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Dear Cathy,

We hope everyone enjoyed Rosh Hashanah with their family and friends. We want to extend our wishes for a sweet and healthy New Year, and an easy and meaningful fast.

As we enter the year 5784, we'd like to recognize all of our Life Governors. We are very grateful to have received support from 185 Life Governors (see their names further down within this newsletter).

Becoming a Life Governor is also a wonderful way to honour or pay tribute to a loved one. We encourage you to join and leave a lasting legacy for your family members for years to come. Perhaps you may also entice your adult children to join our annual Governors program. Together, your names will be permanently displayed on the Governors Wall in the hallway of the Cummings Centre and within our annual Governors impact brochure. As an added benefit, Life Governors receive a free lifetime membership to the Cummings Centre.

As an act of appreciation, Governors at every level receive discounts on selected events where the Foundation and Centre partner together. Join us at our upcoming evening of entertainment on October 18th (see details below).

All of our annual Governors continue to make a large difference within the lives of so many seniors. It is only with your help that the Foundation can contribute more funds to the Centre each year, allowing an increasing number of members to receive much-needed social services and programs.

As a reminder, there are numerous ways to contribute as an annual Governor. Here are the categories: Life Governor ($5400), Gold ($1000), Governor & Golda ($600), Silver ($500), Governor ($300), and Golda Meir Governor ($300). We appreciate your support!

Please note, due to the CJA Campaign, our monthly Governors Gazette will take a brief hiatus and will return in November. This month's newsletter will spotlight the impact of our Governors. Read below for all you need to know!


Lew Cooper

Governor, Canvasser for Governors Program, Foundation Board Member, Active Centre Member


Evelyn Bloomfield Schachter

Life Governor, Foundation Board Member, Golda Meir Canvasser & Active Cummings Centre Member

My two loves, after family; Community and Israel!

Evelyn is well known within the Jewish community as an advocate, and an active and generous supporter of many causes. Her commitment to various organizations stems far and wide, and her desire to make a difference is palpable.

She has been involved with the Cummings Centre and Foundation for nearly 20 years but was aware of the Centre's existence since a young age due to the influence of Eva Chait, a dear family friend, who co-founded the art room so many years ago.

Evelyn is a team player and is committed to the Cummings Centre, where she witnessed firsthand the incredible programs and services that the Centre has to offer. She was hooked and became more involved in various facets of the Foundation.

"As a user, I take about 20 classes a year, I see that the Centre is always a buzz with activity. With close to 400 programs being offered, there is something for everyone. You need never be bored or lonely as long as Cummings exists. Everyone who uses the Centre has their needs filled. As our community ages, it is essential that this extraordinary agency continues to be well supported so we can offer these wonderful courses, classes, social services, and events well into the future. We must continue to ensure its continuity. We can all leave a legacy by becoming a Life Governor. Amazing things happen here! I am delighted and privileged to be part of it!"

-Evelyn Bloomfield Schachter

Honouring a Loved One: Make them a Life Governor

"After my mother, Esther, passed away in 2022, I chose to honour her legacy by making her a Life Governor. As a Foundation staff member, and Life Governor myself, I see everyday just how important the Centre is to so many in our community. It is heartwarming to watch the many seniors benefitting from the programs and services that we support as Governors. Not only was I able to give back in my mother's memory, her name is now permanently on the Governors Wall and in the annual impact brochure. Seeing my mom's name etched in the walls of the Cummings Centre as I walk by is ensuring she remains in our hearts forever."

-Diane Levine Samberg-

Feeling inspired by Evelyn and Diane's stories? Call us to see how you can make a difference!


Gail Grief, Foundation Manager, 514.734.1756


Annie Bensoussan, Development Coordinator, 514.734.1729


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(*Joined/Upgraded/Renewed between August 17 - September 20, 2023)

New Life Governors ($5400)

  • Phyllis Deitcher
  • Sandi & Steven Lash

New Governors

  • Florence (Faigie) Friedman - Golda Meir
  • Holly Kupfert - Golda Meir

Upgraded Governors

  • Susan & David Chaitman - Gold
  • Theodore Goloff - Gold

Renewed Gold Governors ($1000)

  • Armand Afilalo
  • Groupe Canvar Inc.
  • Robert Elman
  • Tami Dubrofsky
  • Marlene Fischel
  • Albert Greenspoon
  • Jeffrey Pinsky
  • Judith Rossdeutscher
  • Larry Rother

Renewed Governor & Golda ($600)

  • Dorothy & Mortie Chaikelson
  • Deena & Andrew Cohen
  • Susan & Allan Goldstein
  • Donna & Morton Grostern
  • Gloria & Harvey Herman
  • Lilly & Isaac* Katofsky
  • Anne & Sydney Levitsky
  • Lois & Daniel Miller
  • Margaret & Larry Nachshen
  • Pearl & Jack Rothenberg
  • Lorena & Stephen Segal
  • Mayme & Richard Vineberg

Renewed Silver Governors ($500)

  • Len Blum
  • Yaffa Cohen
  • Karen Fried
  • Alan Gartner
  • Stephen Gaty
  • Dr. Julius Gomolin
  • Joelle Khalfa
  • Harriet Kirshenblatt
  • Joseph Levy
  • Peter Mitelman
  • Stephen Pekofsky
  • Danny Ritter
  • Dr. Peter W. Stutman
  • Carol & Neil Weinman
  • Janet Wiseman

Renewed Golda Meir Governors ($300)

  • Beryl Aronoff
  • Rachel Archibald
  • Susan Balinsky
  • Shoshana Bilek
  • Judith Blumberger
  • Shirley Braverman
  • Sharon Smith Bronson
  • Ruth Cohen
  • Sharon Druker Groszman
  • Faygie Dubrovsky
  • Arlene Feigelman
  • Havie Fremeth
  • Sheila Garfield
  • Carole Goldberg
  • Pearl Grubert
  • Sandra Isaif
  • Shirley Kossman
  • Eva Kuper - In Memory of Fela Kupferblum
  • Joyce Leitman
  • Oro Librowicz
  • Inna Nekhim
  • Stephanie Oboler
  • Annette Oliel
  • Shelley Paris
  • Carolyn Steinman
  • Sandra Taite
  • Annie Wajcer
  • Lynn Waxman

Renewed Governors ($300)

  • Eric Abecassis
  • Nat Agensky
  • Stan Aranoff
  • Jonas Bacher
  • Joseph Balinsky
  • Ivan Berggrun
  • Michael Cape
  • Norman Daitchman
  • Howard Dermer
  • David Elmaleh
  • Alvin Fagen
  • Michael Garonce
  • Brahm Gelfand
  • Robert Goldfarb
  • Dr. Harvey Guyda
  • Mitchell Halickman
  • Richard Hallpern
  • Gary Hutman
  • Joseph Neufeld Family Foundation
  • Andy Katz
  • Jon Kantor
  • Murray Kotler
  • Neil Mintz
  • David Nathaniel
  • Murray Pecker
  • Michael Pesner
  • Jonathan Pinsler
  • Stanley K. Plotnick
  • Bernard Pollock
  • Franklyn Price
  • Stephen Rapps
  • Edward Richler
  • Edward Rogozinsky
  • Victor Salem
  • Brian Scherzer
  • Isaac Schuster
  • Gary Shapiro
  • Paul Shinoff
  • Harvey Sigman
  • Dr. Avrum Sonin
  • Morton Spector
  • Mark Strohl
  • Robert Swidler
  • Jeff Wolff


An extension of gratitude to all Governors and dedicated donors who contribute throughout the year. Your generosity adds to the success and continuity of this important annual giving program. Every dollar counts!

Disclaimer: We sincerely apologize for any names that may have accidentally been missed. Your support is greatly appreciated and deserves to be recognized. Please contact us should there be any modifications needed. 

A Special Thank You to Our Life Governors

Myrna* & Stanley* Abbey, Margaret & Sylvan Adams, In Loving Memory of George Aikins, Leonard Albert Family Foundation, Diane & Jack Altman, Rosemarie & Bob* Asch, Gail & Dr. David Auerbach, Stephanie & David*Azrieli, Anita & Ezra Beinhaker, Susie Beinhaker*, Carol & Leonard* Berall, Rosanne* & Hy Beraznik, Judy & Mark Bercuvitz, Arlene & Bram* Besner, Sheryl & Ronald Black, Joan & Hy Bloom, Neri J. Bloomfield*, Shirley Bock, Lynn & Garner Bornstein, Rhonda & Gary Bromberg, Edward Bronfman*, Freda & Irwin Browns, Natalie* & Harold* Brownstein, Judy & Mark Caplan, Pearl & Michael H. Caplan, In Loving Memory of Bertha J. Chaikin, Diane & Allan Chandler, Patricia McDowell & M. William Cleman, Joanne & Douglas Cohen, Nancy & Jack Cooperberg, Harriet & Marvin Corber, Fran* & Reuben Croll, Dr. Susan Wisebord & Steven Cummings, Beatrice Cummings Mayer*, Norma Cummings*, Rona & Robert Davis, Phyllis Deitcher, Moses Deitcher*, Mitzi* & Melvyn* Dobrin, Colette & Dr. Barry* Dolman, Ruth & Barbara Dubrofsky, Elaine & Richard Dubrovsky, Frieda Dym*, Bina & Leonard* Ellen, Marlene Levenson & Mendy Ellen, Ronna Ellen, Lynn* & Samuel Eltes, Janie & Michael Etinson, Maurice Fefer, Hess B. & Diana Finestone Foundation, Louise & Herb Finkelberg, Honourable Morris Fish, Joyce & Avram Fishman, Ethel & Morty Fruchter Foundation, Peter Raymond Gasoi*, Norma* & Howard* Gilmour, In Memory of Jack Gitlitz, Ethel & Michael Gold, Gail Gold - In Memory of Douglas Gold, Nancy & Senator Marc Gold, Abe Gold*, Allan Goldenberg, Marilyn & Don* Goldenberg, Beryl* Goldman, In Memory of Ruth & Marvin Goldsmith, Louis Gontovnick, Dana Caplan & Jonathan Goodman, Mia Melmed & David Goodman, Hedda & Philip* Gotlieb, Donna & Lewis Greenberg, Saryl & Stephen Gross, Vera & Mortimer D.* Gross, Sandra & Phil Gutherz, Michael Gold - In Memory of Gerry Guttman, Carole* & Andrew* Harper, Nina & Harry* Hart, Rita & Ernest Hirscheimer Endowment Fund, Roslyn Wiener & Sam Hops, Beverley Horwitz, Guita Hyman, Irving Ludmer Family Foundation, Judy & Joey Kaback, Helen Kahn, Alissa & Barry Katsof, Sherri & Eric Kimmel, Marlene & Joel King, Merle & Jack Klam, Yvonne & Andrew Koenig, In Loving Memory of Larry Kolodny, Geraldine & Steven Korda, Beth Fineberg & Leon Krolik, Dorothy Lackstone, Phyllis Lambert Foundation,

Helen* & Nicki Lang, Sandi & Steven Lash, Nan & Bill Lassner, Eleanor & Norm* Latsky, Harriet & Jacob Lazare, Jodi Lynn & Morden "Cookie" Lazarus, In Memory of Rosalind & Saul Levenson, Hannah & Elliot Levine, In Loving Memory of Esther Levine, Diane Levine Samberg & Family, In Memory of Rona & Irving Levitt, Irene & Stephen Lipper, Susan Orenstein & Bennett Little, Judy & Gerry Litwin, Herbert Liverant, Edith Lowbeer*, Irving Ludmer, Erna & Arnold Ludwick, Adria & Jeff Mandel, Maxine & Andre* Mani, In Memory of Shirley & Carl Marco, In Memory of Coty & Elias Marrache (Z'L), Sandra & David Martz, Douglas Mayoff, Pearl* & Leonard Mendel, Irene Mendels*, Bonnie & Mark Merson, Dr. Mark Miller, Linda & Morton S. Minc, Terry & Samuel Minzberg, Anita Morris, Ruth & David* Nadler, Diane J. & Arthur K. Newman, Lucy Nisker*, Sonia & David Oberman, Leila* & Herb* Paperman, Reevin Pearl, Ruth & Abe* Plotnick, Shelley & Herb Ptack, Alice & Joel Raby, Estie Radowitz, Susan Raymer, Joseph Ribkoff Family, Naomi & Jack Richer*, Miriam & Sidney* Roland, Jean Remmer & Marvin Rosenbloom, Valeria Rosenbloom, Miriam & Sidney* Ross, Frema & Mark Routtenberg, Dundi & S. Lyon Sachs, Laurie & Richard Samuelson, Leonard Sanders Family Foundation, Evelyn Bloomfield Schachter & Raphael Schachter, Lorna Scherzer*, Renee & Frank Schlesinger, Sondra & Martin Schwartz, Diana Teitelbaum & Dr. Morris Schweitzer, Justice Barbara & Justice Donald* Seal, Emmelle & Alvin* Segal, Pauline & Jeff Segel, Eve* & Ben Sevack, Joanne Marco & Sheldon Shafter, Lois & Dr. Bernard J. Shapiro, Shirley & David J. Shapiro, Neysa & David Sigler, In Memory of Ruth & Murray Simons, Barbara & Jerry Solomon, Blema* & Arnold* Steinberg, Gloria & Stephen Steinberg, Leesa Steinberg, Ruth & David Steinberg, Alexander Stern, Arlene & David Sternthal, Vivian & Howard Stotland, Barbara & Dr. Marvin Stutman, Marilyn Takefman, Cynthia & Andre Telio, Rita Tenenbaum, Marim & Mark Tobenstein, Joanne & Ben Topor, Vanda Treiser, Christine & Herschel* Victor, Gail & Mike Wagen, Hazela Wainberg , Joan & Larry Wainberg, Susan & Jon Wener, Irene & Norman Wexelman, Hainya & Murray* Wiseman, Susan* & Irwin H. Woods, Vicki & Stan* Zack, Harry Zelman, Max Zentner, Pauline & Jack Zimmerman

Important Info Re: Future Feature Stories

If you have an idea for a featured impact story or any feedback at all, please reach out and let us know! 

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Please consider joining the Governors program as a canvasser and help grow the annual campaign and bring in new donors.


Gail Grief, Foundation Manager

514.734.1756 /

Annie Bensoussan, Development Coordinator


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