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Dear Cathy,

This is the final Governors Gazette of the 2023-24 season. We are proud to announce that we have surpassed our financial goal!

We'd like to extend our greatest appreciation to three dedicated individuals who have helped lead the program to success - thank you to Avner Cobrin (Chair, Governors Program), Diane Altman (Chair, Golda Meir Governors), and Cheryl Brownstein (Vice-Chair, Golda Meir Governors). Along with their team of dedicated canvassers and staff, we have reached new heights in the program and added many new Governors. Mazal tov on your hard work! 

The annual Governors program coincides with our fiscal year, which comes to a close on March 31, 2024. There are still a few weeks remaining for those of you who have yet to renew your Governors commitment for 2023. Click here to renew now!

Every dollar you give transforms the lives of real people in our community, many of whom are experiencing hardships such as social isolation, mental health struggles, dementia, Parkinson's and MS, financial woes, as well as those looking to interact with friends, increase wellness, knowledge, art skills, and more. The Governors program is dedicated to raising funds that allow the Cummings Centre to continue their incredible and often life-changing programs and social services.

When you provide support as a Governor, you will truly make a difference. In appreciation for your generosity, your name will be imprinted on the Governors Board at the Centre and in our annual Governors Brochure.

Thank you!


Here are some noteworthy fundraising achievements since we last sent out our newsletter on January 3, 2024

We are proud to announce that we have raised $544,937 thus far and have achieved 100% of our total fundraising goal.


January 4 - March 18, 2024, we had:

  • 51 renewed Governors
  • 3 new Governors
  • 3 upgraded Governors
  • 1 new Life Governor

Thank you to all those who have contributed thus far!

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Avner Cobrin Chair, Governors Program

Avner has been involved with the Cummings Centre Foundation for many years, and has acted as Chair of the Governors Program for the past three years.

Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness.” – Harold Kushner

Diane Altman, & Cheryl Brownstein

Chair & Vice-Chair, Golda Meir Governors

Diane and Cheryl both joined the Golda Meir Governors Committee as Chair and Vice-Chair in April 2023. With their dedication and passion, they have reached new heights and attracted many new Golda Meir Governors.

When asked why they give back, they felt the following quote spoke volumes.


Maxwell Smart & His Memoir - The Boy in The Woods Exclusive Film Screening

A True Story of WWII Survival

Exclusive Film Premiere & Meet Maxwell Smart - The Real Boy in the Woods!

Join us for a screening of The Boy in the Woods, a big-screen adaptation of the best-selling, remarkable, true, survival story of Maxwell Smart, a Jewish boy hiding in the forests of Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe during WWII.

This is an exclusive film screening, ahead of the traditional film release. Do not miss this opportunity!

After the screening, join us for a live Q&A with Holocaust survivor, Montrealer and author of the Globe & Mail List Bestselling Memoir, The Boy in the Woods.

Monday, June 10 • 7 pm 


$10 Governors / $10 Guest (1 GUEST PER GOVERNOR)

Cine Starz Cavendish Mall

Popcorn and water included

Spaces limited, RSVP today.

RSVP: 514.734.1769 /


Did you know that Stock donations are a great way to make a donation over $1,000? 

After all, not only will you get a tax receipt equal to the fair market value of the shares or funds being donated, you will also avoid paying any taxes whatsoever on the accrued capital gain up to the date of donation.

The Benefits Are Clear: If you SELL a security, you pay tax on 50% of the capital gain. However, when you DONATE a gift of securities to the Cummings Centre Foundation, the taxable capital gain is completely eliminated.  And you receive a tax receipt for the full market value of the security in the amount of the closing trading price on the day our broker receives the security. This makes appreciated stock one of the most cost effective ways to donate to the Cummings Centre Foundation.

For more information, contact Cathy Simons, Executive Director



(*Paid between January 4 - March 18, 2024)

*Note: All Governors who paid prior to January 4, your name was listed in a previous edition. All Governors names will be listed in the 2023 Brochure*

New Life Governor ($5400)

  • Tina & Philip Abbey

New Governors

  • Pearl Hazan (Golda Meir)
  • Ethel Smith (Golda Meir)
  • Marla Veres (Gold)

Upgraded Governors

  • Ronal Erlick (Silver)
  • Greg Mitelman (Silver)
  • Peter Pinsler (Silver)

Renewed Gold Governors ($1000)

  • Martin Eidinger
  • Letko, Brousseau & Associates
  • Marvin Rosenblatt

Renewed Governor & Golda ($600)

  • Miriam Gross
  • Shriley & Max Konigsberg

Renewed Silver Governors ($500)

  • Clara Sandra Bensimon
  • Cielo Carin
  • Ronald M. Erlick
  • Amy Kornik
  • Kracauer Family Foundation
  • Jennifer P. Maduro
  • Edna Mashaal
  • Greg Mitelman
  • Brian Ostrovsky
  • Peter Pinsler

Renewed Golda Meir Governors ($300)

  • Henriette Azuelos
  • Evelyn Brook
  • Valerie Chait
  • Ruth Drazin
  • Anna Gonshor
  • Malvina Greenspon
  • Pat Israelovitch
  • Helen Kogan
  • Mildred Kolodny Bessner
  • Janis Levine
  • Shelley Mandelcorn
  • Elaine Mintz
  • Rhoda Neudorf

Renewed Governors ($300)

  • Richard Benzakein
  • William Brownstein
  • Lloyd P. Cooper
  • Shlomo Drazin
  • Brahm Elkin
  • Robert Elman*
  • Henry Etingin
  • Gerald Goldberg
  • Aubie Herscovitch
  • Lewis Israel
  • Gerald Issenman
  • Raphael Kertesz
  • Alan Maislin
  • Andy Nulman
  • Morton Pearl
  • John Polgar
  • Elwin Shapiro
  • Ernie Strolovitch
  • Richard Tock


An extension of gratitude to all Governors and dedicated donors who contribute throughout the year. Your generosity adds to the success and continuity of this important annual giving program. Every dollar counts!

Disclaimer: We sincerely apologize for any names that may have accidentally been missed. Your support is greatly appreciated and deserves to be recognized. Please contact us should there be any modifications needed. 

Important Info Re: Name Listings

Please note, your name will only be listed in the edition of the Governors Gazette based on the date you renewed. ALL NAMES will be listed in the upcoming Governors Brochure, and on the Governors Wall at the Centre.

Thank you!


Please consider joining the Governors program as a canvasser and help grow the annual campaign and bring in new donors.

Annie Bensoussan, Development Coordinator


Stephanie Steinman, Manager, Operations and Philanthropy


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