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Dear Cathy,

Things have been different. We find ourselves, just as you might be, questioning if they will ever be the same again.

Yet, throughout the darkness, there are glimmers of light. When we walk through the doors of the Cummings Centre and see our members enjoying fitness classes, painting, working in the woodshop, sharing a bite to eat at Café Soleil, volunteering, and more, it brings us great joy. When we witness the community coming together to raise funds both abroad and locally to enhance Jewish life, we cannot help but feel hope.

Yes, times are tough, but it is through these tiny miracles, these sparks of light, and these moments of generosity that we realize our strength. Because, together we are stronger.

Our seniors need the Centre now, more than ever; as a happy distraction, as a lifeline, and as a place to learn and feel a sense of community. Your donation as a Governor means so much. It means increasing funding for vital social services and mental health programs. It means decreasing isolation by offering more opportunities to learn and to create. It means giving our seniors a sense of community and a feeling of hope.

We thank you for your support. If you have not yet renewed your Governors commitment, we encourage you to do so before December 31 in order to receive a 2023 tax receipt.

As Chanukah approaches, we'd like to wish you and your families a holiday filled with joy and light. May the Chanukah candles brighten up your homes, and our world.

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We have achieved 78% of our fundraising goal thus far, having raised $431,543 as of November 17, 2023.

Here are some noteworthy fundraising achievements since we last sent out our newsletter on September 20, 2023. From September 21 - November 17, we had:

  • 3 new Life Governors
  • 2 new Governors
  • 13 upgraded Governors
  • 168 renewed Governors

We encourage you to renew your Governors commitment prior to year-end to receive a 2023 tax receipt.

Thank you to all those who have renewed thus far!




Thank you to the Takefman/Goloff & Ptack Families for their wholehearted generosity. They have collectively agreed to match all gifts up to $5000 on our upcoming Giving Tuesday campaign. This global day of giving will take place on Tuesday, November 28. Our fundraising goal is $15,000.

Here's why they chose to give back:

"The Cummings Centre adds years to your life and life to your years."

- Marilyn Takefman & Teddy Goloff

"As we aged and used the available programs, we became aware of the importance of the work done by so many volunteers and professionals."

-Dr. Herbert & Shelley Ptack




NOVEMBER 28, 2023

Giving Tuesday is the world’s largest generosity movement.

Everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts. 

The goal is to raise $15,000 in 24 hours.

We need your support. With every donation, hope rises.

Click Here to Donate to Giving Tuesday


Celebrate the festival of lights with a card that gives back!


 When you send one of our eCards you support the many seniors in our community who benefit from the programs and services provided by the Cummings Centre.


Send warm wishes to friends and family all over the world with the convenience of our eCards.



(*Joined/Upgraded/Renewed between September 21 - November 17, 2023)

*Note, the last Gazette was sent out on September 20*

New Life Governors ($5400)

  • The Honourable Justice Carol Cohen
  • Maxyne Finkelstein
  • Elly & Howard Shulkin

New Governors

  • Doreen & Harold Wenger (Governor & Golda)

Upgraded Governors

  • Celine & Sol Fleising (Silver)
  • Carole Flikier (Silver)
  • Laurie & Bruce Gottlieb (Governor & Golda)
  • Riva Heft & Thomas O. Hecht (Governor & Golda)
  • Carole S. Rubenstein Klein (Golda Meir_
  • Judith Kruger (Silver)
  • Betty Lang (Silver)
  • Ruth Litvack (Gold)
  • Joan & Peter Monk (Governor & Golda)
  • Barbara & Sassoon Shahmoon (Governor & Golda)
  • Mihla Schuster & in Memory of Carlos Schuster (Governor & Golda)
  • Jacqueline Siblin (Silver)
  • Franki Yanofsky (Gold)
  • Elaine & Neil Zeidel (Governor & Golda)

Renewed Gold Governors ($1000)

  • Jordan Aberman
  • Roberta Chodos
  • Eleanor Diner
  • Barbara Dolman
  • Robert Elman
  • Peter Fraenkel
  • Martin Goldenberg
  • Esther Landsman
  • Danielle Pollack
  • William & Helaine Ram
  • Wally Sacks
  • Bunny Sigler
  • Marnie & Richard Stern
  • Lee Wise

Renewed Governor & Golda ($600)

  • Judi & Harold Borts
  • Denise & Conrad* Cape
  • Karine & Michael Cons
  • Osnat & Evan Feldman
  • Marlene & Jeff Fellen
  • Gail & James Garfinkle
  • Anne & Harry Glassman
  • Marilyn & Stephen* Goodman
  • Anne & Sydney Levitsky
  • Nancy Maklan & Martin Smith
  • Lillian & Bill Mauer
  • Lynda & Marvin Ostin
  • Mona & Sol Polachek
  • Donna & Eric Rodier
  • Barbara & Abe Rogozinsky
  • Liane & Danny Taran
  • Barbara & Alan Zavalkoff

Renewed Silver Governors ($500)

  • Etty Bienstock
  • Gloria Bruner
  • Gloria Burnett
  • Cynthia Carsley
  • Karen Dalfen
  • Sheldon Davis
  • Gloria Davis
  • Donna Deskin
  • Sheldon Elman
  • Ruth Flicker
  • Lloyd Goldstein
  • Lesli Green
  • Hillel Greenbaum
  • Simon Harroch
  • Aline Malka
  • Patricia McKinley
  • Gerald Naimer
  • Rhona Rosenblatt
  • Sam Stoler
  • Howard Szalavetz
  • Joseph Tarasofsky
  • Edward Weinstein
  • Rachel Yane

Renewed Golda Meir Governors ($300)

  • Milene Abadi
  • Heather Adelson
  • Mirna Alter
  • Harriet Apple
  • Gloria Bass
  • Annie Benibgui
  • Bunny Berke
  • Lisa Blatt Alexander
  • Dale Boidman
  • Hela Boro
  • Halina Brand
  • Marlene Brownstein
  • Rosemary Caplan
  • Evelyn Cherniak
  • Joyce Cornfield-Mazur
  • Linda Crelinsten
  • Natalie Dayan
  • Marlene Dick
  • Ilana Einheiber
  • Rhona Feigelson
  • Sydney Flam
  • Ellen Joy Fleming
  • Judy Florian
  • Beryl Fraenkel
  • Sari Goldberg
  • Carol Goldenberg
  • Adele Goldstein
  • Rosita Gordon
  • Beverley Greenberg
  • Adele Henneman
  • Marlene Kalin
  • Judy Kasner
  • Lynne Kassie
  • Sandra Katz
  • Ruth Kertesz
  • Roberta Lawee
  • Gloria Leckner
  • Joy Lerner Kurlander
  • Claudia Litvak Polachek
  • Frances Lutterman
  • Leslie Manis
  • Barbara Mazer
  • Barbara Novek
  • Sandy Quallenberg
  • Marlene Rabinovitch
  • Roslyn Rabinovitch
  • Sheryl Rosen Adler
  • Sandy Rossner
  • Linda Rotchin
  • Jewel Sarna
  • Ethel Schipper
  • Esther Schubert
  • Suzie Schwartz
  • Anne Shuster
  • Carin Smiley
  • Karen Soussan
  • Marjorie Stober
  • Terry Suss
  • Beverly White
  • Evelyn Young
  • Samara Zavalkoff

Renewed Governors ($300)

  • Raisa Afilalo
  • Saul Alter
  • Suzanne Belson
  • Norman Bercovitch
  • Henry Coopersmith
  • Neil Cryer
  • Brahm Faber
  • Steven Finiffter
  • Norman Freedman
  • Irwin Fruchter
  • Carl Frymel
  • Abe Fuks
  • Sydney Gartner
  • Martin Goldsmith
  • Spencer Goodman
  • Murray Goodz
  • Louis Grossbaum
  • Martin Halickman
  • Paul Heilpern
  • Donald Hersh
  • Martin Isaif
  • Norman Jaskolka
  • Calvin Kalman
  • Frank Leboff
  • Solomon Luger
  • Simon Margel
  • Daniel Martz
  • Charles Nathaniel
  • Eric Nichols
  • David Novek
  • Barry Pascal
  • Ronald Pearl
  • Place Kensington
  • Robert Presser
  • Edward Richler
  • Ron Robins
  • Stephen Rodier
  • Joel Rosen
  • Bernard Rosen
  • Jerry Rosenblatt
  • Albert Schuster
  • Simon Shatzky
  • Isaac Shiroky
  • Arnold Shostak
  • Howard Starr
  • Bernard Stern
  • Harvey Sternthal
  • Julius Suss
  • Hank Topas
  • Geoffrey Ungar
  • Manny Veinish
  • Ronald Vineberg
  • Lawrence Yelin


An extension of gratitude to all Governors and dedicated donors who contribute throughout the year. Your generosity adds to the success and continuity of this important annual giving program. Every dollar counts!

Disclaimer: We sincerely apologize for any names that may have accidentally been missed. Your support is greatly appreciated and deserves to be recognized. Please contact us should there be any modifications needed. 

Important Info Re: Future Feature Stories

If you have an idea for a featured impact story or any feedback at all, please reach out and let us know! 

Please do not forget to check your junk mail for receipts and communications from us. Should any emails wind up in that folder, please ensure you mark it as not junk so future emails will land in your inbox.


Please consider joining the Governors program as a canvasser and help grow the annual campaign and bring in new donors.

Annie Bensoussan, Development Coordinator


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