the grail great powers of wisdom and healing.
Alchemists also have their version of the Holy Grail as a stone they call the "prime material" or the original substance of creation. Another name they give it is the Philosopher's Stone which is purported to exist everywhere and nowhere, a substance that is transcendent. Once this stone is attained, the alchemist can then turn base metals into gold. It can also become the elixir of life, the heavenly dew, and the fountain of youth. Again, from the help of a "magical stone" we find that consciousness is developed, nourishment is given, and the path to the grail is attained.  

The question of whether any of these stones existed is debatable and fall into the category of miracles and wonders. 
Did Solomon believe that he had the stone that fell from Lucifer's crown? 
Did Abraham really wear a grail around his neck? 
Did the head of Adam become a shining stone? 
Did Joseph of Arimathea catch the blood of Christ in a Holy Grail?  
These types of imaginations, traditions, and legends call into question whether these beliefs and stories are analogies for soul and spiritual stages of development and not physical objects. Can these ideas be taken for face value or are we to use a "science of the grail" to understand the quest of the grail? Is belief in the Holy Grail necessary to "see" the vision of the grail that calls the seeker to the path (The Way)? Or do we look for the answers to these questions within our own physical body as a path of study of esoteric anatomy? 
Can the grail castle be found in the mysterious ventricles of the brain and its "glowing" and "shining" activity created by the minerals and metals that accumulate there? Are the pineal gland's "crystals" of calcium carbonate the "grail stones" we are developing along the path? Is the fourth ventricle, where the pineal gland resides, the inaccessible castle of the grail king? Is the grail knight also a seeker of the higher self - the grail king or grail queen?  
Whether the grail stone is real or the whether the blood relics have sacred powers may be completely up to the individual person on the graded (gradalis) path towards the grail. Even witnessing the grail maiden procession does not guarantee that the seeker will have developed enough moral strength and insight to ask the question: "Who does the grail serve?" Perhaps even seeing the Holy Grail in all its glory may not awaken the dull soul enough to receive the grace and gifts of the grail that could nourish them into blessedness. The blinders of materialism may make the seeker unable to experience the grace and glory that exist right in front of him. 
We can see how the blindness of Longinus was healed by contact with divine blood and the love of a divine offering (sacrifice). The Holy Grail, like Christ's deed, is real but the ability to witness them and understand their meaning is not a given. Only the awakened oneshave ears to hear and eyes to see. When the Holy Grail floated before Arthur and his Knights of the  Round Table, only a few actually saw the grail, but they all vowed to seek and find it.

Does understanding the Holy Grail require faith in the unseen and belief in blood relics?

Does the search predicate belief in Jesus Christ? 

Is the grail an exclusive Christian belief? 

As we have mentioned, the grail legends, myths, and beliefs existed long before Christianity and, in fact, can be found in almost every tradition. A magic cauldron, a giving bowl, a cornucopia of harvest, a helix of creation, or an ocean of being are part and parcel of explaining the origins of the world and the cosmos. A divine spear often comes down from heaven and stirs the bowl of creation until some type of trinity is born (sun, moon, stars). This original container of creation is often depicted as female while the spear is seen as male. 
Between the male impulse of creation and the female receptacle of creation - the gods and humans arise. This impregnation of creation is a divine impulse and it can be found as close as the human heart and the circulation of the blood and its mysteries.
We need not look any further than the human body if we wish to lift the blinders of materialism. Science has found miraculous wonders in every cell that show that the Garden of Eden might be replicated in the DNA (Tree of Life) and mitochondrial DNA (Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) in most every cell. Embryonic cells appear to "not die" and live forever, as though they had eaten from the Tree of Life. Certain enzymes also take on miraculous characteristics and do not die, just transform and move at speeds that are incomprehensible. 

The open and awakened eyes and ears of the grail seeker can "see" these wonders as miracles of the grail of the human body. From the pineal gland's "stones" to the corpus quadra gemini's cube-like structure below it, the human body presents us with images similar to analogies of the grail, grail seekers and grail castles.
We have described above the possibility that the flaming sword of human consciousness needs to strike from the "crown" the sin of jealousy and pride until it falls into the heart as a vessel for grail wisdom. Once human blood has offered to sacrifice humbly to the spirit through breathing, it suffers both oxygen and carbon dioxide to be carried throughout the body as a labor of love and nourishment. The iron in our blood helps in this process like the iron in the flaming sword and the spear of consciousness. 
When the heart/grail receives an over-abundance of light (consciousness) it begins the pilgrim's path (grail quest) back to the grail castle in the head. What is conquered through perception of the outside world (the dragon) is transformed in the heart/grail and sent up the spear of consciousness (human spine) to bath the pineal gland with the warmth, light and nourishment refined in the process. 
Carbon (the philosopher's stone) is transformed through the pilgrim's path (the route from heart to head) and calcium (death) is transformed into calcium carbonate, a living piezoelectric crystal that can spark piezoelectrical charges through the fourth ventricle down to the pituitary gland. When this spark of light passes through the third ventricle, it is passing through the Holy Grail vessel in the brain and is enhanced with energy and special substances from the first and second ventricle that focus the fiery tip of the spear of the spine into a bio-electrical charge that reaches the pituitary. When the pituitary gland is stimulated in this process, it excretes pituitrin, a hormone that nourishes the nerve and blood systems. A type of grail nourishment arises from digesting perception with love.
We can find the Holy Grail manifesting in many fashions based upon our belief system. We can use the science of the grail to find physical correspondences for the effects of the "Holy Grail phenomena" acting upon our nerves, glands, blood, and bones. We can focus the devotion to the grail that is displayed by the grail maidens and the king/queen of the grail to penetrate a deeper understanding of human physiology and the development of the soul and spirit.
Often, those who follow the path of devotion find solace and comfort in seeing a reenactment of the grail mysteries during the holy Eucharist, as performed in Catholic churches as Holy Communion. 
The more ornate and mysterious the pageantry of the Eucharist, the more the devotional seeker of the grail is reminded of the pageantry of the grail maidens and are inclined to "willingly suspend their disbelief." 
Many Christians believe in their heart that they are consuming the body and blood of their lord and savior. Faith is the key factor for these devoted seekers who relive their prior beliefs through modern spiritual rituals.
  Does the belief of the faithful change a relic so that it is more powerful over time because of the devotion of the faithful? Take for instance the Chalice of Valencia, which is said by the Catholic church to be the cup Jesus used at the Last Supper. It has been revered and worshiped for two millennia and many have died to guard it from invading Moors in Spain. It is still seen today in Valencia and it has been dated to the first century, just like another chalice in Leon, Spain. The question can rightly be asked, "Is either one or both made more 'holy' by the worship of the faithful?"
  There is a tradition in the Catholic church that if a substance touches a "first-class" relic (directly connected to blood relics or saints) it takes on the characteristics of the first-class relic. Thus, if a holy nail of the cross were to touch another nail, it would take on some of the "holiness" of that first-class relic. This explains why there are so many churches that claim to have the cup of the Last Supper. Perhaps those cups touched the chalice of Valencia or Leon. The many pieces of the holy cross found in churches across Europe were also created in this fashion as were many, many other relics. To the devoted believer, contact with a relic of any sort is a help on the path to belief and devotion.

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The Great Avatar Manu - Noah of Atlantis - Father of Culture

The orient is the source of the light of philosophy and mind training which is epitomized in the philosophical thought of the most ancient writings in the Indo-Aryan tradition, the Upanishads.  These ancient teachings have existed for millennia in an oral tradition whose beginning is lost in pre-history. The author of many of the ancient Hindu writings is the Avatar Manu, the Noah of Indian tradition, replete with an ark, mates of each animal species, seeds of all plants, and the Seven Holy Rishis (with the sacred books of wisdom - Upanishads, Gathas, and ancient ragas and dances from the Seven Mystery Centers of Atlantis). 

According to the Manu Smirtri, Manu ties the ark to Mt. Everest and, as the water recedes, descends to the Holy River Ganges and gives birth to the Ancient Indian Culture. Archeological evidence from the Harappian period of the settlement of the Indus and other river valleys throughout northern Indian, demonstrates a highly advanced city culture prior to the ninth millennium before Christ. Atlantis finished sinking in 10,500 B.C. and the City of Manu was founded at that time at the eastern end of the Tarim Basin, near the confluence of the Tarim and Altai Rivers. Rudolf Steiner defines the Indian cultural epoch as lasting from 7227 BC to 5067 BC as the sun passed through the Zodiacal sign of Leo.

From the City of Manu, advanced cultural development migrated into the river valleys of Indian at an early period. About two millennia later, another cultural infusion again flowed out of the City of Manu into the high mountains of Northern Iran developing into the Ancient Persian culture. Later, another infusion complete with city plans, temple architecture, religious rites and elaborate priesthoods that answered the people's questions about planting, building, domestication of animals, recording time and history, as well as the other earmarks of civilization, migrated into the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia. 

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