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Dear Cathy,

Happy New Year!

We hope that you and your family enjoyed the holiday season. We wish you all a healthy and happy year ahead.

With a new year, comes new goals and resolutions. Our hope was to hit the $500,000 mark by year-end for the Governors program. We are proud to announce that this was achieved, and then some!

The Governors program extends to March 31, 2024. There are 3 months remaining for those of you who have not yet renewed your annual Governors commitment. Please renew as soon as possible to ensure your name will appear in the Governors brochure and on the board displayed at our Centre.

We cannot meet our goals alone, and greatly depend on the support of generous donors, like you.

We look forward to more success this year and making a greater difference in the lives of countless seniors in our community!

Thank you,


Here are some noteworthy fundraising achievements since we last sent out our newsletter on November 17, 2023.

We are proud to announce that we have raised $513,679 thus far and have achieved 97% of our total fundraising goal.


From November 18, 2023 - January 3, 2024, we had:

  • 127 renewed Governors
  • 9 new Governors
  • 5 upgraded Governors
  • 2 new Life Governors

Thank you to all those who have contributed thus far!

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Hear from Life Governor and Board Member, Marion Caplan, as to the importance of giving back to our seniors via the Cummings Centre Foundation.


A charitable bequest under a Will is the easiest way to leave a lasting legacy.

A bequest can be as simple as a sentence or two naming the CJCS Foundation in your Will or adding a codicil to your existing Will. 

You can designate a specific dollar amount, a particular asset or a fixed percentage of your estate to our Foundation. 

The designated amount will be used to help our Centre where the need is greatest, or you can direct your bequest towards a particular purpose or program.

For more information, contact Cathy Simons, Executive Director



Sunday, June 2, 2024

20th Annual Sports Celebrity Breakfast

The Sports Celebrity Breakfast is the Cummings Centre Foundation's

signature fundraising event. Every year, community leaders, sports heroes,

and legends, gather to raise funds for vulnerable seniors going through mental, emotional, and physical hardships. It is truly a celebration of community and giving back.

This year, on Sunday, June 2, we are excited to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Join us as we continue to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable seniors.

Stay tuned for more info in the coming months!


(*Paid between November 18, 2023 - January 3, 2024)

*Note: All Governors who paid prior to November 17, your name was listed in a previous edition*

New Life Governor ($5400)

  • Pearl Orenstein & Larry Eisen
  • Richard Pound

New Governors

  • Serge Assayag (Gold)
  • Mona Aronovitch (Golda Meir)
  • Heather Sokoloff & Lev Bukhman (Governor & Golda)
  • Howard Lohner (Silver)
  • Earl Pinchuk (Silver)
  • Bea & Hershie Schachter (Governor & Golda)
  • Esther Cohen Schwartz (Golda Meir)
  • David Star (Silver)
  • Stephanie Steinman (Golda Meir)

Upgraded Governors

  • Cherie Edelstein (Silver)
  • Jeff Hart (Silver)
  • Abigail Hirsch (Silver)
  • Elaine & Marc Leiter (Governor & Golda)
  • Paul Rubin (Gold)

Renewed Gold Governors ($1000)

  • David Berger
  • Eleanor Diner
  • Robert Elman
  • Andy Kirstein
  • Andrew J. Lutfy Foundation
  • Jonathan Sigler
  • Fred Wiseman
  • Zakuta Family Foundation

Renewed Governor & Golda ($600)

  • Enid & Carl Backman
  • Donna & Stephen Cooper
  • Ariela & The Honourable Irwin Cotler
  • Merle & Sam Hornstein
  • Dr. Boris & Arlene Yufe
  • Freda & Ernest* Rashkovan
  • Barbara & Edward Victor

Renewed Silver Governors ($500)

  • Robert Abrams
  • Clara Sandra Bensimon
  • Gloria Bruner
  • Barry Cohen
  • Alvin Delovitch
  • Shellie Ettinger
  • Janice Heft
  • Marsha Heyman
  • Selina Itzkowitz
  • Linda Kivenko
  • Betty Laxer
  • Kathleen Myron
  • Wendy Rapps
  • Victor Salem
  • Thomas Schnurmacher
  • Daniel Spiegel
  • Lillian Vineberg-Goodman
  • Simon Wahed
  • Rhonda Wolfe

Renewed Golda Meir Governors ($300)

  • Arianne Aberman
  • Etty Abitbol
  • Mona Aronovitch
  • Marlene Bourke
  • Genelva Briscoe
  • Grace Chaki
  • Rachel Cohen
  • Marlene Dalfen
  • Marilyn Edelstein
  • Judy Elman
  • Libby Fainsilber
  • Beatrice Freder
  • Annette Goldman
  • Linda Goodman
  • Frances Hamerman
  • Mimi Kerman
  • Ariella Lang
  • Susan Laxer
  • Shirley Ann Lewis
  • Angela Lipper
  • Annie Luterman
  • Leslie Manis
  • Shaindel Mishkin
  • Florence Mitmaker
  • Eunice Palayew
  • Ida Pencer
  • Doreen Rennert
  • Robin Rosenberg
  • Barbara Sederoff
  • Sally Yaffe
  • Brenda Yuen

Renewed Governors ($300)

  • Andrew Adelson
  • Andrew Adessky
  • Morton Belinsky
  • L. Michael Blumenstein
  • Eddie Burack
  • Morris Chaikelson
  • Ralph Chodos
  • Peter Cohen
  • Philip Cola
  • Michael Feldman
  • Solly Feldman
  • Lloyd Feldman
  • Sam Frishman
  • Michael Groper
  • Jacob Kincler
  • Simcha Kleiman
  • Léon Krantzberg
  • Ronald Leibovitch
  • Jack Leinwand
  • Brian Levine
  • Benton Lewis
  • Ralph Lichtman
  • Loren Litwin
  • Morty Lober
  • Marty Lucht
  • Herb Lukofsky
  • Eric Maldoff
  • Max Mendelsohn
  • Alain Namer
  • Marvin Oppen
  • Barry Posner
  • Brahm Ptack
  • Warren Retter
  • Lawrence Rosenberg
  • Henry Rosenblum
  • Sidney Rosensweig
  • Harvey Sands
  • Michael Schachter
  • Ernesto Schiffrin
  • Barry Schwartz
  • Elliot Shapiro
  • Nathan Sheiner
  • Robert Shustack
  • Peter Sternberg
  • Myer Storfer
  • Gaby Timerman
  • Fred Twik
  • Eon Valceanu
  • Uzi Witkowski
  • Norman Wolkove
  • Harvey Zalcman
  • Lawrence Zoltak
  • Sol Zuckerman


An extension of gratitude to all Governors and dedicated donors who contribute throughout the year. Your generosity adds to the success and continuity of this important annual giving program. Every dollar counts!

Disclaimer: We sincerely apologize for any names that may have accidentally been missed. Your support is greatly appreciated and deserves to be recognized. Please contact us should there be any modifications needed. 

Important Info Re: Future Feature Stories

If you have an idea for a featured impact story or any feedback at all, please reach out and let us know! 

Please do not forget to check your junk mail for receipts and communications from us. Should any emails wind up in that folder, please ensure you mark it as not junk so future emails will land in your inbox.


Please consider joining the Governors program as a canvasser and help grow the annual campaign and bring in new donors.

Annie Bensoussan, Development Coordinator


Stephanie Steinman, Manager, Operations and Philanthropy


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